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January-February 2006; Vol: 115 Iss: 1332
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UK : London
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1 Feb 2006
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Vol 115 Iss: 1332
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January-February 2006; Vol: 115 Iss: 1332 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Fellowship of the Royal Philatelic Society London Membership News 
Article Announcement of New Members as Approved by Council Membership News 
Article Announcement of Membership Applications Membership News 
Article Deaths Membership News 
Article Resignations Membership News 
Article Labuan 8c Inverted Frame Postage Due Stamp PaperHerendeen, David
Article Acting Honorary Secretary Notices - RPSL 
Article Society Reception at the Smithsonian in Washington May 2006 Notices - RPSL 
Article Buffet Supper on 11 May 2006 Notices - RPSL 
Article London 2010 - Festival of Stamps Notices - RPSL 
Article New Zealand Display at No. 41 Notices - RPSL 
Article Great Britain Three Pence Plate 3 with Secret Dots PaperSimpson, Raymond C; Sargent, Peter J ;
Article The London Philatelist Archival Edition Notices - RPSL 
Article Great Britain Two Pence Envelope Philatelic NotesWheat, Gilbert J
Article Regional Meetings of the RPSL Notices - RPSL 
Article Philatelic Events Notices - General 
Article David Beech: The British Library Philatelic Collections 1998-2005 Meetings - RPSL 
Article Great Britain Philatelic Society Meetings - RPSL 
Article Colin Mount: Pig in the Post Meetings - RPSL 
Article Library News Library 
Article Catalogues received Library 
Article I Francobolli delle Romagne; Romagna Postage Stamps by Emilio Diena, Regno Lomardo-Veneto, La Prima e la Seconda Emissione; Kingdom of Lombardy Venetia, The First and the Second Issue by Emilio Diena Book Review 
Article The Postal History of the Transition Period in Israel, 1948, Vol. II: The Emergency, Local, and Private Postal Services, Part 1, Jerusalem and Safad Postal Services in the Transition Period Book Review 
Article I Francobolli delle Romagne; Romagna ;Regno Lomardo-Veneto, La Prima e la Seconda Emissione; Kingdom of Lombardy Venetia Postage Stamps Book Review 
Article Machine Cancellations of Canada by Robert K Thorne Book Review 
Article The Showa Forgeries of Japan; ISJP Monograph 20 by Ron Casey Book Review 
Article The Welsh Mail Coaches by Christopher M Beaver Book Review 
Article The Postage Stamps of Russia, 1917-1923, Volume V, The RSFSR by R.J. Ceresa, Russian Postage Stamps 1917-1923, Pocket Forgery Guide by R.J. Ceresa Book Review 
Article Nutmeg Stamp Sales - Mail Auction 100 7 Reference Guide, Thursday 14 July 2005. Book Review 
Article Indian Government Fiscal and Judicial Stamps and Stamp Papers, including Provincial and Provisional Issues, Volume 1. Pre-Independence Issues (including provincial overprints) and All-India Post-Independence by S.M. Blatt Book Review 
Article Análisis de la Eficiencia de las Subastas, Aplicación al Sector Filatélico y Numismático; Analysis of the Efficiency of Auctions, Application to the Philatelic and Numismatic Sector by Asunción Mochón Sáez Book Review 
Article British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines 1946-1954 - An aviation and aerophilatelic history of the development of trans-Pacific services between Australasia and North America by British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines and its competitors by Laurence Kimpton Book Review 
Article Madame Joseph Revisited by Brian M. Cartwright Book Review 
Article Ecuador: The Philately of the Seebeck Era, January 1892 to mid-June 1897, its Stamps, Proofs, Postal Stationery and Postal History by Robert A. D'Elia Book Review 
Article Japan Hand Engraved Issues by Tsugumi Shirai Book Review 
Article Vaccari 2006-2007 Francobolli e Storia Postale, Trattato Storico e Catalogo con Valutazioni, Antichi Stati Italiani, Governi Provvisori, Regno d'Italia 1850-1900; by Paolo Vaccari Book Review 
Article Steamship Lines to the Caribbean, Volume I, History, Routes, Agents, Ship Markings, Ships, Fleet Lists by Michael R. Rego Book Review 
Article Young Collectors' Day at the Royal Philatelic Society London Meetings - RPSL