Forthcoming Events and Meetings of the RPSL around the World

Any member, irrespective of where they live, wishing to attend these events or meetings should please make contact with the Society for further details. Ideally members should get in touch at least seven days beforehand to ensure that any catering arrangements can be finalised.

20 Jul 2018

Sheraton Hamilton Hotel, Hamilton, Canada

Ingo Nessel




8 Aug 2018

RPSL dinner at Columbus, Ohio

Alex Haimann




25-26 Aug 2018

Consilium Philatelicum, Wiesbaden, Germany

Ralph Ebner




27 Aug 2018

Western Australia Meeting in Perth, Australia

Ray Todd




31 Aug 2018

Malmö, Sweden at Malmex 2018

Jonas Hällström




6 Oct 2018

Western Canada, at VICPEX, Victoria, BC, Canada

Peter Newroth

+1 250 658 3998



20 Oct 2018

USA East Coast at NOJEX, East Rutherford, New Jersey

Eddie Bridges

+1 212 864 1825



19 Nov 2018

Western Australia Meeting in Perth, Australia

Ray Todd




19 Apr 2019

Netherlands & Belgium at Gouda, the Netherlands

Gerard van Welie

00 31341 413509



RPSL Regional Meeting in Conjunction with VICPEX, Victoria, British Columbia on 6 October 2018

Peter Newroth FRPSL and Ingo Nessel FRPSL are organising an RPSL Regional Meeting in the convention space for presentations at VICPEX 2018 on the afternoon of 6 October 2018, at the Comfort Inn, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province. This will follow on from a morning meeting of the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada. It is planned that there will be three speakers at the RPSL Regional Meeting, and members may also submit exhibition entries. Contact Peter Newroth (details in the table above).

The Pacific North West Regional Group of the British North America Philatelic Society will also meet at the same location on 4-5 October. With the combination of three philatelic society gatherings, a dealers bourse and competitive exhibition, it is hoped that this will be a great, well-attended, social event. VICPEX is an annual gathering sponsored by three local stamp clubs, drawing philatelists from throughout Western Canada. Information about the show is available on the Victoria Stamps website, and a notice about the event, by Peter Newroth, was published in The Canadian Philatelist.

Receptions and Dinners

RPSL Dinner on 8 August at the APS StampShow 2018

StampShow 2018 is taking place in Columbus, Ohio from 9 to 12 August 2018. It marks the 132nd annual convention of the American Philatelic Society and is co-hosted with the American Topical Association. Each year, stamp collectors, exhibitors, historians and members of the general public gather to socialize, increase philatelic knowledge, and exchange stamps. The 2018 show will feature 100+ dealers, societies, live auctions, literature and philatelic exhibits, more than 100 meetings and seminars, and first-day-of-issue ceremonies for new stamps.

In connection with the Stamp Show, there will be a RPSL dinner on 8 August at the Boat House Restaurant, 679 West Spring Street, Columbus, Ohio. Please contact Alex Haimann FRPSL for more information.