Standing Displays on Non-Meeting Days

The current Standing Display is:


Dates Displayer Exhibit title
Mar-Apr 2019 Dane Garrod FRPSL GB Parliamentary & Other Stories

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The displays, consisting of scanned copies of the originals, will be on view each day from 9.30 am until 4.45 pm in the main meeting room, except during Society Meetings.

Please note that there may be occasions when the room is booked for another meeting, so if you are planning a special visit to view a display please contact the office on +44 (0)20 7486 1044 or by email.

Future displays required: Should any Member wish to provide copies of their collection for display, please contact us for details.


Standing Display Archive

Link Date Displayer Title
click here Mar-Apr 2019 Dane Garrod FRPSL GB Parliamentary & Other Stories
click here Jan-Feb 2019 Eric Scherer Prepaid Reply Cards in International Mail
click here Nov-Dec 2018 Kathryn Johnson Overseas Mail to and from Scotland
click here Oct 2018 Bjorn Sohrne FRPSL Russo-Persian postal relations
click here Jul-Aug 2018 Chip Gliedman My Victoria
click here Jun 2018 Barry Feltham FRPSL The Apollo Story
click here May 2018 Gerald Marriner FRPSL Spanish Andorra
click here Apr 2018 Akis Christou FRPSL Greece: The Landscape Issues 1927 & 1931-35
click here Mar 2018 Jon Higgins Lithographed Stamps of North Borneo 1883-1892
click here Feb 2018 Ray Barton The Sideways Duplex Experiment 1852-1858
click here Jan 2018 David Sweeney Italy and the Great War of 1914-1923
click here Nov-Dec 2017 Martyn Cusworth The Rouletted Issues of Chile 1877-1903
click here Sep-Oct 2017 Fred Hoadley FRPSL Celebrating Switzerland's Independence
click here Jul-Aug 2017 Jon Aitchison FRPSL 148 Years of the Royal Philatelic Society London
click here Jun 2017 Hugh Osborne FRPSL Falkland Islands King George VI Definitive Issue, 1938-1950
click here May 2017 John Perry FRPSL The Swedish American Line 1915-1984
click here Apr 2017 Paul Phillips The Early Revenue History of Kishangarh
click here Mar 2017 Eric Keefe FRPSL Finnish and Åland Ship Mail
click here Feb 2017 Paul Xavier Territory of Papua New Guinea - The Sterling Definitives
click here Jan 2017 James Pullin FRPSL American Sailing Packets on the North Atlantic 1818-1840
click here Dec 2016 Grahame Boutle Bereavement Black Borders
click here Nov 2016 Ian Marshall FRPSL A Miscellany of GB Line Engraved Covers
click here Oct 2016 Jakob Von Uexkull Bahrain Postal History
click here Sep 2016 The Francis Kiddle Congress Collection The early Congresses to 1927
click here Jul & August 2016 Hugh Osborne FRPSL The Postal History of South Georgia, South Shetlands & Operation Tabarin
click here Jun 2016 Mid Anglia Federation Mid Anglia Federation Convention Competition Entries June 2015
click here May 2016 Umberto Cavallaro Italy in Space
click here Apr 2016 Jakob von Uexkull Iraq - 1847 to 1981
click here Mar 2016 Dane Garrod FRPSL Ten Collections - One Collector
click here Feb 2016 Robin Morton FRPSL An Introduction to Postal History relating to Edinburgh and Leith
click here Jan 2016 Ian Marshall FRPSL London Coffee Houses
click here Dec 2015 David Gurney FRPSL Illustrated and Advertising Letters Used from and to the Channel Islands
click here Dec 2015 David Gurney FRPSL Letter Forwarding Agents of GB Handling Channel Islands Letters 1716-1855
click here Nov 2015 Lubor Kunc Austro-Hungarian Field Posts 1914-1918
click here Oct 2015 John V. Grant The Dragon Issues 1871 and 1872 & The cherry Blossom Issues of Japan 1872 to 1875
click here Sep 2015 Tony Davis Discovering Iceland: Its history, way of life and nature
click here Jul-Aug 2015 Gerald Marriner Katanga and the Break-up of the Belgian Congo
click here Jun 2015 Paul Cahill Crash Recovered and Interrupted Airmails
click here May 2015 Michael Waugh The Postage Stamps and Postal History of Siam to 1942
