Programme of Session 2017 - 2018


14 Sep

Courtesy of Her Majesty The Queen
West Indies

1:00 PM

28 Sep

Jean Voruz
Geneva from the Cantonal to the Federal Post

5:00 PM

12 Oct

Deutscher Altbriefsammler-Verein (DASV)
Group Display

1:00 PM

26 Oct

Belgian Congo Study Circle
Group Display

1:00 PM

09 Nov

Guillermo Gallegos
The Pre-Stamp Period of El Salvador

5:00 PM

23 Nov

Dr. Alan Huggins
The Embossed Stamps of Great Britain 1841-1973

1:00 PM

07 Dec

Dane Garrod
'Your Very Loving Madeline'

5:00 PM


11 Jan

Maurice Hadida
Morocco Postal History (1852 - 1925)

1:00 PM

25 Jan

Russian Academy (Igor Rodin)
Group Display

1:00 PM

08 Feb

Patrick Maselis
Belgium: Revenue, Airmail, Booklets, Local Post, Postage Due, Coil Stamps, Railway Stamps

1:00 PM

15 Feb

East Africa Study Circle
Group Display

1:00 PM

22 Feb

Dr Harald Lang
The Austro-Hungarian Issue of 1867: 150 years of Austro-Hungarian Compromise

5:00 PM

22 Mar

Vittorio Morani
The Postal History of Tuscany 1851-1862

1:00 PM

05 Apr

Bryan Kearsley
Discovering Seahorses

5:00 PM

19 Apr

South West Region
Regional Display

1:00 PM

03 May

James Podger
Cayman Islands: From Jamaica 'used in' to Queen Elizabeth II

1:00 PM

17 May

HSH Prince Albert of Monaco
Selections from the Princely Collection

1:00 PM

31 May

Polar Philately
Group Display

1:00 PM

14 Jun

Tim O'Connor
Dr. Franklin will address the Lords on the State of His Majesty's Post

5:00 PM

28 Jun

Annual General Meeting

4:30 PM


On all meeting days the Meeting Room is open from 1.00 pm for viewing the display.