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July-August 2009; Vol: 118 Iss: 1367
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UK : London
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1 Aug 2009
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Vol 118 Iss: 1367
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July-August 2009; Vol: 118 Iss: 1367 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Unissued Edward VIII Stamps of Australia PaperVestey, Samuel; Michael, John Nicholas ;
Article Forthcoming Meetings at No. 41 Notices - RPSL 
Article Falkland Islands 1938 Pictorial Issue PaperBelfield, Antony G
Article Accounts of Meetings: Season 2008-09 Meetings - RPSL 
Article Royal Philatelic Society London: Reports to AGM 25 June 2009 Officers Reports & AGM 
Article Exterior Redecoration to No. 41 Notices - RPSLTrotter, Brian J
Article RPSL Digitisation Programme Notices - RPSLMoorcroft, Alan Noel
Article Programme for 2009 - 2010 Notices - RPSL 
Article Royal Philatelic Society London Committees 2009-10 Notices - RPSL 
Article Announcement of New Members as Approved by Council Membership News 
Article Announcement of Membership Applications Membership News 
Article Deaths Membership News 
Article Resignations Membership News 
Article RPSL Reception at Swinpex Notices - RPSLMartin, John
Article Tasmanian Chalon Head Stamps with Ornamental Scrolls PaperShepherd, John
Article Catalogues Received Library 
Article Library News Library 
Article Die “Blumen”- Serie 2008 by Günter Albinger, published 2008 by Arbeitsgemeinshaft Forschung Deutsche Bundespost e.V Book Review 
Article The China Stamp Society, Inc., R.O.C. Chapter by The China Stamp Society, Inc., R.O.C. Chapter Book Review 
Article Costa Rica, Centenario de su primera emisión postal by Fred O’Neill G. Book Review 
Article Daqing Zhejiang Shiji Fengpiankao Cover research for Zhejiang's posted envelopes and postcards in the Qing dynasty by Yu-sheng Zhang Book Review 
Article Deutsche Postorte 1490-1920 by Günther Hass Book Review 
Article The dies and plates for Northern Rhodesia's first stamp issues and highlights of the collections of the Livingstone Museum by Alan Drysdall Book Review 
Article Hungarian Perfins, A Magyar Perfinek Katalógusa céglykasztások magyar bélyegeken by István Lente Book Review 
Article The impressed duty stamps of the British Colonial Empire by William A. Barber Book Review 
Article An Index to Colors in U.S. Postage by Tony Croce Book Review 
Article Japan etched stamps 1871-1876 [a collection shown at Jakarta 2008] by Shin-ichi Chiba Book Review 
Article Japanese Occupation in Southeast Asia, Stamps & Stationery by Masayoshi Tsuchiya Book Review 
Article Labuan: The Beginnings, & the ‘Crowns’ by Neville Watterson FRPSL in association with Betty Watterson FRPSL and Leslie Brueckheimer Book Review 
Article A New Look at the printing elements production of the 1850 Kreuzer and Centes Stamp Issues: A Handbook and Research Report, Types and Subtypes, Private Publication by István Kecsedy Book Review 
Article Peru cancellation handbook 1858-1873 by Erik A. Emsing Book Review 
Article The Return Post of the Danish Postal Service by Kurt Hansen Book Review 
Article Catalogue of the RP PAGATO and RR POSTE TS postmarks used to substitute franking by Antonio A. Piga Book Review 
Article R.S.I., The “fascetti” overstamp, tables, varieties, values, with a study if the ‘coprente’ effect on the red overstamp of prof. Carlo Cis R.S.I. by Antonio A. Piga Book Review 
Article War Tax Stamps of the British Empire First World War - The West Indies Meetings - RPSLWalton, Frank Leslie
Article Sierra Leone, The De La Rue Stamps 1859 to 1931. Book Review 
Article Stamps of the British Empire issued during the reign of King Edward VII Book Review 
Article XpoNAT, Part 4, Sverige, Lösenförsändelser fram till 1892, Sweden, Postage Due Mail before 1892 by Kersti Larsson Book Review 
Article XpoNAT, Part 5, Sverige, Kung Oscar II 1885- 1911, Sweden, King Oscar II 1885-1911 by Magnus Gartrup Book Review