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Engraving book (1828-1834)
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1828 to 1834
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Page Cover Page   
Page 10 Nov 1828 to 26 Nov 1828 Bridgnorth; Broseley; New Orleans; Hemel Hempsted (Hemel Hempstead); Wolverhampton; Hordern & Sons; Richards & Sons; Bungay; Framlingham; Gurney’s; Provincial Waterford; Chorley; Lancaster Banking Co; Lancaster Banking Co; Yarmouth; Gurney’s; Saffron Walden  
Page 28 Nov 1828 to 6 Dec 1828 Bank of Scotland; Stamp Die Ten Shillings; Bridgnorth Bank; Stamp Die Two Pence; Stamp Die Three Pence; Market Drayton; Stamp Die One Shilling; Stamp Die One Shilling and Six Pence; Stamp Die Two Shillings and Six Pence; Stamp Die Four Shillings; Woodbridge; Woodbridge; Birley & Kirks labels; Guernsey Banking Co; Lancaster Banking Co; Grotes; Provincial Sligo; New Orleans; St Peters Jersey; Grotes Shillings; Woodbridge; Woodbridge; Birley & Kirks labels; Guernsey Bank & Co; Lancaster Bank Co; Grotes; Provincial Sligo; New Orleans; St Peters Jersey; Grotes 
Page 15 Dec 1828 to 9 Jan 1828 Grotes; Wolverhampton; New Orleans; Wolverhampton London; Bill Head Peter Bunnell; Banbury Bank; Bridgnorth; Broseley; Jersey; Commercial Bank of Scotland; Mr Marshalls Card Plate; New Orleans; Provincial Kilkenny; Grotes; Peter Bunnell; Provincial Kilkenny; Bridgnorth; Broseley  
Page 8 Jan 1829 to 23 Jan 1829 Catecismo Uso de Los Globos Ackermans; Huddersfield Banking Co Bank of Manchester; Pinnock’s Our Saviour and The King; New Orleans; Card Plate Mrs Rawlins; Jersey Bank; Card Plate Mrs John D. Ward; Card Plate Mr & Mrs Wm Heath; Card Plate Mrs Williams Manchester; Boston; Liverpool Bank; Saddleworth Bank; Mavors Spelling Book; Provincial Londonderry; Pinnock’s Plutarch; Pinnock’s History of France; Card Plate Mrs Rawlins 2nd; Pinnock’s Historical Biographies  
Page 24 Jan 1829 to 13 Feb 1829 Lancaster Banking Co; Ace of Spades Hardy & Sons; Cumberland Union Banking Co; Provincial Armagh; Pinnock’s Geography; Pinnock’s English Grammar; Provincial Limerick; 2nd Card Plate Miller; Osy & Co Anvers; Ace of Spades Wrapper C; Brass Seals O & Co; Bank of Scotland; New Orleans; Mr Ackermans Uso de Los Globos ; Pinnock’s 1st Catechism; Shiffnal; Bank of Manchester; Pinnock’s Dr Goldsmith; Ace of Spades Wrapper D; New Orleans; Commercial Bank of Scotland  
Page 12 Feb 1829 to 6 Mar 1829 Bank of Manchester; Craven Bank; Pinnock’s History of England; Grotes; Bank of Manchester; Mr Woodbridge’s Maps; Pinnock’s Plates; Margin Die Cumberland Union Bank; Shiffnal Bank; Cumberland Union Banking Customers; Cumberland Union Banking Company; Provincial Tralee; Gurneys Yarmouth; Manchester Bank; Pinnock’s History of Rome  
Page 6 Mar 1829 to 1 Apr 1829 Bank of Manchester; Cumberland Union Banking Co; Card Plate Mr Charles Everett; Card Plate Mr George Trevor; Card Plate Jonah Smith; Bank of Manchester; Bank of Scotland; Bank of Manchester; Card Plate Mrs Frothingham; Bank of Manchester; Bank Plates Specimen; Bank Plates Specimen; Provincial Limerick; Provincial Clonmel; New Orleans; New Orleans; Drawing for Labels Mr J Rowland; Back Plate Specimen; Card Plate P & J S Crany & Co; Card Plate Mr Edward Loyd; Foreign Shares Plate South American  
Page 1 Apr 1829 to 20 Apr 1829 Jamaica Note; Limerick; Die for Labels Messrs Bach & Bradish New York Mr Rowland; New Orleans; Bradford Banking Co ; Aberdeen Montrose Mr Maberly’s; Aberdeen Montrose Mr Maberly’s; Aberdeen Maberly; Provincial Cork; Aberdeen; New Orleans; Provincial Limerick; South American Bond; Aberdeen & Montrose; Scarborough; James Hendries Labels Naples Soap Bears Grease Asiatic depilatory  
Page 21 Apr 1829 to 21 May 1829 Whitehaven; Provincial Cork; Whitehaven; Bank plate specimen; Provincial Ballina ; Margin Die Aberdeen; Centre Die Aberdeen; Three Labels Fisher & Toller; Isle of Man Bank; Bank specimen; Warrington & Newton Railway Company; Banbury Old Bank; Pinnock’s Catechism; Aberdeen & Montrose; Hendries Bears Grease label; Manchester Bank; Benjamin Heywood & Co; Herries; Aberdeen & Montrose  
Page 22 May 1829 to 20 Jun 1829 Bank Plate Isle of Man; Provincial Cork; States of Guernsey Fountain Street Bank; Warrington of Newton Railway Company; Craven Bank; Manchester Bank Berry Haywood & Co; Union District Bank Manchester; Isle of Man J Wulff & Co; Card Plate Samuel Talbots; Warrington of Newton Railway Company; Die Extract Double Hendrie; Stourbridge Old Bank; Provincial Armagh; Provincial Athlone; Die Hendries Naples Soap; Provincial Athlone; Londonderry Provincial; Die Arms of Crest Boars Head  
