Accessing the RPSL Catalogue - Help Logging In

Much data on this site is available to view by the public at no charge and no log in is necessary.However, access to certain information is only available to members of the RPSL. If you wish to access this information, you must first join the Society. Please return to the main page and follow the Join link.

Existing members of RPSL need to have registered on the web site and subsequently they can log in using their user name and password.

Some members of the public may also have a log in – if they have purchased RPSL products or have an existing relationship recorded by the RPSL Office.

Forgotten Log In Details?
If you think have previously registered on the web site but cannot remember your log in details (user name and /or password) please click here.

You will need to know your username or your RPSL Contact Id (printed on LP address sheet). Log in details will then be automatically emailed to your registered email address. This process is fully automated and should take less than an hour for your password to be delivered. At busy processing times we have seen instances where this can take several hours. If you do not receive your password in your normal inbox, please check your spam filter as several members have reported that the email informing them of their password has been automatically routed to their spam box.

If you do not receive this email within 24 hours it is probably because the email address held by the Society is out-of-date. In which case, please email so that it can be corrected – Please note that it can take up to one working day for this change to be applied.

Also note that your user name does not have to be the same as your email address (but it can be), you can define and change this yourself. Changes of email address and other contact information can be updated via the My Details tab (once logged in).

If you are finding your log in details difficult to remember, once logged in, you can go to the My Details tab and choose the option to change your log in details.

RPSL Member but not Registered on the Web Site?
Registration can be undertaken on-line. You will need to enter your family name / surname AND your RPSL Contact Id.

From December 2012 your Contact Id will be printed on the LP address sheet (or can be obtained by emailing the office,

Please click here to go to the registration screen.

Not an RPSL Member but wish to gain access to additional data?
You will need to join the Society. Please return to the main page and follow the Join link.