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January-February 1991; Vol: 100 Iss: 1177-1178
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UK : London
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1 Feb 1991
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Vol 100 Iss: 1177-1178
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January-February 1991; Vol: 100 Iss: 1177-1178 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Royal Mail Donates Premium in come to British Philatelic Trust Notices - RPSL 
Article Donation to the Society's Museum by Alma Lee Notices - RPSL 
Article Notice of Meetings Notices - RPSL 
Article News . . . From Near and Far Notices - General 
Article Notice to the Public, and instructions to All Postmasters. Mails for North America Paper 
Article The Origin of the Large Chalon Head PaperSmith, Victor Francis Henry
Article The British Postal Reforms of 1839 to 1840 PaperGrimwood-Taylor, James Lawrence
Article British West Indies PaperMarriott, John Brook
Article British Postal Reforms 1839 to 1840 Paper 
Article British Guiana: 1938-52 $1 Perforation Variety PaperWong, Wilson C K
Article Correspondence Correspondence 
Article Correction: Nz 1990 International Exhibition Notices - General 
Article Library Notes Notices - General 
Article Formation of Sussex Postal History Society Proposed Notices - General 
Article New Study Group for Collectors of Serbia Notices - General 
Article Additions to the Library Notices - General 
Article The Overprinted Stamps of Ireland, by James A. Hill Book Review 
Article Charge Marks of the 4D Post 1839-1840, by P. J. Chadwick Book Review 
Article Spanish Colonial Papel Sellado (Revenue Stamped Paper) of the Audencia (Zone?) of Quito, by Henry B. Madden Book Review 
Article More Border Mail (Postal History & Markings of the War in Angola and Along the Namibian Border 1977-80), by George Van Den Hurk Book Review 
Article Malta: the 1899-1922 Pictorials: Malta Study Circle Paper No 32 (Ed R. E. Martin); A4, Paper Covers, 8Pp, Illustrated Cover, £1.50 Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons Thematic Catalogue 'Collect Railways on Stamps' (2Nd Edition), by H. Burkhalter Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, Part 1, British Commonwealth 1991 Edition Book Review 
Article Collect British Postmarks (5Th Edition, 1990), by Dr J. T. Whitney Book Review 
Article Queensland Postal History, by H. M. Campbell, Rdp, FRPSL, Book Review 
Article Duck Stamps -Art in the Service of Conservation, by Scott Weidensaul Book Review 
Article Lz 130 Zeppelinpost, by John Duggan; Published in 1989 by Germany and Colonies Philatelic Society. Price and Other Details Are Not Known. Book Review 
Article Postal Cancellations of the Ottoman Empire: Part 3 -Turkey in Europe, by John H. Coles and Howard E. Walker Book Review 
Article Scott 1990 Specialised Catalogue of Us Stamps, Edited by W. W. Cummings Book Review 
Article The British India Steam Navigation Company's Mail Packets to East Africa 1890-1905, by Stephen J. North Book Review 
Article Overland Mail Via the Syro-Iraqi Great Desert, by Norman J. Collins, FRPSL, with ZVI Alexander, FRPSL and Norman Gladstone; Limp Cover, A4, Spiral Bound, 130 Pages, 105 Figures Book Review 
Article Airmail Stamps: Fakes and Forgeries, by Alexander S. Newall, 1990; Hardbound, 309 Pages, ISBN 0-904804-96-8; Price £30. Book Review 
Article Timbres De France Au Type Merson [The 'Merson' Issues of France], by Dr J. Storch and R. Frangon Book Review 
Article Einftihrung in Die Mexico-Philateue, Von Der Vormarken-Zeit Bis 1883 [Introduction to Mexican Philately, From the Pre-Stamp Period Up to 1883], by Walter Widmaier Book Review 
Article 'Herewith My Frank...', by J. W. Lovegrove, FRPSL Book Review 
Article British Postal Rates, 1635 to 1839, by O. R. Sanford, FRPSL and Denis Salt, Qbe Book Review 
Article Literature Notes Notices - General 
Article The Royal Philatelic Society, London Meetings - RPSL 
Article Society Tie Notices - RPSL 
Article Membership Membership News