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27 Jul 2019 14:50:55
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RPSL Head Office Meeting
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Group Display
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See event note
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UK : London
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4 Apr 2019 Time: 13:00 / 4 Apr 2019
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Royal Belgian Academy
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 The Academy is keen to maintain an ongoing interest in all areas of philately, as will be illustrated through our display covering both the national classical themes of Belgium and its colonies, such as the exceptional collection of the Medallion Issue, and the display of all the stamps with inverted centres issued over the years, as well as new areas of interest relating to post-war postal services and foreign philately (Greece, Canada, etc ). The latter have the ambition to develop into major collections receiving top-level recognition in the future. So, be amongst the first to learn about them.
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Grouping: RPSL Head Office Meeting Displays  4 Apr 2019 at 13:00
Item: Group Display