Page 17 Jun 1829 to 10 Jul 1829 Pinnock’s Catechism of Geometry; Birmingham Bank; Marylebone of Finchley Road; Birmingham Bill; Engraving for Sir Claude Scotts; Brazilian Loan Plate; Saddleworth Bill; George Wildes & Co; Herefordshire; Sandwich Bank; Provincial Deposit Clonmel; Harvey of Hudsons Norwich; Provincial Londonderry; George Wildes & Co; Brazilian Loan Plate; Provincial Clonmel; Herefordshire; Die Horrockses Labels; Leicester of Leicestershire  
Page 11 Jul 1829 to 7 Aug 1829 Railway Bank of Manchester; Marks Grotes; Label Hendries Old Brown Windsor Soap; Sandwich; Provincial Kilkenny; Holdsworth Labels; Gurneys Cheque Plates Yarmouth & Beccles; Hendries Labels; Hendries Labels Naples Soap; Herefordshire; Rowland Labels New York; Mayors Frontispiece; Herefordshire; Harvey of Hudsons Bungay; Mark to Banbury; Horrockses Labels; General Bill Plate; Birmingham Bill Plate; Herefordshire Bank; Sir Claude Scott  
Page 8 Aug 1829 to 8 Sep 1829 Bank of Manchester; Fountain Street Guernsey; Hereford; Rowlands Oil Hatton Garden; Provincial Tralee; Glasshouses; Stone Bank; Cumberland lemon; Glamorganshire; Horrockses Labels; Hemel Hempstead; Stone Bank; M W J Horn; Sanderson Brothers Sheffield; Sunderland Bank; Hendries Asiatic Depilatory  
Page 5 Sep 1829 to 9 Oct 1829 Rowlands Macassar Oil Labels; Mrs Groom; Mr E D Colvill; Glamorganshire; Woodbridge; Woodbridge; Herries; Sir Claude Scott; Sanderson Brothers; Specimen Stamp Die; Sunderland Bank; Birmingham Bank Company; Bill Plate Birmingham Bank Company; Birmingham; Glamorganshire; Sunderland Bank; Ross of Aichenfield; Hereford Ross  
Page 9 Oct 1829 to 30 Oct 1829 Pleasures of Hope & Gertrude; Ace of Spades Reynolds & Sons; Mavors Spelling Book; Grotes; Herries; Astronomia; Birmingham Bank; Provincial Waterford; St Peters Jersey; School Henry Haywood Wantage; Herefordshire Bank; Mr Perkins’s Commission Tickets; Gurneys Cheque Yarmouth; Labels Hendries Balsamic Vegetable Soap; Folker Brighton; Fourbrisian & Co  
Page 2 Nov 1829 to 1 Dec 1829 Phillipps Manchester; Holdworths Labels; Ripon of Knaresborough; Hunt & Co Bristol; Boston Bill Plate; Southwold ; St Peters Jersey; Grotes ; Rickets Bristol; Provincial Wexford Waterford Coleraine Tralee Athlone Londonderry Kilkenny; Hammond Turner & Sons; Hereford Ross of Aichenfield; Ricketts & Co Bristol; Knaresborough Bank  
Page 1 Dec 1829 to 22 Dec 1829 Ricketts & Company Bristol; Rowlands Label; Herries; Mr Vale; Provincial Galway; Nottingham; Seals Provincial Bank of Ireland; Arms of America Shew Board, Mr Rogers; Shew Board Mr Rogers Sheffield; Provincial Galway; Provincial Cork; Holdsworth Labels; Manchester Bank; Ace of Spades Hardy & Sons; Cypher Herries; Arms of America Mr Roger’s Shop; Provincial Waterford; Frontispiece Mavors Spelling Book  
Page 22 Dec 1829 to 9 Jan 1829 Ross of Aichenfield; Herries; Henry L Cooper; Sheffield Bank; J Rodgers & Sons Sheffield; Ricketts & Co of Bristol; Nottingham; Williamson & Garrads 1830; W Cooper; Henry L Cooper; Williamson & Garrads; Birmingham Bank; Sharples & Eston Hitchen; Water Mark for Hindostan Notes; Caution Rogers & Sons; Mr Hayes; Heywoods Manchester Bank  
Page 9 Jan 1830 to 4 Feb 1830 Roger’s Sheffield Bank; Banco do Brazil; Hindostan Paper; Bank of Hindostan; Coopers Commission Tickets; Birmingham ; Wm. Inglis & Co; Banco do Brazil; Banco do Brazil; Banco do Brazil; Harveys & Hudsons Norwich; Glamorganshire Bank; Bank of Hindostan; Birmingham Bank Co; Herries; Cooper; Mrs Sanderson; Bank of Manchester  
Page 5 Feb 1830 to 22 Feb 1830 Birmingham Banking Co.; Knaresborough Old Bank; 1d plate Sanderson & Watson; Derwent Bank Van Diemen’s Land; Provincial Three Wexford; Cooper; Bank of Manchester ; Bank of Hindostan ten silver rupees; Pontypool Bank; Bank of Brazil; 10 Rupees Bank of Hindostan; 25 Rs Bank of Hindostan; Bank of Brazil; Die Patent Pen Knives Rogers & Sons Sheffield; Bank of Brazil  
Page 26 Feb 1830 to 21 Mar 1830 York City & County Banking Co. Five Pounds; 1d plate Messrs L. Cooper; Rogers & Sons; Knaresborough; Pontypool Five Pounds; Dr Dowling; Knaresborough Bills; Bank of Hindostan 25 silver rupees; Mr. Hayes's Bill of sale; Several Provincial plates; Union Bank Calcutta; Bank of Bengal 25 silver rupees; Bank of Hindostan 25 silver rupees; Water marks of the Union Bank notes (numerals); Ross of Aichenfield Five; Bank of Manchester Post Bill; Houldesworths Labels ; Dies for the centre Bank of Hindostan  
Page 2 Apr 1830 to 23 Apr 1830 Bank of Manchester £100; Carlisle Commercial Bank; Bill Plate London; Large Device Messrs Rodgers Show Board ; Bank of Hindostan Native Characters; Mr. Hendries Superfine Windsor Soap; Bank of Manchester £500; Bank of Manchester £20; Bank of Brazil; Bank of Brazil; Ross of Aichenfield Five; Bank of Brazil; Bank of Manchester £1000  
Page 27 Apr 1830 to 13 May 1830 Bank of Brazil; Bank of Brazil; Arms of Derwent Bank; Bank of Bengal; Bank of Brazil; Bank of Hindostan Four; Pontypool Bank Ten; Jersey Bank; Label gassed; Bank of Brazil; Messrs Rogers; 2nd centre die Bank of Bengal; Denomination dies Bank of Bengal; Derwent Bank One; Miss Anne Pye Mr Henry Todd  