click here Apr 2015 Jean-Claude Vasseur Newfoundland Airmail
click here Mar 2015 Vijay Shukla India - Sensational Classics - Handstruck, Scinde Dawks & Lithographic Issues (1685-1856)
click here Feb 2015 Hans Smith Habsburg Kingdom of Croatia (1750-1870)
click here Jan 2015 Jakob von Uexkull The Postal History of Muscat Oman, with Former Dependencies
click here Dec 2014 Ron Wood The Stamps of French India 1943-1954
click here Nov 2014 Tony Davis Iceland: Stamps and Their Uses from 1873-1945
click here Oct 2014 John Crowe Australia at the Olympic Games 1896-2000
click here Sep 2014 Kathy Johnson Ceylon's Economic Evolution from Coffee to Tea 1836-1910
click here Jul-Aug 2014 Jakob von Uexkull Qatar 1904-2012 - Postal History, Proofs and Errors
click here Jun 2014 Maurice Flack French Antarctica
click here May 2014 Paul Xavier Hong Kong - Queen Victoria to King George V
click here Apr 2014 Jakob von Uexkull The Stamps and Postal History of Kuwait 1918-1994
click here Feb 2014 Grace Davies Peace - A Subject for Philately?
click here Jan 2014 Jakob von Uexkull UAE Stamps and Postal History
click here Dec 2013 Czechoslovak PS of GB Czechoslovak PS of GB - 60th Anniversary Display
click here Nov 2013 Jakob von Uexkull Morocco 1755-1958
click here Oct 2013 Martyn Cusworth Chile - the 1904 Stamp Shortage and the Overprinting of Telegraph Stamps
click here Jun 2013 Maurice Flack British Commonwealth
click here May-Jun 2013 Steve McGill The Wonderful Machins
click here May 2013 Jakob von Uexkull Saudi Arabia's Postal History
Not available Apr-May 2013 Markand Dave Airmail Collection
click here Apr 2013 Robin Morton British Empire King George VI Used - Part 2
click here Mar-Apr 2013 Brian Stonestreet New Zealand Definitives - Part 3 Queen Elizabeth II (1960-)
click here Feb-Mar 2013 Brian Stonestreet New Zealand Definitives - Part 2 Queen Elizabeth II (1952-1960)
click here Feb 2013 Brian Stonestreet New Zealand Definitives - Part 1 George VI
click here Jan-Feb 2013 John Edwards Western Express Companies of the Californian Gold Rush Era and Later
click here Jan 2013 Len Stanway Mails Under London
click here Nov-Dec 2012 Eddie Spicer The Mancomun Airmails of Colombia
click here Nov 2012 Richard Flemming Early Channel Islands Mail
click here Nov 2012 Robin Morton British Empire King George VI Used - Part 1
click here Oct 2012 Jon Aitchison / Andrew McClellan Five Revenue Displays
click here Oct 2012 Terry Wagg Czesław Słania - Engraver of 1070 Stamps
click here Sep 2012 Maurice Flack The Stamps of Sri Lanka & Ascension Island
click here Aug 2012 Dane Garrod GB Royalty & Other Stories
click here Jul-Aug 2012 Gerald Marriner 1982 Falklands War
click here Jul 2012 Mike Roberts Pakistan Partition Overprints
Not available Jun-Jul 2012 Maurice Flack South African Homelands
click here Jun 2012 Tony Stanford British Levant - The Georgian Period
click here May-Jun 2012 Robert Dearnley Great Britain Mail to Overseas Destinations
click here May 2012 Peter Preuss Siam - Mourning Covers and Incoming Mail
click here Apr 2012 Chris Meakin The Goodchild Collection
click here Apr 2012 Eddie Spicer German Catapult Mail of the North Atlantic
click here Mar 2012 Patrick Pearson Iraq - The Ottoman Period
click here Feb 2012 Dane Garrod Your Very Loving Madeline
click here Jan-Feb 2012 Francis Kiddle Ukranian Displaced Persons Camp Posts in Germany 1947-1950
click here Jan 2012 Graham Booth Mail Carried by the Banana Boats [West Indies]
click here Nov-Dec 2011 The Revenue Society Revenues from North America (California and Canada)
click here Oct-Nov 2011 Tony Stanford British Post Offices in the Levant up to the end of the Edwardian Period
click here Jul-Aug 2011 Maurice Flack Turkish Cyprus Hong Kong 1953 to 1997 & New Zealand
click here May 2011 David Hubbard The Japanese Occupation of Borneo