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RPSL Cinderella Stockholmia 2019 Label sheet

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S.S. Scandinavian Stockholmia 2019 Cinderella Label
The S.S. Scandinavian is herewith launched as a Cinderella Label to illustrate that the Birthday Party celebrating the 150th Anniversary of The Royal Philatelic Society London is on its way to take place in Stockholm, Sweden. The illustration of the steam ship is designed by Martin Mörck of Sweden, the famous engraver of postage stamps and banknotes. The sheet consists of 20 self-adhesive labels.

Martin Mörck took inspiration from two sources, one being an oil-painting of S.S. Scandinavian in the possession of the Swedish Naval Museum in Karlskrona, the other the engraving used on the 6d stamp from 1922 for Jamaica showing Port Royal in 1853 that was printed by De La Rue in two operations (black and blue) by recess printing.

When the Thames-Hamburg packet contract expired on 30 November 1853 and was not renewed, the direct sea route from British east coast ports was re-established and the overland route through Belgium and Hamburg revived to become the “normal” route. In 1850 the paddle steamer Courier began to carry mail between Hull and Gothenburg, as did the British steamer Scandinavian in 1852.

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