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2015 May

Economical Folded Typewriter Postcards (EFTPs) /

Komercialne prepogibne kartice za pisalni stroj (prepogibne kartice)

Robert Bell


English Slovenia

2015 Jan/Feb

North American Blockade Run Mail 1775 to 1815

Courrier ayant forcé les blocus nord-américains entre 1775 et 1815

Steve Walske
Translated by
Sébastien Marrot


2014 March

China: Doubled and Inverted Surcharges on Empress Dowager Issues /


Tony Kwan


English Chinese

2012 October

1849-1852 How the French Currency of Geneva became the Swiss Franc /

1849-1852 Comment la “monnaie française” de Genève devint Franc suisse

Jean Voruz

English French