Page 13 May 1830 to 6 Jul 1830 J Gurneys Yarmouth ; Jersey (copper) One; Centre die Bank of Hindostan Smaller denominations; Madras Government Bank Fifty rupees; Bank of Hindostan; Bank of Hindostan Four; Belfast Bank thirty shillings; National Bank one; Derwent Bank Five; Heading Rogers Show Board; Bank of Hindostan Four Eight Ten Sixteen; Madras Government Bank; Belfast Bank One; Messrs Gurneys Yarmouth  
Page 6 Jul 1830 to 24 Jul 1830 Bank of Hindostan; Bank of Hindostan 25 silver rupees; Bank of Hindostan 50 rupees; Bank of Bengal; Nantwich; Mr Houldsworth Lace thread price list; Messrs Sanderson & Watsons; Messrs Roger's Show Board; William Williams’ card to Williams & Co; Bank of Hindostan 100 rupees; Bank of Bengal 10 rupees; Pinnocks Catechism of Arithmetic; Bank of Hindostan 250 rupees; Bank of Hindostan 500 rupees; Bank of Hindostan 1000 rupees; Houldsworth’s Lace thread  
Page 23 Jul 1830 to 13 Aug 1830 Union Bank Calcutta; Union Bank Calcutta; Bank of Bengal Fifty; Bank of Bengal Twenty; Bank of Bengal Twenty Five; Bradford Banking Company; Union Bank of Calcutta; 2 card plates Mr & Mrs Bulb; Glasgow Bank Company five; Belfast Bank; Bank of Bengal 100 Rs; Bank of Bengal 250 Rs; Knaresborough Five; Knaresborough; Bank of Bengal 1000; Bank of Bengal 500; Azores Rs 300; Manchester Bill Holford & Co; Rowland Labels; Azores Rs 1$200; Azores Rs 600; Azores Rs 2$400; Titles to 2 plates keepsake Virginia Water 
Page 14 Aug 1830 to 1 Sep 1830 Guernsey Banking Co (London Bankers); Belfast Banking Co; Three Dog labels Belfast Banking Co One Pound; Bradford Bank & Co £20; John Holford, Manchester; Gurneys Yarmouth; Gurneys Hailesworth; Rowland Label; Pinnock’s Catechism English Law; Herries; Bradford Banking Co £50; Belfast Banking Co one Pound; Centre dies Union Bank Calcutta; Bradford Banking Co £100; Fry's Cocoa Label  
Page 2 Sep 1830 to 29 Sep 1830 Madras Government Bank; Mr and Mrs Copeland; Acores $300; Van Diemen’s Land £20 ; Numerals Union; Herries ; Hendries Label Bouquet du Roi; National Bank of Scotland one Pound; Mavors frontispiece to Spelling Book; Gurneys Saxmundham, Bungay and Framlingham; Hunt & Co Bristol ; Union Bank Calcutta Eight; Publication of Rob Roy; Alliance Marine Assurance; Union Bank of Calcutta ten; Publication Rob Roy  
Page 30 Sep 1830 to 21 Oct 1830 Union Bank Calcutta Sixteen; Publication of Keepsake, Adelaide; Grotes; Keepsake, The Orphan Boy; Keepsake, The Knight & the Lady; Hendries Label, Bouquet de la Reine; Birmingham Banking Company; Provincial £50 (Cork Waterford Limerick); Sunderland; Union Bank Twenty; Union Bank Twenty Five; Messrs Capper; Mr J B Holt; Lancaster Banking Company; Cardiff & Merthyr Bank; Messrs Capper; Union Bank Fifty; Birmingham Banking Company  
Page 21 Oct 1830 to 27 Nov 1830 Alliance Marine ; Union Bank One Hundred; Invoice plate copper; Mauritius Bank Ten; Invoice plate copper; Union bank Two Hundred and Fifty; Publications Rob Roy; Union Bank Five Hundred; Union Bank One Thousand; Glasgow Bank Five ; Card plate Mr R B Storer ; Card plate Mrs Hafworth ; Dowlais ; Union Bank Calcutta; Card plate Mr Seymour Heath; Frontispiece Mavor ; Glasgow Banking Company One; Belfast Banking Company 25/-; Dowlais ; Bank of Scotland One  
Page 27 Nov 1830 to 14 Dec 1830 Morrison & Co; Morrison & Co; Banbury Old Bank; Birmingham ; Hastings Old Bank Five and Ten; Publication Pinnock’s Linneus; Birmingham Banking Co.; Rodgers Sheffield; Mauritius Ten Dollars; Provincial Limerick 30/-; National Bank of Scotland Five; Sir Claude Scott cheques; Mauritius Fifteen Dollars; Provincial Ten Kilkenny; Glasgow One Pound; Roller Glasgow One Pound; Lancaster Banking Company; Ace of Spades steel plate Goodall ; Home Bill Morrison & Co  
Page 17 Dec 1830 to 5 Jan 1830 Mauritius Twenty Dollars; Glasgow Bank Co One; Mutual Insurance cheque; Thames Ship Building Company; Provincial Twenty Wexford ; Prescott Grotes & Co; Ace of Spades exportation ; Grotes ; Grotes Freemasons ; Birmingham Banking Company Wolverhampton ; Bank of Manchester ; Lancaster Banking Company Dolphinholme Leeds; Birmingham Banking Company ; Glasgow Banking Company Twenty & One Hundred; Manchester ; Provincial Twenty Armagh ; Mauritius 100 Dollars; Provincial one Ballina  
Page 11 Jan 1831 to 1 Feb 1831 Sir Claude Scotts cheques; Glasgow One; Grotes ; Provincial One Waterford; Boars Head labels; Arms labels; Commercial Bank One ; Oval Seal Provincial Bank; Provincial Fifty Wexford ; Herries; Mauritius Ten; Glasgow One; Madras Government Bank; Manchester Fire Policy; Mavor’s frontispiece; New Brunswick Five; James Giles; Lutterworth Five ; Lutterworth Ten; Guernsey ; Card plates Reverend William Hunt & Mrs Hunt  
