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January-February 2020; Vol: 129 Iss: 1472
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UK : London
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1 Feb 2020
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Vol 129 Iss: 1472
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January-February 2020; Vol: 129 Iss: 1472 (No adverts)
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January-February 2020; Vol: 129 Iss: 1472 (with adverts)
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Key Words 
Article 2020 Vision EditorialBard, A
Article The British South Africa Company, King George V Admiral Series. PaperSpivack, D; Hoffman, C
Article The London Philatelist 1875 CorrespondenceWreglesworth, P
Article Perkins Bacon Current Numbers PaperWalton, F
Article 6 May1840 ‘First Day’ usage of the first GB 2d Blue PaperHolyoake, Alan
Article Visit of Her Majesty The Queen. Notices - RPSL 
Article The 1924 Everest Expedition Tractor Party. PaperBard, A
Article Forthcoming Regional Meetings of the RPSL – UK and abroad Meetings - RPSL 
Article Forthcoming Meetings and Events at 15 Abchurch Lane Meetings - RPSL 
Article Forthcoming Philatelic Events Exhibition or Show 
Article "New Issue" Births 
Article Announcement of New Members as Approved by Council Membership News 
Article Announcement of Membership Applications Membership News 
Article Deaths Obituary 
Article The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch 2 April 2020 Notices - RPSL 
Article Hong Kong Stampex 2020 - Invitation to participate 21-23 February 2020. Notices - RPSL 
Article Gems of Asian Philately. Change of Venue and Entry Details Saturday, 29 February 2020 at 12 pm. Notices - RPSL 
Article Tomorrow’s Royal Auction News and Fundraising Update 3 May 2020 Notices - RPSL 
Article Overseas Members’ and Fellows’ Display 7 May 2020 Notices - RPSL 
Article Tickets for the President’s Dinner Guildhall, City of London 8 May 2020 Notices - RPSL 
Article Forthcoming Meetings at 15 Abchurch Lane Meetings - RPSL 
Article Accounts of Meetings: Season 2019–2020 Meetings - RPSL 
Article Library and Museum Library 
Article Recent Acquisitions Library 
Article Book Reviews Book Review 
Article Programme for the International Philatelic Libraries’ Symposium Notices - RPSL