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Naming Opportunities in the Upper Basement of 15 Abchurch Lane


The Upper Basement is where the Library is located, together with a Research Room. Bookshelves may be sponsored for £100 a foot (£250 per metre) with a minimum of £500 for naming, and there is an opportunity to name the Library with substantial sponsorship.

The sponsorship opportunities are listed here, arranged into the various parts of this floor, as shown on the plan.


The Research Room
The room itself £50,000
The Map Chest £5,000
Tables £2,500 each
Chairs £1,000 each

The Library
The Library itself £300,000
Bookshelves £100 a foot
                  (£250 a metre),
                   minimum £500

Upper Basement Plan

Anyone who wishes to donate towards the cost of library maintenance, book and periodical binding, conservation and software should contact the Honorary Librarian (e-mail: for further information.

To arrange to sponsor any of the items shown here, please contact the Tomorrow’s Royal Committee by

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