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Naming Opportunities on the Ground Floor of 15 Abchurch Lane


The ground floor has the entrance lobby and reception area leading to the Members’ Lounge.

Sponsors are sought for each of these parts of the ground floor and various items; the sponsorship opportunities are listed here.

The Members’ Lounge
The name of the lounge itself £250,000
Museum display cases £10,000 each
Refreshments credenza £5,000
Tables £2,000 each
Chairs £1,000 each
Bookshelves £100 a foot (£250 per
                   metre), minimum £500 

Ground Floor Plan



The Reception
Reception desk £15,000
Sales Items display case £5,000

The Entrance Lobby
The Honours Board £T.B.A.
The RFID (book security) gates £T.B.A.


To arrange to sponsor any of the items shown here, please contact the Tomorrow’s Royal Committee by

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