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Baghdad in British Occupation: The Story of the 1917 Provisional Stamps

Freddy Khalastchy FRPSL (January 2017)
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The “BAGHDAD IN BRITISH OCCUPATION” stamps have always been desired by collectors of Iraq and British Colonies both because they were the first stamps issued in Iraq and also as a significant issue of World War 1. Since quantities printed were relatively small and all the values were exhausted from the Baghdad Post Office just seventeen days after they were put on sale, they fetched high prices from the very beginning. Numerous articles have been written about this issue over the years but none in great detail.

There has never been a proper census of the errors, while the covers bearing these stamps have not previously received the attention they deserve; no one really knew how many existed. This issue also had a political motive for its existence. Sir Percy Cox, the Chief Political Officer in Iraq, thought that the stamps would annoy the enemy and would also indicate the change of administration whereby the British replaced the defeated Turks. Much correspondence was exchanged between Iraq and the India Office, with the occasional involvement of King George V, before these stamps were eventually issued.

This book explains why and how the stamps were issued, and presents a full record of all known errors and covers as a reference for future collectors.

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