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November 1999; Vol: 108 Iss: 1270
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1 Nov 1999
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Vol 108 Iss: 1270
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November 1999; Vol: 108 Iss: 1270 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Highlights from History: Number 18 A Despatch From Down-Under PaperNegus, Ronald
Article China 1999 World Philatelic Exhibition Exhibition or Show 
Article Forthcoming RPSL Publication the Reform of the Post Office in the Victorian Era Notices - RPSL 
Article Punch: The Postal History PaperBard, Anthony Simon
Article Philatelic Newslines Notices - General 
Article Forthcoming Events Notices - General 
Article Stellaland Revisited PaperDrysdall, Alan R
Article Literature Notices - General 
Article Belgium: Tableaux Des Services De Messageries; Published in September 1847 by the Ministry of Public Works, and Republished by L. De Clercq, FRPSL Via Kp Waas Te Sint Niklaas in February 1982; Softbound, 42P A4, Unpriced, No ISBN. Book Review 
Article Mail Service in the Ghetto Terezin 1941-1945, by F. Benes & P. Tosnerova; Publ. by Profil, Prague, in 1996; 345P; Price Not Known; No ISBN? Book Review 
Article A Priced Checklist of Indian Base & Field Post Offices 1914-1924, Edited by C.R. Entwistle Book Review 
Article Wartime Airmails: the Locally Registered and Foreign Air Services of British Africa; Author Not Known Book Review 
Article Emisiones Postales Dominicanas 1865-1965, by Danilo Mueses Book Review 
Article De Nederlandse Scheepspost: 1. Nederland - Oost-Indie 1600-1900, by C. Delbeke, Rdp, FRPSL; in Dutch; Hardbound, 93/4X7, 341P; Price Not Known; No ISBN ? Book Review 
Article Le Symposium D'Histoire Postale Luxembourg 98 Book Review 
Article The Postal Services of the Gold Coast 1901-1957, Edited by M. Ensor Book Review 
Article Die Post Der Tsingtauer in Japanischer Gefangenschaft 1914-20, by Ludwig Seitz Book Review 
Article Posta E Francobollo: Una Storia Da Collezione, by Franco Filanci; Publ. 1998 by the Italian Post Office. Softbound, A4, 128P, Bibliography; Price Lit. 15,000; No ISBN. Book Review 
Article Castelli - Un Baluardo Postale [Castles - a Postal Bulwark], by Danilo Bogoni; Publ. 1999 by the Italian Post Office for the Friends of the Postal Museum. Softbound, A5, 115P, Price Lit. 15,000 Plus Postage 1300 in Europe. No ISBN. Book Review 
Article Collecting British Squared Circle Postmarks, by S.F. Cohen, FRPSL, D.G. Rosenblat & A.M. Williams: June 1999; Stapled Card Covers, A4, 63P; No ISBN. Book Review 
Article Jamaica, by H.A.H. James; 'Geosix' Study Paper Nol5; Publ. 1999 by the King George VI Collectors' Society Book Review 
Article Les 'Marianne De Briat' (Tirages En Feuilles; Tirages Pour Cornets) [France: the Marianne De Briat Issue: Printings in Sheets & in Booklets] Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons Collect Chess on Stamps: An Sg Thematic Catalogue, by J.S. Young; Publ July 1999 by Sg Publications, Ringwood, Hants Bh24 3Sh at £6.95 + Post; A5, Glossy Card Cover, 53 + Xix Pages; ISBN 0-85259-471-2. Book Review 
Article The Branch and Sub Post Offices of Malta and Goto, by Alan Bannister; Publ. 1999 by the Malta Study Circle Book Review 
Article 1999 ABPS National & Specialist Society Handbook, By J.N. Hammonds, FRPSL & P.J. Kenton, FRPSL Book Review 
Article Guide Mondiale Des Timbres Errones [World Guide to Errors on Stamps], by Jean-Pierre Mangin, FRPSL Book Review 
Article Fakes, Forgeries, Experts, No 2 Publ. July 1999 by F.F.E. Journal, Paolo Vollmeier, Rdp, FRPSL, Po Box 108, Ch-6976 Castagnola, Switzerland Book Review 
Article Netherlands East Indies Printing Varieties on Postal Stationery Cards PaperWheatley, Richard
Article Additions to the Library Library 
Article United States Registered Mail 1845-1870, By]. W. Mifgram, Md Book Review 
Article Us Stamp Facts: 19th Century, by E. Landau, M. Laurence, D. Mccarty, D. O'Keefe and J. Wagshal Book Review 
Article Sarawak, the Rajah's Officers 1841-1946 by W. Batty-Smith, MBE, FRPSL Book Review 
Article Queensland Postal History and Australian Numeral Cancellations, Supplements by Hugh M. Campbell, Rdp, FRPSL Book Review 
Article Poland 1918 Locals, Written, Published and Obtainable From J. Barefoot Ltd, Po Box 8, York Yo24 4Ar; No Price Quoted; 92 Pages, A4 , Softbound; ISBN 0-906845-55-6. Book Review 
Article Picture Page Paper 
Article Revenue Society to Host Congress in 2000 Notices - General 
Article Christmas Vacation 1999 Notices - RPSL 
Article The Royal Philatelic Society London Meetings - RPSL 
Article The Royal Philatelic Society London Meetings - RPSL 
Article Membership Membership News