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November 2008; Vol: 117 Iss: 1360
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1 Nov 2008
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Vol 117 Iss: 1360
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November 2008; Vol: 117 Iss: 1360 (No adverts)
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Article Electrical Work at No. 41 Notices - RPSLTrotter, Brian J
Article International Exhibitions Exhibition or ShowWalton, Frank Leslie
Article Stampless Mail from the Spanish Colonies to Spain PaperLewis, Geoffrey
Article Manchester Grandstand Postmark PaperEvans, Martin Burke
Article Catalogues Received Library 
Article Library News Library 
Article Across the Oceans, Development of Overseas Business Information Transmission 1815-1875 by Seija-Riitta Laakso Book Review 
Article Airmail Directional Handstamps, A Study, Supplement by Ian McQueen Book Review 
Article Bureaux de Poste du Département du Nord, Timbres à date manuels 1828-1998; Post Offices in the North, Manual Date Stamps 1828-1998 by Jacques Foort Book Review 
Article A Celebration of Austrian Philately by The Austrian Philatelic Society Book Review 
Article Collection Canada 2007 by Canada Post Book Review 
Article Gibraltar King George VI 1950 New Constitution Double Overprint by Edmund Chambers Book Review 
Article Handbook of Japanese Postmarks 2008 by Japan Philatelic Society, Foundation Book Review 
Article Histoire postale des Expéditions françaises au Groenland - Tome I - Des Origines à 1939; Postal History of French expeditions to Greenland, Volume I until 1939 by Antoine Gessain and Pierre Cuesnon Book Review 
Article History and Development of Post and Telecommunications in Macau, Volume 2, Postal History of Macau 1884-1999 by Luis Virgilio de Brito Frazão Book Review 
Article Posted in Advance for Christmas PaperCampbell, Peter
Article Forthcoming Meetings at No. 41 Notices - RPSL 
Article Levy's Boy & Girl Scout Cachet Covers of the United States, Volumes 1 & 2, 1910-1960 by Jay L. Rogers Book Review 
Article Le Livre Philatélique Belge 2007, Les Timbres-Poste ont une Histoire; The 2007 Belgian Philatelic Book, Postage stamps have a history Book Review 
Article The London coffee houses, a visual record of an exceptional collection of coffee house usages from the late 17th century to the late 19th century by Bill Barrell Book Review 
Article Marques & oblitérations manuelles, généralités & catalogue; Postal Markings & Cancellations for 74 Seine Inférieure & 76 Seine- Maritime up to 2006 by Georges Nory Book Review 
Article Le Musée de la Poste 2008 by Martine Morel Book Review 
Article Pfadfinder im polnischen Untergrund 1939-1945- 1956; Scouts and Guides in the Polish Underground 1939-1945-1956 by Gottfried Steinmann Book Review 
Article The Postal Age, The emergence of modern communications in nineteenth-century America by David M Henkin Book Review 
Article La Poste inspire des Artistes, Post inspiring Artists by Editions Snoeck, Musée de la Poste, et al Book Review 
Article A Philatelic Handbook on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) by Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon Book Review 
Article Postryttaren Arsbok för Postmuseum 2008, Argang 58 by Postmuseum Book Review 
Article Prisoners of War in British Hands during WWI, A study of their history, the camps and their mails by Graham Mark Book Review 
Article The Railway Mail Clerk and The Highway Post Office, When the mail really worked, The story of the postal service's elite by Ken H. K. Culbreth Book Review 
Article Resimli Osmanli-Türk posta damgalari / Illustrated Ottoman-Turkish Postmarks 1840-1929, Volume 8: O-Ö-P-R by Ziya M. Agaogullari Book Review 
Article Steamship Lines to the Caribbean, Volume 2, History, Routes, Agents, Ship Markings, Ships, Fleet List by Michael R Rego Book Review 
Article Storia Postale del Dipartimento degli Appennini 1805-1814 by Raffaele Ciccarelli Book Review 
Article Swiss Stamps, Something for Everyone by American Helvetia Philatelic Society Book Review 
Article Taxes et modalités de taxation de la lettre ordinaire dans le régime général international (1876/1975); Taxes and modes of taxation for the ordinary letter in the international sector by Guy Prugnon Book Review 
Article Telegraph Seals, A World Catalogue by Steve Hiscocks Book Review 
Article 2008 Israel, The Golden Book, World Stamp Championship Israel 2008, Tel Aviv 14-21 May by David Feldman SA Book Review 
Article Membership News Membership News 
Article Ve r z e i chni s de r Mas chinens t empe l und Ortswerbestempel Book Review 
Article The William H. Gross Collection, United States Classics 1847-1869 by William Gross Book Review 
Article Letters to the Editor Correspondence 
Article Letters to the Editor Correspondence 
Article Society Subscriptions for 2009 Notices - RPSL