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July-August 2016; Vol: 125 Iss: 1437
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UK : London
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1 Aug 2016
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Vol 125 Iss: 1437
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July-August 2016; Vol: 125 Iss: 1437 (No adverts)
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Key Words 
Article Danish Settlements in India PaperDave, Markand; Dixit, PS ;
Article The Desert Camel Posts of the Ottoman Empire PaperMackey, Philip Godfrey
Article The Swedish Post Conveyance Conveyance of Danish Mail in February 1864 because of the German-Danish War PaperHughmark, Gordon; Bohn, Jeffrey ;
Article Turks and Caicos Islands – Message in A Bottle PaperPodger, D James
Article Announcement of New Members as Approved by Council Membership News 
Article Announcement of Membership and Associate Membership* Applications Membership News 
Article Deaths Membership News 
Article Vera Webster Membership NewsHarman, Christopher G
Article RPSL Representatives Membership NewsKing, Birthe
Article President's Dinner 2017 Notices - RPSLWalton, Frank Leslie
Article RPSL Committees Notices - RPSL 
Article Safe Deposit Boxes Notices - RPSL 
Article Her Majesty The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Notices - RPSL 
Article British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875 – Revised Edition Notices - RPSLSacher, S John
Article Fellowship of the Royal Philatelic Society London Notices - RPSLCockburn, Peter
Article Our Members Speak – Feedback from the Members Online Survey Notices - RPSLMaselis, Patrick V M J
Article Accounts of Meetings: Season 2015–16 Meetings - RPSLBailey, Mark William
Article RPSL Activities during the New York 2016 Exhibition Notices - RPSLWalton, Frank Leslie
Article Royal Philatelic Society London: Reports to the AGM 30 June 2016 Officers Reports & AGM 
Article Annual General Meeting –Thursday 30 June 2016 at 4.30 pm Officers Reports & AGM 
Article Report of an Extraordinary General Meeting Officers Reports & AGM 
Article Society Medals were presented to Membership News 
Article Library News Library 
Article RPSL Librarian: Nicola Davies Library 
Article Museum and Archives News Notices - RPSLCopley, Mark
Article Forthcoming Meetings at No. 41 Meetings - RPSL 
Article RPSL Programme of Session 2016–2017 Meetings - RPSL 
Article Forthcoming Regional Meetings of the RPSL Meetings - RPSL 
Article RPSL at EXPO CÓRDOBA, Argentina, 25 August 2016 Notices - RPSLSchlichter, Andrès Jorge
Article RPSL at Sindelfingen Fair, 27–29 October 2016 Notices - RPSLMichelson, Dietrich Wilhelm
Article 2016 Crawford Seminar: Digital Philately for Beginners Meetings - RPSL 
Article King George VI Collectors Society Meetings - Other Socs.Rennie, David
Article The Stuart Rossiter Memorial Lecture 2016 Notices - General 
Article Correction to SW Regional Meeting report Meetings - RPSL 
Article Forthcoming Philatelic Events Notices - General