Forthcoming Events and Meetings of the RPSL around the World

Any member, irrespective of where they live, wishing to attend these events or meetings should please make contact with the Society for further details. Ideally members should get in touch at least seven days beforehand to ensure that any catering arrangements can be finalised.

11-12 Oct 2019

Canada, Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation in Toronto, including the Harry Sutherland Philatelic Lecture. Tickets and details from Ingo Nessel (click here for location information.)

Ingo Nessel




17-20 Oct 2019

RPSL 150th Anniversary event at The National Postal Museum Library at the Smithsonian Library in Washington, DC. Click here for a flier with more information, and click here for more information about the event from the National Postal Museum.






20-24 Oct 2019

Gibraltar, 150 Years Event (click here for more information.)

Richard Garcia




24-26 Oct 2019

Germany, at Sindelfingen, with 150th Anniversary Dinner

Chris King




9-10 Nov 2019

China, 10th Annual Regional Meeting, Taicang, Jiangsu

Danny Wong




29 Feb 2020

Netherlands, in Veenendaal (click here for more information.)

Gerard van Welie