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May 1994; Vol: 103 Iss: 1215
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UK : London
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1 May 1994
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Vol 103 Iss: 1215
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May 1994; Vol: 103 Iss: 1215 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists Elections to the Roll in 1994 Notices - General 
Article 1994 Lichtenstein Award to Alan Huggins Notices - RPSL 
Article New Honorary Members Mrs Vera Webster and Alberto Bolaffi Membership News 
Article News ... From Near and Far Notices - General 
Article Nigeria Region : Enigmas of Postal History Up to 1914 PaperSacher, S John
Article Covers in Context - American History Illustrated 13 : 1862-67 Mexico - Napoleon III Flouts the Monroe Doctrine PaperPaton, Ian M
Article Accounts of Meetings (Continued From Page 128) Meetings - RPSL 
Article Silver for Postage PaperFryer, G H
Article Egypt Rarities from before the Twentieth Century PaperFikry, Samir Amir
Article Library Appeal for 'Hidden' Philatelic Articles Notices - General 
Article A Type Correction of a Swiss Sperati Reproduction PaperKofranek, Anton M.
Article Correspondence Correspondence 
Article Madame Joseph Forged Postmarks, by Derek Worboys Book Review 
Article His Majesty's Fraser Fencible Regiment of Foot 1794-1802, by John Firebrace and Alan Rawlings Book Review 
Article Libia - La Serie Pittorica [Libya - the Pictorial Series] by Michele Picardi Book Review 
Article La Serie De La Ricostruzione, Democratica Produced, for the Friends of the Postal Museum [Amici Del Museo Postale], by Franco Filanci and Danilo Bogoni Book Review 
Article A History of the Forwarding Agents of Gibraltar 1750-1880, by Ricky Richardson Book Review 
Article Alandia (Postal Cancellations and Postal History of the Aland Islands), by Bjom Mattsen and Karlo Hirvikoski Book Review 
Article Handbuch Karnten '92/Fachbuch Fur Postgeschichte and Stempelkunde Karntens (Handbook of Carinthia's Postal History and Types of Postmark) Book Review 
Article Post- Und Telegraphen Handbuch - 1868/9 Vols. I and 11, Reprints by Bdp/Arge 'Norddeutscher Postbezirk, (Arge Pubn. Nos 29 and 30). Text in German/Gothic Script. Book Review 
Article The 1913 Penny Kangaroo, Flaw List, by J. Sluman Book Review 
Article De Michelius Postzegelplakmaschine En Barfrankierungs-Maschine/Michelius - Postwertzeichenaufklebemaschine U. Barfrankierungsmaschine (The Michelius Stamping and Cash Franking Machines), by R.J. Hammink Book Review 
Article Rhodesia 1896 Rebellion, by Gunnar Strehmel; Published by G. Strehmel, 17 Quai Des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris; 1991, 56 Pages, A4, Soft Covers; £18 Plus Postage £1.50; Available From the Author. No ISBN. Book Review 
Article Designs, Essays, Proofs, Special Printings of Postage Stamps and Stationery; Germany 1849-1932: Definition of Terms and Description of Types, by Peter U. Theuss Book Review 
Article Les Faussaires [The Forgers], by Roger Vervisch; Published 1994 by Groupe D'Etude Des Falsifications Book Review 
Article A Handbook of Guatemalan Telegraph Stamps, by James C. Andrews Book Review 
Article The Cancellations and Postmarks of Nigeria 1914-1980, by N.M. Jones, FRSPL Book Review 
Article Sellinger's inverted Center Stamps of the World; Catalog 1994-95, by Martin Sellinger, Po Box 47, White Plains, Ny 10601, Usa Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons' Great Britain Specialised Stamp Catalogue, Volume 3, Qeii Pre-Decimal Issues Book Review 
Article Additions to the Library Library 
Article From Gibraltar to Spain 1850-1875, by Ricky Richardson Book Review 
Article Basutoland Officials, by Barry P. Fletcher; Published 1993 by the Author; A4, Paper Self Covers, 26 Pages +Xii (Photocopied Pages As the Appendix); Plastic Clip Binding, No ISBN, No Price Stated. Book Review 
Article Society Ties Notices - RPSL 
Article The Royal Philatelic Society, London Meetings - RPSL 
Article Membership Membership News