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March-April 1984; Vol: 93 Iss: 1095-1096
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UK : London
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1 Apr 1984
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Vol 93 Iss: 1095-1096
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March-April 1984; Vol: 93 Iss: 1095-1096 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article The Society's Medals 1982-83 Notices - RPSL 
Article New 'Royal' Publications Notices - RPSL 
Article The Honorary Secretary's Page Notices - RPSL 
Article Notice of Meetings Notices - RPSL 
Article Provincial Meeting Birmingham Meetings - RPSL 
Article Postscript to 'Mail to and From Rumanian Ports: the British Connection PaperSassower, M Gabriel
Article 1867- the First Issue of Hungary PaperRyan, GS
Article Official Stamps of the United Kingdom 1840-1904 a Discussion Document PaperWellsted, William Raife
Article Ethiopia: 1894-1929 PaperWheeler, LS
Article Correspondence Correspondence 
Article The S.P.A. Journal Notices - General 
Article Where in the World? (Subtitled 'An Atlas for Stamp Collectors') by Kenneth A. Wood, FRPSL. Published by Michael Green, Stamp Collector Newspaper, P.O. Box 10, Albany, Oregon 97321, 422 Pp, 8J X 11 Hardbound, $29.95 (Outside Usa $34.95) Post Paid. Book Review 
Article Postage Stamps and Postal History of Western Australia: Volume III, the Colonial Postmarks 1829-1901 by Mogens Juhl, FRPSL; 96 Pp, £9, Available From Vera Trinder. Book Review 
Article The Postal History of the Australian Imperial Forces During World War One 1914-1918 by R. C. Emery, FRPSL. Fsph, Book Review 
Article I Bolli Delle Romagne 159 Pp(It. Lire 12,000), /Bolli Delle Marche 213 Pp (L. 12,000), I Bolli Ml'Umbria E Delta Sabina 162 Pp (L. 12,000), I Bolli Del Lazio 217 Pp (L. 12,000), / Bolli Di Roma 144 Pp (L. 15,000) by Dr Mario Gallenga. Book Review 
Article Nordens Aerogram/Aerogram I Sverige, Danmark, Finland, Island Och Norge (Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic and Norwegian Aerogrammes) by Ulla Lindberg; Special Handbook No 17, Published by Sveriges Filatelist-Forbund, 46 Pp, 1983. Book Review 
Article The Philatelic Foundation Bulletin, Published by the Philatelic Foundation, 270 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y.10016. Book Review 
Article Post Og Jdrnvdgar Pa Dal (Mail and Railways in Dal); Sveriges Filatelist-Forbund, 1983, 120 Pp, 7 X 5, ISBN 91 85702080. Book Review 
Article Block/Special Katalog, Published by Sieger Verlag, 7Th Edition 1983, 268 Pages with 674 Coloured Illustrations; Price Dm9.95 Post Paid. Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons Simplified Catalogue of Stamps of the World 1984 Edition; Vol 1 Countries A-J, £ 11.50 (ISBN 0 85259 058 X); Vol 2 Countries K-Z, £11.50 (ISBN 0 852590598). Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Part 12 Africa Since in dependence A-E(Second Edition) £9.95 (ISBN 0 85259 054 7). Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Specialised Stamp Catalogue Volume 1: Queen Victoria (Seventh Edition, 1983) 404 + Xii Pp, Hardbound 8| X 5J, £9.95. Book Review 
Article The Royal Philatelic Society, London Meetings - RPSL