Page 25 Feb 1831 to 26 Mar 1831 Gurneys Beccles Eye Yarmouth Haileston ; John Rodgers & Sons cutlers Sheffield; George Robins patentee of the Royal filter ; Provincial Fifty Wexford Clonmel; Card plate Mrs J B Nott ; Card plates Sutherlands ; Provincial Twenty’s Kilkenny Londonderry Galway; Sir Claude Scotts ; Swaffham ; Sutherland Brothers Cape of Good Hope copper; Leicester & Leicestershire £20; Card plate Mr Mrs Cooper; Provincial Ten Athlone ; Provincial Ten Ballina ; Provincial Twenty Ballina  
Page 22 Mar 1831 to 27 Apr 1831 Northern Banking Company Twenty-five shillings; Mr Hendries palm soap; Liverpool bank; Commercial Bank of Scotland One Pound; Wolverhampton ; Ace of Spades Exportation Hardy & Sons; J A Dickson (Rowland); Phillips & Lees; Card plate Mr E Littell ; Card plate Mrs Hy Garrard ; Liverpool bank; Liverpool bank; Liverpool bank; Liverpool bank; Card plate Mrs Lazenby; Card plate Mr Mrs Sidney Warwick ; Card plate Mrs Lazenby; W & C Rogers Hull  
Page 22 Apr 1831 to 21 May 1831 Wolverhampton bank; Bank of Liverpool; Bank of Liverpool; Bank of Liverpool; Bank of Liverpool; Cards William Lazenby; Card plate Ricketts & Co Bristol; Arms Polish loan; Sheffield Banking Co ; Sheffield Banking Co ; Sheffield Banking Co ; Card plate J Rodgers & Sons; J Rodgers & Sons; Madras note plates Ten in number; Hoidon & Sons Wolverhampton Bank; Arms Polish loans; Mrs Lazenby; Glasgow Bank ; Saddleworth Five Buckleys; Saddleworth Buckleys; Card plates Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheffield; Bill of lading to C & C J Everitt 
Page 23 May 1831 to 20 Jun 1831 Polish loan ; West Bromwich; Northern Banking Company Twenty-five shillings; Glasgow Banking Company One Hundred Pounds; Sheffield Banking Company; Sheffield Banking Company; Sheffield Banking Company; Provincial Youghal; Provincial Youghal; Provincial Youghal; Vignette Saddleworth ; Commercial Bank Scotland; Martin & Hartwrights label ; Prussian note plates Fuenf Hundert Ein Tausend; Bills of Exchange Colombo; Board Head Arms; Liverpool Bank ; Oxford Bank Five & Ten ; Oxford Bank Twenty  
Page 20 Jun 1831 to 1 Aug 1831 Exeter Bank £5; Boars Head labels; Provincial Newry to Youghal ; Card plates Mr & Mrs Perkins ; Sir Claude Scotts ; Glasgow One Pound; Large Boars Head labels; Herries ; Provincial One Youghal; Provincial Thirty Shillings Youghal; Provincial Five Pounds Youghal; Bradford ; Thetford ; Card plate Mr Childs; Card plate Mr Baron ; Sheffield Banking Company; Phillips & Lees labels; Gurneys cheque Great Yarmouth; Sutherland Brothers; Provincial Ten Youghal ; Provincial Three Youghal  
Page 19 Jul 1831 to 19 Aug 1831 Mauritius; Birley & Kirks label; Sheffield Banking Company; Grotes ; Manchester Post Two Hundred ; Inscription Keepsake Plate Dressing for the Ball; Bill of Lading ; Ledbury Five Pounds ; Bently, Pauson & Co ; Ledbury Five Pounds (local) ; Saffron Walden Five; Provincial Twenty Youghal ; Wolverhampton ; Mr Hendries label purified almond soap; Mr Hendries label Superfine hair powder ; Provincial ; Manchester Post Sixty  
Page 19 Aug 1831 to 15 Sep 1831 Captain C. S. Evans; Knaresborough cheque; Sheffield Banking Company ; Dr. J. Martins; Provincial One Belfast; Saffron Walden; Australian Bank; Sir Claude Scott’s cheque ; Mr & Mrs. Rudale; Provisional Limerick; Dies for Ace of Spades De la Rue & Co.; Provincial Limerick ; Provincial Limerick ; Boston ; Bank of Manchester; Card plate Mr. Geo. F. Wise; Rowlands Macassar labels; Pinnock’s ; Provincial Bank Enniskillen  
Page 21 Sep 1831 to 13 Oct 1831 Manchester Post Bill; Bostons; Manchester Post Bill; Dr. Millar; Portuguese Loan; Provincial Enniskillen; Mexican Loan; Saffron Walden; Keepsake Caroline Dommerel; Portuguese Loan; Portuguese Loan ; Bank of Manchester; Knaresborough Bank; Provincial Enniskillen; S. S. Folker; Razor Case label Rodgers & Sons ; Bank of Australia; Bank of Australia  
Page 15 Oct 1831 to 3 Nov 1831 S. S. Folker; Miller; Miller; Mr Hendrie British Point Plaister ; Provincial Enniskillen; Portuguese Loan ; Mexican Loan; Provincial Enniskillen; Provincial Sligo; Portuguese Loan Bank; Lancaster Banking Company; Grotes; Glamorganshire ; Mr. Joseph Fowler; Razor Case label Rogers & Sons Sheffield; Guernsey; Wolverhampton; Portuguese Loan; Mogul or Real Chetna Thomas Wyatt & Co.  
Page 8 Nov 1831 to 10 Dec 1831 Poole & Ringwood; Portuguese Loan Bank; Australian ; Inscription of Silver Box; Grotes ; Darlington Joint Stock Banking Company; Plymouth & Devonport Banking Company; Bank of Manchester; Razor Case label, Joseph Rodgers & Sons; Sir Claude Scott; Darlington Joint Stock Banking Company; Dundee Union Bank; Stamford and Spalding ; Darlington, ; Stamford & Spalding and Plymouth & Devonport ; Stamford & Spalding; Wolverhampton ; Wolverhampton Bill on Williams & Co.  
