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September 1992; Vol: 101 Iss: 1197
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UK : London
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1 Sep 1992
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Vol 101 Iss: 1197
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September 1992; Vol: 101 Iss: 1197 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article The Great Source of Pleasure Is Variety Editorial 
Article Meeting of 'Royal' Members in Somerset Meetings - RPSL 
Article News ... From Near and Far Notices - General 
Article A Remarkable Coincidence PaperSassower, M Gabriel
Article Revenue Society of Great Britain : Seminar Held at 41 Devonshire Place, London, on 13 June 1992 Paper 
Article Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 1991/92 Officers Reports & AGM 
Article Thematica 92 Exhibition or Show 
Article Vault Storage Boxes : Further Details Notices - General 
Article Jaipur 1911 Jail Press Issue: Perforated Varieties PaperHoleton, David R
Article The Exeter Penny Post PaperLockton, Michael H
Article Correspondence Correspondence 
Article An Unusual 'Polar Bear' Cover - 1919 PaperCollins, NJ
Article China the Special Winter Courier Service PaperPratt, RW
Article The Presidents' Dinner : 24 September 1992 Notices - RPSL 
Article The Postal History of the Northern Territory 1824-1988 Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Great Britain Specialised Catalogue, Volume 1, Queen Victoria (10th Edition); Published June 1992 Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Great Britain Specialised Catalogue, Volume 5, Queen Elizabeth 11 Decimal Special Issues Book Review 
Article Collected Essays on Various Historical Materials for Hong Kong Studies Book Review 
Article Catalogue Des Timbres Fiscaux Et Socio-Postaux De France, 1990 Book Review 
Article Check List of Postage Stamps About Music (1992 Supplement) Book Review 
Article Triest Und Julisch-Venetien Zur Zeit Der Alliierten Besetzungen (1945-1954) [Trieste and Venezia-Giulia During the Allied Occupations] Book Review 
Article Die Ganzsachen Fhands - Katalog U. Handbuch 1990 [The Postal Stationery of Ireland - Catalogue & Handbook] Book Review 
Article Die Irische Architektur-Dauerserie [The Irish Architecture Definitives] Book Review 
Article Un Postal Administration Stamp Catalogue: Postal Issues of the Un 1951-1986 + Supplement No 1 (1989) Book Review 
Article British Stamp Booklets Part 6 (Series 8 and Series 9) Book Review 
Article Royal Household Mail Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Stamp Catalogue, Part 7, Germany: 4Th Edition, 1992 Book Review 
Article Combination Mail of British Post Offices Abroad: An in troductory Survey Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Collect Channel Islands & Isle of Man Stamps (8Th Edition January 1992) and Collect British Stamps (43Rdedition November 1991 Book Review 
Article Catalogo De Marcos Aereas (Catalogue of Aerial [Sic] Cachets) 1968-1990 Book Review 
Article 1991/92 Spesyalize Turk Pullari Katalogu (Specialised Postage Stamp Catalogue of Turkey) Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Great Britain 'Concise' Stamp Catalogue, 1992 (7Th) Edition Book Review 
Article Handbook of Holy Land Philately: the Foreign Post Offices in Palestine 1840-1918. Volume II (Italian, Austrian and Russian Offices; Jewish Postal Services; Hotel Mail) Book Review 
Article 'Bale' Catalogue of Israel Postage Stamps 1992 Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Stamp Catalogue Part 18 Japan & Korea, 1992 (3Rd Edition) Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Channel Islands Postal History Catalogue 1991 (1St Edition) Book Review 
Article United States Postal History Sampler Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Collect Butterflies and Other in sects on Stamps Catalogue Book Review 
Article British Greetings Telegrams & Telemessage Special Occasion Cards Book Review 
Article Membership Membership News