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March 2013; Vol: 122 Iss: 1403
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1 Mar 2013
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Vol 122 Iss: 1403
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March 2013; Vol: 122 Iss: 1403 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Perkins Bacon Printing of GB Stamps PaperTreacey, Scott John; Granzow, Gary W. ;
Article Berlin 2013 Exhibition or ShowKing, Christopher Miles Bertram
Article Advance Notice of Dates of Meetings at No. 41 during 2013-14 Notices - RPSLWalton, Frank Leslie
Article Northern Nigeria: The Illo Canceller and Borgu Mail PaperHarris, Ray
Article Swaziland Philately to 1968 Papervan der Molen, P W; Higson, Andrew W; Kaupe, John W; Vissar, Andrew;
Article The Perkins Bacon Collection PaperEibl-Kaye, Geoffrey; Wills, John Bruce ;
Article Facsimile Editions of the Perkins Bacon Archive PaperWalton, Frank Leslie
Article The Treasury Roulette: Fact and Fiction PaperSimpson, Raymond C; Burgess, Timothy Bryan ;
Article Announcement of New Members as Approved by Council Membership News 
Article Announcement of Membership Applications Membership News 
Article Deaths Membership News 
Article Forthcoming Meetings at No. 41 Notices - RPSL 
Article Disposal of Duplicate Periodicals Library 
Article Donation Library 
Article CDs Received Library 
Article Catalogues Received Library 
Article Quel Magnifico Biennio 1859-1861; What a Magnificent Biennium 1859-1861 by Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi, Book Review 
Article Daguin, Un Homme, Une Machine, 1883-1960, 77 ans d'oblitérations; Daguin, One Man, One Machine, 1883-1960, 77 years of cancellations by René Geslin, Book Review 
Article Collecting and Exhibiting Picture Postcards by Seija-Riitta Laakso Book Review 
Article Brunswick Star cancels; A comprehensive study of the distinctive cancels used in Edinburgh 1863-1874 by Richard Arundel, edited by Russell Taylor and Howard Hughes Book Review 
Article The Winston M. Blount Postal History Symposia Select Papers 2010 - 2011 by Thomas Lera Book Review 
Article University Mails of Oxford and Cambridge 1490-1900 by David C. Sigee Book Review 
Article New Zealand Overseas Airmail Postage Rates 1930-2011 by Robin M. Startup, Book Review 
Article Afghanistan 1870-1900, a Specialised Catalogue by Robert Jack, Book Review 
Article Danish Øre Bicolor Issues: A Primer by Peter Bergh, edited by Sergio Lugo Book Review 
Article The tax stamps of Carinthia, handbook on the stamping of documents, playing cards, calendars and newspapers in Carinthia over a period of 1686 to 2002 by Carsten Mintert, Book Review 
Article The Industrielle Kriegs-wirtschaft Issue of Switzerland 1918-1919 by Michael Peter and Ralph Soderberg, Book Review 
Article Forthcoming Meetings of the RPSL Notices - RPSL 
Article Forthcoming Philatelic Events Notices - General