Page 10 Dec 1831 to 21 Jan 1831 Stamford ; Darlington ; Stamford and Spalding ; Darlington; Darlington; Plymouth & Devonport; Plymouth & Devonport; Plymouth & Devonport; Plymouth & Devonport; Plymouth & Devonport; Stamford and Spalding; Wolverhampton & Staffordshire; Stamford and Spalding; Stamford and Spalding; Gurneys Beccles; Gurneys Yarmouth ; Earl of Aboyne ; Manchester ; W J Allen; Whitby to Sunderland  
Page 19 Jan 1832 to 6 Feb 1832 Hull; Earl of Aboyne; Barnsley; Stamford and Spalding Banking Company; Stamford and Spalding Banking Company; Plymouth & Devonport Bank; Stamford and Spalding; Barnsley; Barnsley; Mr & Mrs. Clayton; New York Packets; Wolverhampton to Newport, Shropshire; Ace of Spades Reynolds & Sons; Barnsley; Barnsley; Provincial Enniskillen to Wexford  
Page 6 Feb 1832 to 22 Feb 1832 Barnsley; Plymouth & Devonport ; Mrs & MIss Heath; Dr. Millar ; Mrs. Corbett; W. J. C. Dyer ; Provincial Athlone to Monaghan; Indemnity Mutual Assurance Company; Boston ; Provincial Monaghan; Provincial Monaghan; Birmingham Banking Company; Lancaster Banking Company; Bradford; New York Packet  
Page 24 Feb 1832 to 10 Mar 1832 Barnsley ; Plymouth & Devonport ; Boston ; Morriston near Swansea; Card plate New York Packet; Card plate Ontario Packet; Card plate Hudson Packet; Banbury; Morriston near Swansea; Lancaster Banking Company; Card Plate New York Packet Columbia; James Elnathan Smith; Berlin; National Bank of Scotland; Bills of Exchange & Corporation Seals National Bank ; Bengal  
Page 12 Mar 1832 to 26 Mar 1832 Card plate New York Packet, Sovereign; Commercial Bank of Scotland; National Bank; Morriston ; Provincial Enniskillen; Provincial Armagh; Bill Plate Joseph Rodgers & Sons; Morriston near Swansea; Commercial Bank of Scotland; New York Packet, Hannibal; Bengal; William Williams & Co.; Commercial Bank of Scotland  
Page 27 Mar 1832 to 19 Apr 1832 Sir Claude Scott; National Bank Scotland; Herries; Card plate London & Birmingham Rail Way; London & Birmingham Rail Way; Card Plate Wm. Williams & Co.; Dundee Union Bank; New York Packet; Yarmouth; Williams of Liverpool; Darlington ; Yarmouth; National Bank ; Williams & Co; Darlington; Bank of Scotland; Coopers  
Page 19 Apr 1832 to 7 May 1832 National bank One; Dundee Union Bank One; Commercial Bank Scotland One Pound; Newcastle Bank One Pound; Grotes Cheques; Williams & Co; Exhibition Ticket W Brickwood; Card Plates Mr & Mrs Ryde; Provincial Cheques to Monaghan; Provincial 25 shillings Belfast; Commercial Bank of Scotland One; National Bank Scotland; Card plate New York Packet Presidents ; Hutton & Lepines ; Provincial 25/- Belfast  
Page 12 May 1832 to 9 Jun 1832 Exhibition Ticket Mr Brickwood; Die Essence of Peppermint Bristow Edmonds & Co; Facsimile plate Martin & Hartwright; Sir Claude Scott; Facsimile in a die Martin & Hartwright; Card plate Mr John Galsworthy; Provincial 25/- Armagh; Provincial one Pound Athlone; Writing to 2 Views Wales; Card plate Mr J.E. Worcester ; Bristow Edmonds & Co; Rowland Macassar; National Bank of Scotland; Williams Liverpool; 2 card plates Mrs Henry and Mr Joseph Walker; Herries ; National Bank of Scotland  
Page 12 Jun 1832 to 25 Jun 1832 Davison Simmons & Co; Commercial Bank of Scotland; Dundee Union Bank One; Ontario & Hudson ; New York Packet Co Philadelphia; Reform Dinner Ticket; Provincial 30/- Limerick; Commercial Bank Scotland one Pound; Mr King of Cork; Commercial Bank One Pound; Wm Williams & Co; Dundee Union Bank; Kingsbride ; Bank of Scotland One; J H Rudale; W King of Cork  
Page 29 Jun 1832 to 31 Aug 1832 Martin & Hartwright; Provincial 25/- Enniskillen; Provincial 25/- Londonderry; Rowlands Macassar oil; Provincial 25/- Coleraine; Provincial One Youghal; National Bank Scotland one; Commercial Bank Scotland one; Bank of Liverpool; Corporation Seal St James & St Paul’s Gloucestershire; Dundee Union Bank; Jamaica One Pound; St Marylebone Workhouse; Jamaica Two Pounds; Single Label Perfumed Almond Soap; Hendries Plate; George Ridings Cork  
Page 2 Aug 1832 to 23 Aug 1832 3 labels Mr Hendries ; Gold Beaters Show ; Cold Cream of Roses; Yarmouth & Suffolk Bank Five; Charles Meeking; Jamaica Three Pounds; German Plate Ein Hundred ; Charles Meeking ; George Ridings; Bank of Scotland One; Merthyr Bank; Merthyr Bank Five Pounds; National Bank One; Commercial Bank One; Letter plate Guest Lewis & Co; National Bank One; Wolverhampton Bill to Newport; Charles Meeking; British Linen Company One Pound  
Page 26 Aug 1832 to 24 Sep 1832 Sandwich Cheques; Grotes Cheques; Charles Meeking; British Linen Company One Pound; Mr & Mrs Rawling; Provincial One; Liverpool Bill Fletcher ; Bank of Liverpool; Facsimile plate Guest Lewis & Co; Grotes ; Charles Meeking; Birmingham; Provincial Credit Athlone; Stamford & Spalding Bank Stamford; Stamford & Spalding Bank Spalding; Wrexham Bank One Pound to Five; Wrexham Bank Five Pounds  
Page 26 Sep 1832 to 14 Nov 1832 Card plate Dr Millar; Provincial Credit Waterford; Australian 20 Pounds; Belfast Banking Company 30/-; Shiffnal Five Pounds; Belfast Banking Company 35/-; Belfast Banking Company One Pound; Grotes Cheques; Card plate Mrs Pickersgill; Shiffnal Bank Five; George Wildes & Co; Provincial Deposit Blank; Provincial Deposit Clonmel; Australian Five Pounds; Stamford Cheque to Oundle; Australian Ten Pounds; Dundee Union Bank Five; Card plate Elnathan Smith ; Provincial 30/- Clonmel; Dundee Union Bank Five; Writing Théresa (Beauties) 
