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January 1984; Vol: 93 Iss: 1093-1094
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UK : London
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1 Jan 1984
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Vol 93 Iss: 1093-1094
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January 1984; Vol: 93 Iss: 1093-1094 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Thematic Collecting Editorial 
Article Notice of Meetings Notices - RPSL 
Article British Overseas Routes and Rates: 1840-1875 PaperMoubray, Primrose Jane; Moubray, J Michael ;
Article Correspondence Correspondence 
Article Grenada 1861-1966 PaperMarriott, John Brook
Article Membership Meetings - Other Socs. 
Article The Waterlow Issues of Trans-Jordan 1925 PaperCollins, NJ
Article Meetings of the Expert Committee Notices - RPSL 
Article Corrigenda Editorial 
Article The Royal Philatelic Society, London Meetings - RPSL 
Article The Pacific Steam Navigation Companyby A. R. Doublet. Book Review 
Article J. Barefoot (Investments} Ltd. European Philately. No 9 Baltic States Revenues by A. Hall, 40 Pp, A4 in Card Cover, Spiral Bound, £4; Book Review 
Article The Postal History of in ternees and Prisoners of War in Australia During World War II by P. Collas, MBE - 82 Pp and 23 Full-Page Plates, Hardback, Published by the Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, A$15 Post Paid by Surface Mail. Book Review 
Article J. Barefoot (Investments) Ltd. Forgery and Reprint Guides, No 1 Great Britain 24 Pp; No 2 Alsace & Lorraine 24 Pp; No 9 Latvia - 1 16 Pp; Book Review 
Article The Admiral Issue of Canada by George C. Marler, Published by the American Philatelic Society. Book Review 
Article British County Catalogue of Postal History, Volume 3 (London) by B. Jay; 196 Pp, Published by R. M. Willcocks, London, 1983; £15. Book Review 
Article Check List of Postage Stamps About Music by A. H. R. Grimsey; 1983 Supplement to the 1980 Check List, 39 A5 Pages, Loose in Folder. £2 Post Free in Uk. Book Review 
Article Instructional and in formative Markings of Victoria 1852-1913 by A. G. Rigo De Righi. Published by Robson Lowe Ltd, 39 Poole Hill, Bournemouth, 16 Pp, 127 Illustrations; £3 + 30P Postage. Book Review 
Article Sydney Views: the Journal of the Australian States Study Circle, Royal Sydney Philatelic Club. Book Review 
Article Alphabets of the World 76 Pp (170 X 250 Mm); Kemble Press, Po Box 44, Banbury. £4.95 in cl Postage. Book Review 
Article Japan: Earthquake Emergency Stamps and Emergency Mails by Masahisa Makino, FRPSL, Published by Japan Philatelic Publications in c., July 1982; Hardbound 132Pp + 186 Pp of Illustrations + Xx. Book Review 
Article Shift Hunter Letters (Us Revenue Varieties): Originated by C. W. Bedford, Compiled by G. Black; Published 1983 by the American Revenue Association, 36 Pp + Iv, Price $7.50 Post Paid From the Editor, the American Revenuer, Rockford, Iowa 50468. Book Review 
Article A Postal History/Cancellation Study of the US Pacific Islands (Including the Trust Territories) by Robert T. Murphy Book Review 
Article Stamp Catalogue of Switzerland 1984 (27Th Edition) (Ed) H. L. Katcher, Published by the Amateur Collector Ltd, 24 Great North Road, London N6; 152 Pp, 8J X 5|, Stiff Cover, Spiral Bound; £4.95 Post Free. Book Review 
Article Rhodesia : Gerald H. Simpson: a Philatelic Retrospective Editorial