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Crane, Ian D.
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Associated Person - Collection of calendars, stamp albums, badges and medals from the Ian Crane bequest.
Associated Person - The Philatelist Calendar 1970, with each page covering a different area, printed in Scotland by Woods of Perth Ltd. Two months per page, with images of stamps and key events in those months. January and February covers Great Britain, March and April covers Switzerland, May and June covers Italian States, July and August covers German States, September and October covers 20th Century British Empire and November and December covers Mauritius.
Associated Person - The Stanley Gibbons Collections Postman Pat stamp album. Unused.
Associated Person - World-wide stamp album, made in England. Cape of Good Hope one penny stamp depicted on front cover. Used but no stamps within.
Associated Person - India Postage Stamp Centenary 1854 – 1954 Souvenir Album. Black with golden letters. Unused.
Associated Person - The Stamp Collecting 1982 Year Planner, Britain’s only weekly stamp paper! The whole year on one large paper with advertisements surrounding the planner.
Associated Person - Postcard showing Finland’s fist postage stamp from 1856. Only two blocks of four are known. The item was donated by Hand Lagerlöf to the Postmuseum, Stockholm. Unused.
Associated Person - Postcard showing receipt stamps used by the Swedish Post- Office Savings bank for many years. Unused.
Associated Person - Post card showing Die proof depicting King Oscar II (1829 – 1907) made for a new copper plate stamps. 8 copies are known and they belong to the Postal Museum in Stockholm. Unused.
Associated Person - Post card showing Postmen at the Swedish post office in Hamburg and the Hamburg post office about 1840. Unused.
Associated Person - British Philatelic Bureau booklet explaining the history of stamps between 1966 and 1973. British Philatelic Bureau, Scotland.
Associated Person - Namibia Post Booklet of 18 stamps, No.6, 1997.
Associated Person - The Royal Philatelic Society London name badge for Ian Crane, Society Host.
Associated Person - Stockholmia 86 Utställare (Exhibitors) name badge for I D Crane, England, Utställare.
Associated Person - Stamps for Cooks booklet, £1. Content: 12 recipes with British stamps, costing between 5d, 4d and 1d. All stamps are of Queen Elizabeth II.
Associated Person - Harmers of London Stamp Auctioneers limited lot sheet No. 308 with attached medal. Medal is the 125th Anniversary 1847-1972, First United states Postage Stamps 1972 medal. On the back: “The adoption of Postage Stamp in 1847 for use in prepayment of Postage represented one of the most important single improvements in the history of the Postal Service. Stamps were issued to provide an accurate and automatic check on postage revenues. Prior to the issuance of stamps letters accepted by Post masters
Associated Person - Harmers of London Stamp Auctioneers limited lot sheet No. 304 with attached medal. Medal is Bepitec medal, 1849 to 1949.
Associated Person - Harmers of London Stamp Auctioneers limited Lot sheet No. 305 with attached medal. Medal is Eeuwfeest Nederlandse Postzegel (Dutch Centenary Stamp). On the back: Herinnering aan Itep Utrecht 1952.
Associated Person - Harmers of London Stamp Auctioneers limited Lot sheet No. 306 with attached medal. Medal is 100 Lat Polskiego Znaczka Pocztowego (100 years of Polish postage stamps), 1860-1960.