Page 17 Nov 1832 to 22 Dec 1832 Provincial Sligo; Provincial Limerick; Writing to 8 block plates Sir Walter Scott Novels; 13 thin plates and also the frontispiece Sir Walter Scott’s Novels ; Sheffield Banking Co; Dundee Union Bank Five Pounds; Leith Banking Company One Pound; Portuguese Loan Bank; Provincial One Enniskillen; Provincial Ten Monaghan; Provisional Cheque plates Youghal and Belfast; Card Plate Mr J B Nott; Bill Plate Leaf Hitchcock & Co; Provincial 30/- Enniskillen; Stove plate Mr Nott  
Page 29 Dec 1832 to 7 Feb 1832 Provincial Cheque Plates Cork Galway Athlone; Mr Notts Stove Plate; Plymouth & Devonport Cheques Kingsbridge to Devonport; Mavors Spelling Book plates; Rowlands Labels; Cumberland Union ; Dundee Union ; Leaf Hitchcock & Co; Dundee Union Rec.; Norwich Crown ; Canton (China) ; Sir Claude Scott ; Die for the American Line of Packets Card Plates; Sandwich ; Birmingham ; Hastings Five & Ten  
Page 4 Feb 1833 to 12 Mar 1833 National Bank One; Publications Pinnock’s Catechisms; Canton China ; Wetmore & Co; Tweed Bank; National Bank One ; One Dollar Die A.P.; Godley Bank Chertsey Five; Address Mr Notts Card Plates; Bradford Commercial Joint Stock Bank Five Pound Ten Pounds; Godley Bank Five; Bradford Banking Company Five; Joseph Rogers & Sons; Saddleworth Banking Coy Five; Hemel Hempsted Ten (Hemel Hempstead); Bradford Commercial TEN  
Page 13 Mar 1833 to 10 Apr 1833 Fish Sauce label Elizabeth Lazenby; Stamford & Spalding; Earl of Aboyne; Saddleworth Banking Company; Giles; Saddleworth Banking Company; Harveys Fish Sauce label Elizabeth Lazenby; Bradford Commercial Banking Company; H. B. & Co Paris ; Vignette Die Godley Bank Chertsey; Earl of Aboyne Simive Hungerford Lymm ; Commercial Bank of Scotland; Bank of Scotland  
Page 12 Apr 1833 to 27 Apr 1833 Saddleworth Banking Company; Mr Hendry’s label; Harveys & Hudsons; Hastings ; York Union Bank; Wolverhampton and Staffordshire bank ; Liverpool Williams ; York Union Banking Company; Duglass ; Knaresborough ; Wolverhampton and Staffordshire ; Australian and South Africa Banking Company; Godley Bank ; Evans’s label ; Card Plate JK Webster; McCalmont & Co  
Page 29 Apr 1833 to 15 May 1833 York Union Banking Company; Mr & Mrs Claypon ; Boston Bank; York Union Bank ; Royal Australasian & South African Bank ; Glyn, Halifax & Co ; Commercial Bank Scotland ; Bank of Scotland ; Rodgers & Sons Table knives & forks; York Union Banking Company ; Royal Bank of Australasia and South Africa; Provincial Coleraine Banbridge; Provincial Banbridge  
Page 13 May 1833 to 1 Jun 1833 Provincial Banbridge; Reverend Edward Davies; Mrs Edward Davies; Mr R Wilson; Provincial Banbridge; Claypon’s Boston ; Darlington ; Wolverhampton ; Pigou & Wilks Gun Powder label ; Mrs Henry L Webb; Wolverhampton ; Commercial Bank of Scotland ; Wolverhampton & Staffordshire ; Bank of Westmoreland ; Label J Rodgers & Sons Table knives forks; Label J Rodgers & Sons dessert knives forks; Label J Rodgers & Sons carving knives forks  
Page 30 May 1833 to 13 Jun 1833 Lincoln & Lindsey Banking Company; Lincoln & Lindsey Banking Company; Bank of Scotland ; Bank of Westmoreland ; Thomas Wilson & Co; York Union Bank ; Pigou & Wilks Dartford gun powder ; York Union Banking Company; York Union Banking Company; York Union Banking Company; Nicholson Hoole & Co; Wolverhampton and Staffordshire ; Wolverehampton; York; York ; Saddleworth Bank  
Page 11 Jun 1833 to 12 Jul 1833 William Padhunter; Mr Hutton Chaytor; Joseph Rodgers & Sons; Bank of Westmorland; Saddleworth Banking Company; York Union ; Nicholson Hoole & Co ; Joseph Rodgers & Sons; Hastings Old Bank ; Joseph Rodgers & Sons; Provincial Ballina Ballymena; Provincial Ballymena; Provincial Ballymena; Profile Reverend Robert Hall ; Bank of Huddersfield ; Maine Bathe & Reed; Maine Bathe & Reed; Mrs & Miss Hamilton; Provincial Ballymena; Lincoln & Lindsey  
Page 5 Jul 1833 to 6 Aug 1833 Lincoln and Lindsey ; W. Kenrick ; Lincoln & Lindsey ; Provincial Banbridge; Commercial Bank Scotland ; Cathedral Lincoln; Lincoln & Lindsey ; The Firm of the Oxford ; Hastings; Ornaments Wrexham; Indemnity Mutual Marine Insurance; Bank of Huddersfield; Lincoln & Lindsey ; Bill of lading to Dr & Mrs McFarlane ; Sheffield Banking Company ; Firm of the Oxford ; Lincoln & Lindsey ; Lincoln & Lindsey Cathedral; Northern Banking Company; Portuguese loan plate; J L & J Turnbull Ace of Spades  
Page 10 Aug 1833 to 11 Sep 1833 Provincial Banbridge; Lincoln & Lindsey ; Boston Bank ; Northern Banking Company; Wolverhampton ; Sheffield Banking Company ; Provincial Coleraine; Boston Bank ; Hastings Old Bank ; Mr & Mrs Kaye; Mr & Mrs Rawlings; Keepsake; Fry’s & Co; Shiffnale ; Bradford; Wolverhampton; Ace of Spaces J L & J Turnbull; Provincial Belfast; Bank of Huddersfield; Provincial Monaghan; Mr & Mrs Burdekin ; Mr Roempke  
Page 28 Aug 1833 to 20 Sep 1833 Provincial Kilkenny; Bank Manchester ; Frys & Co.; Carlisle; Bank of Manchester ; Wolverhampton & Staffordshire ; Holyoake’s Wolverhampton Bank ; Provincial Bank of England ; Thread lace price list Holdsworth Manchester; Herries; Guernsey; Leeds Banking Company; Wolverhampton & Staffordshire ; Wolverhampton & Staffordshire ; Saddleworth Banking Company; Pigou & Wilks gun powder label ; Provincial Ballymena  
