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September 1993; Vol: 102 Iss: 1208
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UK : London
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1 Sep 1993
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Vol 102 Iss: 1208
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September 1993; Vol: 102 Iss: 1208 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Assistant Honorary Librarian Notices - RPSL 
Article 75th Philatelic Congress of Great Britain Meetings - Other Socs. 
Article Forthcoming Meetings Notices - RPSL 
Article News ... From Near and Far Notices - General 
Article RPSL Ltd : the Expert Committee Notices - RPSL 
Article Great Britain and the Netherlands: Letterpost Communication 1650-1850 PaperMuys, Cornelis
Article Correspondence Correspondence 
Article Covers in Context - American History Illustrated 9 : Permit Mail (C.1904) and Department Stores in New York PaperPaton, Ian M
Article The Sir Daniel Cooper Lecture Notices - General 
Article The Formation of the German Empire and the First Stamps PaperRapkin, Franceska
Article The National Postal Museum : Annual Report, 1992 Notices - General 
Article Collect British Postmarks (The Handbook to British Postal Markings and Their Values), 6Th Edition Book Review 
Article Tables of French Postal Rates 1849 to Date Book Review 
Article The Handstamps of Wells Fargo & Co, 1852 to 1895 (2Nd Edition) Book Review 
Article Norwegian Letters to Foreign Destinations, Book Review 
Article Concise Guide to the Queen Issues of Labuan, Book Review 
Article Imperial Russia 'Zemstvo Post', Book Review 
Article Seychelles O Military Censor Markings 1939-1945 and Related Airmailservices Book Review 
Article The Mediterranean Mails: An Anthology (By Members of the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada) Book Review 
Article Letter Boxes (Malta Study Circle Study Paper 12) Book Review 
Article Malta: the Trade Fairs (Malta Study Circle Study Paper 8), Book Review 
Article Malta: the Silver Jubilee Issue of 1935 (Msc Study Paper 34) Book Review 
Article The Italian South Atlantic Air Mail Service: 1939-1941 Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons 'Great Britain' Specialised Stamp Catalogue 1993, Volume 2 (Ke VII to Kg Vi) (9Th Edition) Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons 'Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps' 1993, 9Th Combined Edition Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons 'Great Britain' Concise Stamp Catalogue 1993,8Th Edition Book Review 
Article Philatelistischer Atlas Des Osmanischen Reiches (Philatelic Atlas of the Ottoman Empire: Devleti Osmaniye Filatelik Atlasi) Book Review 
Article Beginning Stamp Collecting Book Review 
Article The History of Postal Cancellation of China, Volumes Vl to VII, Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue 1993 Part 1, British Commonwealth Volume 1 (Great Britain and Countries A-I) (96Th Edition) Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue 1993 Part 8, Italy & Switzerland (4Th Edition) Book Review 
Article British Stamp Booklets, Part 7 (Series 10 and 11) Book Review 
Article Membership Membership News 
Article Additions to the Library Library