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December 2006; Vol: 115 Iss: 1341
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UK : London
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1 Dec 2006
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Vol 115 Iss: 1341
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December 2006; Vol: 115 Iss: 1341 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Fellowship of the Royal Philatelic Society London Notices - RPSL 
Article Presentation to Her Majesty The Queen on 8 November 2006 Notices - RPSLHarman, Christopher G
Article Announcement of New Members as Approved by Council Membership News 
Article Announcement of Membership Applications Membership News 
Article Deaths Membership News 
Article November Mailing of The London Philatelist Notices - RPSL 
Article Archival Edition of The London Philatelist Awarded Gold at España 06 Notices - RPSL 
Article Forthcoming Meetings at No. 41 Notices - RPSL 
Article Julian Chapman Memorial Scholarship Notices - RPSL 
Article Regional Meeting at Bournemouth, 12 October 2006 Meetings - RPSLMartin, John
Article Midpex 2007 Notices - General 
Article West African Airmail links with Europe after June 1940 PaperMay, Robert F
Article Regional Meeting at Wallingford, 21 October 2006 Meetings - RPSL 
Article Commencement of Refurbishment Work at No. 41 Notices - RPSL 
Article Letters to the Editor Correspondence 
Article Barnett Freedman Designer of the 1935 Great Britain Silver Jubilee Issue PaperDonen, Neil
Article Catalogues Received Library 
Article Library News Library 
Article The Queen's Own: Stamps That Changed the World edited by Thomas J. Alexander Book Review 
Article Deutsches Reich, Die Gebühren im Deutschen Reich 1933-1945; The German Empire, Postage Rates in the German Empire 1933-1945 by Paul-Jürgen Hueske Book Review 
Article Der Paketdienst im Deutschen Reich 1933-1945; Parcel Post in the German Empire 1933-1945 by Paul-Jürgen Hueske Book Review 
Article Deutsches Reich, Die Nachgebühren im Deutschen Reich 1906-1945; The German Empire, Postage Dues in the German Empire 1906-1945 by Paul-Jürgen Hueske Book Review 
Article CD-ROM Catalogue of Italian Municipal Stamps by Alex Kemura, published 2006 by the author, no ISBN, CD plus 15-page Users' Guide etc, price and availability from the author, 12 West Street, Coggeshall, Essex CO6 1NL, UK. ID No 11238. Book Review 
Article Cardiff Machine Cancellations 1905-1952 by Roger Gilbert, published 2006 by the author and Cardiff Philatelic Society Book Review 
Article Tables of French Postal Rates 1849 to 2005 by Derek Richardson Book Review 
Article The Postage Stamps of Clipperton Island by Wolfgang Baldus Book Review 
Article The Forces Postal History Society Special Edition 2006 commemorating the 90th Anniversary of The Battle of Jutland by Nick Colley Book Review 
Article Singapore 500 Early Postcards by Dr Jin Seng Cheah Book Review 
Article Moments in the History of the Transvaal Section of the Vredefort Dome from a Philatelic Perspective by Prof Okkie de Jager Library 
Article Mexico, The 1868 Issue, A Specialist Handbook by John Heath and Doug Stout Book Review 
Article The Postal Markings of The Gambia 1858-2000 by Stewart P. Duncan and Oliver Andrew Book Review 
Article The Postal History of Lombardy under Austrian Rule, 1707-1796, 2006 Reprint with new Chronologies by Giorgio Migliavacca Book Review 
Article The United States Post Offices in China and Japan 1867 to 1874 by Richard C. Frajola, Michael O. Perlman, and Lee C. Scamp Book Review 
Article Camp Mail of Italian Prisoners of War & Civilian Internees in East Africa 1940-1947 by Walter G. Weisbecker, published 2006 by Dr Giorgio Migliavacca Book Review 
Article The Australian Commonwealth King George V 1½d Die I Stamp, Part 1: Electros 1 to 14 by Richard Guy OAM Book Review 
Article Thurn und Taxis in Baden, Die Kaiserliche Reichspost und Lehenspost in Baden by Han Vermeulen, published 2006 by J.C. Vermeulen Book Review 
Article Deutsche Inflation 1916-1923 Book Review 
Article The Postal History of Perth 1900-2000 by Norman Watson Book Review 
Article Journal of China Philately, Volume 1 by David Lu Book Review 
Article Latvia Handbook of Philately and Postal History. The Postgebiet Ob. Ost in the territory of the later Latvian Republic 1915-1920 by Harry v. Hofmann Book Review 
Article Opening Hours at No. 41 During December 2006 Notices - RPSL 
Article Private Mail Carriers of Colombia edited by Dieter Bortfeldt, Carlos Valenzuela A and Alfredo Frohlich Book Review 
Article No. 3: Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Malta SC Meetings - RPSL