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March-April 1986; Vol: 95 Iss: 1119-1120
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UK : London
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1 Apr 1986
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Vol 95 Iss: 1119-1120
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March-April 1986; Vol: 95 Iss: 1119-1120 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article The Society's Medals 1984-85 Notices - RPSL 
Article A New 'Royal' Publication Notices - RPSL 
Article The Presidents' Dinner Notices - RPSL 
Article Editorial Editorial 
Article Notice of Meetings Notices - RPSL 
Article Ceylon 'Pence' Rarities - Where Are They Now? (Part 4) PaperPearson , PC
Article Lichtenstein Memorial Medal Awarded to George South Notices - General 
Article A Philatelic 'As You Like It' (With Apologies to William Shakespeare and Robson Lowe) Paper 
Article Society Tie Notices - RPSL 
Article The Curacao/Surinam Mystery PaperWheatley, Richard
Article Correspondence Correspondence 
Article Alderney: a Survey of the Postal Markings Notices - RPSL 
Article Dungarpur - Kotah - Shahpura PaperRover, Peter
Article Montenegro: the Constitutional Overprints of 1905 and 1906 PaperDehn, Roy A
Article The Classic Stamps of Nepal by Wolfgang Hellrigl and Frank Vignola, Book Review 
Article Storia Postale Del Regno Di Sardegna Dalle Origin! All'Intro-Duzione Del Francobollo (The Postal History of the Kingdom of Sardinia From Its Beginning to the Introduction of the Postage Stamp) Book Review 
Article The Crown Colony of Wei Hai Wei, 24 May 1898 to 1 October 1930 by Michael Goldsmith and Charles W. Goodwyn, FRPSL; Book Review 
Article GB Official Perfms by T. A. Edwards and B. C. Lucas; Published 1984 by the Perfm Society, 23 Foxfield Close, Northwood, Middlesex Ha6 3Nv; Approx A.5, Card Covers, 70 + Xii Pp, £4 Post Free. Book Review 
Article Die Wiederaufnahme Des Ziviten Postdienstes in Der British-Besetzten Zone Deutschlands Im Jahre 1945 (The Resumption of the Civil Postal Service in the British-Occupied Zone of Germany in 1945) Book Review 
Article Andorra - Andorre 1985 Supplement and Price Guide by W. A. Jacques; 32 Pages, Unbound, Published by Robson Lowe Ltd. Price £3. Book Review 
Article The Die Proofs of Waterlow & Sons, Part I, Great Britain and the Empire to 1960 by Colin Fraser and Robson Lowe; Published September 1985 by Christie's Robson Lowe, 47 Duke Street, London Sw1 6Qx, 9X7, Pp 120+Iv; ISBN 085397 417 9; £12. Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Stamp Catalogue: Part 5 Czechoslovakia and Poland, Third Edition, October 1985, Published by Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd, 5 Parkside, Christchurch Road, Ringwood, Hants Bh24 3Sh Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Commonwealth Two Reigns Stamp Catalogue: First Sections (December 1985) (A) Australia and Dependencies, (B) Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta; ISBNs 0 85259 (A) 119 5 (B) 122 5; Each £3.95 Plus Postage. Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Simplified Catalogue 'Stamps of the World' 1986 Edition, Volume 2 (K-Z) (Issued October 1985) Book Review 
Article Ameripex '86 Exhibition or Show 
Article Invitation to 'Royal' Members: Stampex '86 in Adelaide Exhibition or Show 
Article New Zealand: the Tarapex '86 Miniature Sheets Exhibition or Show 
Article The Royal Philatelic Society, London Meetings - RPSL 
Article Membership Membership News