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View3 FIL : Sale CataloguesApr 2016; Sale No: 41 Italian States Italy San Marino Germany Greece Russia
View3 FIL : Sale CataloguesMar 2018; Sale No: 45 Italian States Italy & colonies Portugal Spain
ViewA B Philea23 May 2015; Sale No: 326  Sweden Finland Lund postal museum Denmark Greenland Estonia France ballon monté
ViewA B Philea7 Oct 2015; Sale No: 329  Sweden Denmark Iceland Finland Greenland Norway Prince Edward Island France Germany Netherlands
ViewA B Philea1 Nov 2015; Sale No: 330  Scandinavia Sweden Zeppelin mail Slania engravings Germany
ViewA B Philea28 Nov 2015; Sale No: 331  Finland
ViewA B Philea2 Dec 2015; Sale No: 331  Sweden
ViewA B Philea7 Dec 2015; Sale No: 331  Sweden Europe collections
ViewA B Philea14 Mar 2016; Sale No: 333  Sweden
ViewA B Philea16 Mar 2016; Sale No: 333  Sweden
ViewA B Philea20 Apr 2016; Sale No: 334  Sweden Denmark Danish West Indies Faroes Finland Schleswig
ViewA B Philea28 May 2016; Sale No: 335  China Sweden Russia
ViewA B Philea15 Jun 2016; Sale No: 336  Hong Kong
ViewA B Philea26 Nov 2016; Sale No: 339  Sweden France China
ViewA B Philea3 Jun 2017; Sale No: 343  Sweden Schleswig Iceland France Germany Russia switzerland
ViewA B Philea14 Jun 2017; Sale No: 344  Sweden Scandinavia Austria Belgium France German states Germany Italy Portugal Switzerland
ViewA B Philea18 Oct 2017; Sale No: 348  Sweden Scandinavia
ViewA B Philea17 Jan 2018; Sale No: 352  Sweden maritime railway TPO cancellations Germany Denmark Norway Iceland France Luxembourg
ViewA B Philea21 Mar 2018; Sale No: 354  Sweden Denmark Germany Great Britain Europe
ViewA B Philea24 May 2018; Sale No: 357  Sweden Great Britain Finland
ViewA B Philea13 Jun 2018; Sale No: 358  Sweden Scandinavia Europe Australia Austria France Germany Great Britain
ViewA B Philea22 Aug 2018; Sale No: 360  Sweden Scandinavia Schleswig Germany
ViewA B Philea17 Oct 2018; Sale No: 362  Sweden Scandinavia Europe
ViewA B Philea22 Nov 2018; Sale No: 363  Sweden France Finland Great Britain Wurttemberg
ViewA B Philea12 Dec 2018; Sale No: 364  Sweden Scandinavia Europe
ViewA B Philea23 Jan 2019; Sale No: 365  Sweden Scandinavia Bechuanaland Europe
ViewA B Philea31 May 2019; Sale No: 368 Europe Denmark Sweden
ViewA B Philea22 Aug 2019; Sale No: 370 Sweden Scandinavia Austria Great Britain France Germany
ViewA B Philea26 Nov 2020; Sale No: 380Klaus Michtner (vendor) Esbjorn Janson (vendor)Sweden Printed matter mail Belgium Brazil Fiume Germany GB Tuscany Russia USA Revenue Stamped Paper
ViewA B Philea25 Nov 2021; Sale No: 389 Sweden Scandinavia royalty military
ViewAAK Phila (Kiel, Albert)31 Mar 2001; Sale No: 6 German States Germany & Colonies Italy
ViewAbacus Auctions19 May 2018; Sale No: 227 Watson (vendor)Australia Australian states Victoria barred numeral cancellations picture postcards Ceylon China Papua New Guinea New Zealand Cape of Good Hope
ViewAbacus Auctions1 Sep 2018; Sale No: 229 Novocastrian Watson Presgrave Bell (vendor)Australia stationery New South Wales 1888 Queensland South Australia Tasmania barred numeral cancellations Papua Malaya Thailand Portugal British West Africa Europe USA
ViewAbacus Auctions24 Nov 2018; Sale No: 231 Diffen Watson Grastveit Riddell Gribble (vendor)Australia Tasmania postmarks stationery military Gallipoli postcards parrots cockatoos Christmas Island Seychelles China Great Britain booklets controls postage dues
ViewAbacus Auctions2 Mar 2019; Sale No: 232 Novocastrian Russell (vendor)Australia die proofs stationery military censor picture postcards Australian states errors essays colour trials Tasmania New South Wales railways Fiji
ViewAbacus Auctions3 Mar 2019; Sale No: 233 Riddell Meggs Pate (vendor)Cocos Australia New Guinea
ViewAbacus Auctions7 Apr 2019; Sale No: 234 Manning Freeman Tamiami (vendor)Australia Queensland Victoria Western Australia
ViewAbacus Auctions31 Aug 2019; Sale No: 237 Part No: 1 Eureka (vendor)Australia specimens
ViewAbacus Auctions31 Aug 2019; Sale No: 237 Part No: 2  Australia British Commonwealth Fiji Papua New Guinea Swaziland aerogrammes
ViewAbacus Auctions30 Nov 2019; Sale No: 239 Part No: 1Sterling Birke Riddell Booker (vendor)Australia Australian states departmentals fiscals TPOs cancellations advertising Cocos Anguilla India New Zealand Sarawak Ceylon China Great Britain New Guinea Seychelles Solomon Islands Sweden USA
ViewAbacus Auctions01 Dec 2019; Sale No: 239 Part No: 2Lawlor (vendor)Australian states
ViewAbacus Auctions29 Feb 2020; Sale No: 240Davies Griffiths Booker (vendor)Australia Australian states Victoria Queensland TPO British Commonwealth Europe picture postcards
ViewAbacus Auctions30 Aug 2020; Sale No: 242 Part No: 2DiBiase Killeen (vendor)Australia Australian states Cocos die proofs Great Britain Liechtenstein New Zealand Papua New Guinea GRI forgeries Norfolk Island
ViewAbacus Auctions26 Mar 2021; Sale No: 243Grace Foundation Winchester Ingles Wong Halliday Pryor Todd (vendor)Australia Australian states Victoria Tasmania kangaroos registration envelopes telegrams telegraphs Great Britain France bcx
ViewAbacus Auctions05 Aug 2021; Sale No: 245Yarramundi Gwynn Pryor (vendor)Australia Australian states picture postcards cancellations New Zealand maritime disaster mail Pacific rarities Papua New Guinea Saint Helena Tristan relief Europe bcz
ViewAbacus Auctions01 Dec 2021; Sale No: 246 Part No: 1Artemis (vendor)Australia Kangaroo rarities
ViewAbacus Auctions02 Dec 2021; Sale No: 246 Part No: 2 Australia & States New Guinea Papua New Zealand Great Britain China
ViewAbacus Auctions26 Apr 2022; Sale No: 247Pearce part 1 (vendor)South Australia departmentals
ViewAbacus Auctions27 Apr 2022; Sale No: 247Forster Crevit Freeman Watson Fletcher Orchard Russell Bower Gale (vendor)Australia Australian states Victoria numeral cancellations Sydney Views Cape of Good Hope Transvaal Malta Jammu Kashmir bcx
ViewAce Stamp Auctions2 Nov 2014; Sale No: 16  Western Australia Papua British Solomon Islands Gibraltar
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