Page 20 Sep 1833 to 9 Oct 1833 Wolverhampton & Staffordshire ; Devon & Cornwall Banking Company; Devon & Cornwall Banking Company; Mr David Buck ; Mrs Charles D Buck ; Miss R C Buck; Wolverhampton & Staffordshire ; Wolverhampton Bank (Holyoakes & Sons); Hull Banking Co ; Ace of spades Goodall; Provincial Monaghan; Provincial Ballymena; Sir Claude Scott’s Watching Grosvenor Place; York Union Banking Company; Devon & Cornwall Banking Company ; Bank of Manchester Newtown branch  
Page 10 Oct 1833 to 6 Nov 1833 Spalding; Mrs Stacy Wise; Saddleworth Bank; Lancaster Banking Company; Bentley & Pawsons; Cornish and the Plymouth Arms; Portuguese Loans Back; Belfast Banking Company; Bank Lancaster; Oak Tree, Wolverhampton; Wolverhampton & Staffordshire; National Provincial Bank of England; Saddleworth Banking Company W Borrow; Vignette Plymouth ; Holyoakes Wolverhampton; Devon & Cornwall; Devon & Cornwall; Leeds Banking Company  
Page 7 Nov 1833 to 22 Nov 1833 Belfast Banking Company; Carlisle Commercial Bank; Portuguese Loan Back; High Bailiff of Birmingham; Stone Bank; Bill of Lading William Inglis & Co; Plymouth & Devonport; Bank of Manchester; Lincoln & Lindsay Banking Company Louth Branch Gainsborough ; Lancaster Plymouth; Plymouth Note; William Allen & Co; Cumberland Union Banking Company ; Fenton & Fielder; Wolverhampton Bank Lancaster Banking Company; Cumberland Union Banking Company  
Page 19 Nov 1833 to 3 Dec 1833 Provincial Bank Ireland; Hope’s Bank of Liverpool; Mr Hoole & Mrs Hoole; Spalding; Stone Bank; French Note Plate ; Mr B Claypon; Lincoln & Lindsay Banking Company; Bradford Banking Company; Limerick Provincial; Cumberland Union Banking Company; Bradford Bank ; Devon & Cornwall Bank; Lancaster Bank; National Provincial Bank of England; Devon & Cornwall Bank Totnes Branch; Thompson Lancaster  
Page 4 Dec 1833 to 3 Jan 1833 Ross of Aikenfield; J M Heath; Provincial Parsonstown; Chesterfield; Provincial Coleraine; Parsonstown; Holyoakes Wolverhampton ; Devon & Cornwall Banking Company; Oxford; Provincial Ballina to Parsonstown; Chesterfield & Derbyshire Banking Company; Lincoln & Lindsay Gainsborough; Leeds Banking Company; Devon & Cornwall Banking Company; Lincoln & Lindsay Gainsborough Branch  
Page 20 Dec 1833 to 31 Dec 1833 Dundee Union Bank; Godley Bank; National Provincial Bank of England; National Provincial Bank of England; National Provincial Bank of England; Banbury Old Bank; Mr North Bertolacci; Chesterfield & North Derbyshire; John Rogers; Leeds Bank; Louth Church  
Page 3 Jan 1834 to 20 Jan 1834 Lincoln & Lindsay Gainsborough Branch; Ericssons Patent Caloric Engine; National Provincial Bank of England; Banbury; Devon & Cornwall Plymouth branch; Lincoln & Lindsay Louth branch; Rodgers Razor Label; Ericssons Licence Patent Caloric Engine; Lancaster Bank; Provincial Parsonstown; Bill of Exchange Plate East India Company; Lincoln & Lindsay Louth Branch; East India Company  
Page 16 Jan 1834 to 8 Feb 1834 National Provincial ; Bank Lancaster; W S & Co Lancaster; National Provincial ; Chesterfield; National Provincial Gloucester; Godley Bank, Chertsey; Queens Needles Label; Banbury Old Bank; Scissors Label Joseph Rodgers & Sons; Hastings; Glamorganshire; Provincial Parsonstown; York Union Bank; Rochford Giles ; National Provincial Bank of England  
Page 7 Feb 1834 to 15 Feb 1834 East India Company; Ripon Bank; Godley Bank; Lancaster Bank; Provincial; Stamford & Spalding Boston; Devon & Cornwall Devonport; Stanhope & Tyne Rail Road; National Provincial Wotton under Edge; Wotton under Edge and Brecon; Portuguese; Sir Claude Scott; Provincial Sligo; Pin Label D E Tayler & Company  
Page 17 Feb 1834 to 25 Feb 1834 Godley Bank; National Provincial Bank of England; Ripon Bank; Devon & Cornwall Kingsbridge; Stamford & Spalding; Stockton Bank; Bank of Manchester; Skipton Bank; S T Jones; National Provincial Bank of England; Stamford Oundle; York Union Banking Company; Stanhope & Tyne Railway Company  
Page 25 Feb 1834 to 8 Mar 1834 James Manning; National Provincial Bank of England; Herries ; Queens Needles; Huddersfield Banking Company ; National Provincial Bank of England Brecon & Boston; National Provincial Bank of England Boston; Lancaster Banking Company; Bank of Manchester; Stamford & Spalding Oundle; National Provincial ; Skipton Bank; Hardwidge’s Nurlo Labels  
Page 8 Mar 1834 to 19 Mar 1834 Lincolns and Lindsey Banking Company; Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Bank; Mrs Hicks Provincial Bank of England; Wisbech; Bank of Liverpool; Gorley Bank Bill; United States of America; Larios Hermanos (Spanish); Belfast Banking Company; Carlisle Commercial Bank; National Provincial Bank of England; Bank of South Wales; Bank of Manchester  
Page 20 Mar 1834 to 3 Apr 1834 Llanelly Bank; Lincoln & Lindsay Banking Company; Provincial Downpatrick; Stourbridge and Kidderminster Banking Company; Birley & Kirks Label Plate; Provincial Downpatrick; Bill Plate USA; Provincial Athlone; Belfast Banking Company; Provincial Ballina; Provincial Wexford; Firm Stourbridge Old Bank; Stamford & Spalding Banking Company Boston; Provincial Downpatrick; Bill Plate USA; Bank of Manchester; Stamford & Spalding; Bank of South Wales 
