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December 2012; Vol: 121 Iss: 1401
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1 Dec 2012
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Vol 121 Iss: 1401
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December 2012; Vol: 121 Iss: 1401 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Which was the First Magazine Devoted to Stamp Collecting? PaperBirch, Brian J
Article Romanian River Mail PaperHuxley, Timothy John
Article The Postal History of the Guttenberg Family, Jewish Refugees in the Second World War PaperTett, David
Article Office Administration System and Website Upgrade PaperJarvis, Stephen Peter
Article Static Displays at No. 41 PaperRoberts, Michael J
Article International Philatelic Literature Exhibition (IPHLA) 2012 Exhibition or ShowKing, Christopher Miles Bertram
Article Fellowship of the Royal Philatelic Society London Notices - RPSLTrotter, Brian J
Article Forthcoming Meetings at No. 41 Notices - RPSL 
Article Accounts of Meetings: Season 2011-12 Meetings - RPSLRay, John D
Article Accounts of Meetings: Season 2012-13 Meetings - RPSL 
Article Announcement of New Members as Approved by Council Membership News 
Article Announcement of Membership Applications Membership News 
Article Deaths Membership News 
Article News from the Regions Notices - RPSLKing, Christopher Miles Bertram
Article Jubilee of the Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888 Notices - GeneralKing, Christopher Miles Bertram
Article Library Secretary Retirement Notices - RPSLEarle, Christine A.
Article Disposal of Duplicate Periodicals Library 
Article Catalogues Received Library 
Article Letters to and from Bulawayo in 1890 by Alan Drysdall, Keith Harrop and Ian Johnstone Book Review 
Article United States Savings Stamps, The Postal & Treasury Savings Stamps of the United States by Harry K. Charles Jr Book Review 
Article Brevportot i Sverige 1747-1785, Meddelanden från Postmuseum nr 58; Letter rates in Sweden 1747-1785, Communications from the Postmuseum No. 58 by Lennart Ivarsson SSPD Book Review 
Article Historia del correo en Guatemala; History of the post in Guatemala by Lic Joaquín Flores España and Marco Polo Coronado Book Review 
Article La Filatelia en Guatemala; Philately in Guatemala 1871-2011, edited by Lic. Joaquín Flores España, and Lic. Nora Yolanda Letona Mejia Book Review 
Article Historia de la Telegrafía y Radiotelegrafiía en Guatemala; History of Telegraphy and Radiotelegraphy in Guatemala by Lic. Joaquín Flores España and Olga Zuleta de Gonzalez Book Review 
Article The Sower, a Common Little French Stamp by Ashley Lawrence FRPSL, editing and layout by Maurice Tyler Book Review 
Article Upravni koleki na slovenskih administrativnih ozemljih, Slovenska numizmatika VII; Administrative Revenues of Slovenia, Slovenian Numismatics VII by Zmago Jelincic Plemeniti Book Review 
Article Japanese Postal History of Official Compulsory Delivery for Lawsuit Documents by Kenzaburo Ikeda Book Review 
Article The International Reply Coupon which it released in Japan by Toshiyuki Shimizu Book Review 
Article The Creeke Index, Appreciations and Obituaries by Anthony Buck Creeke Jr, transcribed and edited by Brian J. Birch and Anne Drinkwater Book Review 
Article Filatelisticni Slovar, Slovensko, Anglesko, Francosko, Nemsko, Italijansko; Philatelic Glossary of Terms, Slovenian, English, French, German, Italian by Tone Simoncic Book Review 
Article Philatelic gems from Australia, New Zealand and the smaller Pacific Islands edited by David Alford FRPSL Book Review 
Article A Specialised Handbook and Catalogue of the Nautical Chart Map Stamps and Pigeon Post Stamps of Herm Island 1949-1959 by Jon Aitchison Book Review 
Article Channel Island Locals by Jon Aitchison, Edited by John Beardwood Marsden Book Review 
Article World of Hideo Mihira's collection: Japanese Occupation Stamps in Burma by Tamie Mihara Book Review 
Article The Tourist Sheets and Booklets of Japan by Ron Casey Book Review 
Article The Picture Postcards of Fiji by John Dear Book Review 
Article The London Philatelist Notices - RPSLWalton, Frank Leslie
Article Christmas Closure at No. 41 Notices - RPSLEarle, Christine A.
Article Forthcoming Meetings of the RPSL Notices - RPSL 
Article Forthcoming Philatelic Events Notices - General