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November 2000; Vol: 109 Iss: 1280
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1 Nov 2000
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Vol 109 Iss: 1280
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November 2000; Vol: 109 Iss: 1280 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article RPSL 2000 and Beyond Appeal : Progress Report Notices - RPSL 
Article By Decision of Council Notices - RPSL 
Article Expert Meeting Dates Notices - RPSL 
Article Forthcoming Royal Meeting in Essex & Suffolk Saturday, 2 December 2000 Notices - RPSL 
Article Champagne Reception - at Belgica 2001 Notices - RPSL 
Article Peter Smith Wins Cabeen Award for 'Egypt' Book Notices - General 
Article Another Olympic Gold for Great Britain! Notices - General 
Article Additions to the Library Library 
Article The 82nd Philatelic Congress of Great Britain, London 2000 8-10 September 2000 Meetings - Other Socs. 
Article The Reform of the Post Office in the Victorian Era and Its Impact on Economic and Social Activity: Documentary History 1837 to 1864 Book Review 
Article The Reform of the Post Office in the Victorian Era and Its Impact on Economic and Social Activity Book Review 
Article The Presidents' Dinner 20 September 2000 Paper 
Article Autumn Stampex 2000: Awards Gained by RPSL Members Exhibition or Show 
Article Correspondence Correspondence 
Article Cross-Channel Mails 1814 -1850 PaperOxley, G F
Article The Secession of Belgium From the United Kingdom of the Netherlands During the Period 1830-1839 and Its Postal Consequences PaperLouis, A
Article Can You Help the Expert Committee? Notices - RPSL 
Article Covers in Context - American History Illustrated 39: A Military Invitation in 1879 PaperPaton, Ian M
Article Philatelic Newslines Notices - General 
Article The Chapman Collection of Australian Commonwealth Stamps Book Review 
Article The Revenue Stamps of Argentina: Volume 3: the Provinces and Municipalities: Entre Rios to Neuquen Book Review 
Article The Identifier for Carriers, Locals, Fakes, Forgeries and Bogus Posts of the United States: Volume III Book Review 
Article A Priced Listing of the Departmental Stamps of South Australia, Book Review 
Article Tabellarius; Published in 1999 Book Review 
Article L'Occupazione Militare Italiana Delle Hole Lonie Del 1941 - Le Soprastampe Tipografiche Di Argosto/I [The Italian Military Occupation of the Ionian Islands of 1941 - the Typographical Overprints of Argostoli] Book Review 
Article L 'Occupazione Francese Del Fezzan Nella Libia Italiana [The French Occupation of Fezzan in Italian Libya] Book Review 
Article La Storia Postale Di Torn Del Benaco [The Postal History of Torri Del Benaco] Book Review 
Article La Via D'Augusta ... Per La Via Di Bassano - Ipotesi Di Recupero Dell'Architettura Postale Nella Repubblica Di Venezia 1489-1797 [The Augusta Road ... Via Bassano. a Study for Restoration of Postal Architecture in the Republic of Venice 1489-1797] Book Review 
Article Archivio Per La Storia Postale: Anno 1, N° 2 Book Review 
Article Storia Postale Della Provincia Di Piacenza - Periodo Filatelico Pane 2A [Postal History of the Province of Piacenza - After Introduction of Postage Stamps: Part 2A] Book Review 
Article The Postal History of Lombardy & Venetia and of Lombardy-Venetia Book Review 
Article The Post in Pre-Unification Italy Prior to the Issuance of Postage Stamps Book Review 
Article Sg Stamp Catalogue Part 22 (United States): 5Th Edn 2000 Book Review 
Article Mails Under London: the Story of the Carriage of the Mails on London's Underground Railways Book Review 
Article Complementos Y Entrecintas En Los Sellos Postales Argentinos Book Review 
Article Rhodesia's Role in the Second Anglo-Boer War Book Review 
Article Introduction a I'Histoire Postale: Des Origines a 1849 Book Review 
Article Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue 2000 Edition Book Review 
Article The Leeward Islands: Notes for Philatelists Book Review 
Article The Returned Letter Office of Cyprus Book Review 
Article The Royal Philatelic Society London Meetings - RPSL 
Article Members Membership News 
Article Death of Phyllis M. Geldert, FRPSC Obituary