Page 5 Apr 1834 to 12 Apr 1834 Small Pin Label DF Taylor & Company; National Provincial Walsall; Bank of Australasia; Large Pin Labels DF Taylor & Company; National Provincial Bank of England Walsall; Lincoln & Lindsay Banking Company; Stourbridge & Kidderminster Banking Company; Stamford & Spalding Banking Company Boston; Honourable East India Company. Canton; Nevill & Williams Llanelly; Llanelly; Stamford & Spalding Banking Company Boston  
Page 14 Apr 1834 to 24 Apr 1834 Stamford & Spalding Boston; Stourbridge & Kidderminster; Walsall; Old Brown Windsor Soap labels (Hendries); Stourbridge & Kidderminster; Walsall; Dies for five and fifty denominations; National Provincial Bank of England Walsall; National Provincial Bank of England ; Stamford & Spalding Boston; Bank of Manchester; Card Plate Mr F Boucher; National Provincial Bank of England Brecon  
Page 28 Apr 1834 to 6 May 1834 Stamford & Spalding Banking Company Boston; National Provincial Banking Company Boston; Card Plate Mr H J Pinkus ; Stamford & Spalding Banking Company Boston; Small Pin Labels; Belfast Banking Company ; National Provincial Bank of England; Wisbech and Birmingham; Wolverhampton Bank ; Stamford & Spalding Banking Company Boston; Card Plate Mr Henry J Day; The Miss Days; Mrs Everett; Mr Everett; Stourbridge Banking Company ; East India Company  
Page 6 May 1834 to 17 May 1834 Mr J Montefiore Sydney New South Wales; Glasgow Bank; B Kirk & Co Manchester; National Provincial Bank of England Wisbeck & Birmingham ; Mr Thomas Howath; J Montefiore Sydney; Universal Life Assurance Security; Herefordshire Bank; J B Montefiore & Co Sydney; Belfast Banking Company; Provincial Cavan; National Provincial. Bank of England Boston; Bank of Australasia; Dr Millar; Hunt & Co, Prothero & Hunt Bristol  
Page 14 May 1834 to 31 May 1834 Lincoln & Lindsay Bank Gainsborough Louth ; Jacob Montefiore; National Provincial Bank of England Wotton Under Edge; Indian Characters East India Co.; National Provincial Wotton Under Edge; East India Company; National Provincial Wotton Under Edge; Mr Charles Evans; Belfast Banking Company; Provincial Downpatrick to Cavan; National Provincial Birmingham; Bank of Manchester; National Provincial Brecon; National Provincial Bank of England Wotton Under Edge; B Kirk & Co; Pin label D F Taylor & Co  
Page 2 Jun 1834 to 9 Jun 1834 Provincial Cavan; Provincial Armagh; National Provincial Bank of England Wisbech; Herefordshire; Bank of Manchester; Bank of Manchester New Town Montgomeryshire; Provincial Armagh; National Provincial Brecon Boston; National Provincial Wisbech Walsall; National Provincial Wotton under Edge; National Provincial Bank of England Birmingham; Three views Powis Castle Westminster Abbey Kensington Palace; Jacob Montefiore Sydney; National Provincial Worcester; Title Page (Writing to) Annual  
Page 9 Jun 1834 to 8 Jul 1834 Stourbridge Kidderminster; National Provincial Bank of England Birmingham; B Kirk & Co; National Provincial Birmingham; National Provincial Spooner & Attwoods; Label plate Holdsworth Gassed Thread; Sir Claude Scott; National Provincial Worcester; Mr & Mrs J Forsyth; Mrs Chas Heath; Mr Corbett; DJ Taylor & Co; National Provincial Bank of England Wisbech; Jacob Montefiore; Bank of Manchester; Labels Hendries Tooth Powder  
Page 20 Jun 1834 to 18 Jul 1834 Bank of Manchester; Bank of Manchester; Stourbridge & Kidderminster; Bank of Manchester; Mr Elrick; National Bank of Ireland; Thesouro Nacional ; Bank of Manchester; National Provincial Bank of England; Ladbrokes & Co; J B Montefiore & Company; Dublin; Alteration Indian Characters; Jacob Montefiore Hobart Town; D F Taylor & Co  
Page 18 Jul 1834 to 31 Jul 1834 Lincoln & Lindsey Louth Gainsborough ; Imperio do Brazil; Provincial Armagh; Commercial Bank of England Ten Pounds; Provincial Five Cavan; Circular Plates Indian characters; Bill of Exchange Jacob Montefiore Hobart Town; Provincial Five Downpatrick; Imperio do Brazil; Receipt plate Lithotriptic Hospital; Pin Label Plate smallest size D F Tayler & Company; Invoice plate Lazenby & Son; Card plate William Mason; National Provincial Wisbech; National Provincial Lichfield  
Page 1 Aug 1834 to 8 Aug 1834 National Provincial Lichfield; Lithotriptic Hospital Receipt Plate; Card plates Mr and Mrs Hoole; National Provincial Bank of England Five Walsall; Double Cheque plate La Touche and Co Dublin; Double Cheque plate Worcester National Provincial Bank of England Lichfield; York Union Banking Company Five.; National Provincial Receipt Wrexham; National Provincial Bill Wrexham; Portuguese Loan ; National Provincial Wrexham; National Provincial Birmingham; National Provincial Walsall; National Provincial Five Birmingham 
Page 7 Aug 1834 to 22 Aug 1834 Circular plate Indian Characters; J B Montefiore ; Card plate Walter Capper; Provincial 30/- Bandon; Provincial One Bandon; Bank of Manchester Five Hundred; Bank Lancaster Twenty; Portuguese Loan Bank Steel; Bank of Manchester two Hundred; Bill of Exchange Letter of Credit Water Mark Baring Brothers & Co ; Provincial 30/- Omagh; Bill of Exchange Baring Brothers & Co; Bill of Exchange Thomas W. Ward; On steel David La Touche & Co.