Meeting Videos (for the public)

View2 Dec 2021 at 17:00Peace.Grace Davies
View21 Oct 2021 at 16:30Siam, the Early Years.Prakob Chirakiti
View20 May 2021 at 13:00The First Issue of the United States: The Stamps and How They Were UsedGordon Eubanks
View6 May 2021 at 16:00End of a Dream: The ill-fated 1935 Trans-Tasman Jubilee FlightNeil Donen
View22 Apr 2021 at 14:00Herm Island - Skulduggery, smugglers, inappropriate marriages, wallabies, a post office in a pub and even an RDP. 200 years of postal history through the lives of the colourful tenants of this small Channel Island.Jon Aitchison
View8 Apr 2021 at 14:00Regional displayNorth West and Northern Ireland Regions
View11 Mar 2021 at 14:00On British Ice - British Expeditions to the Antarctic in the 1950’sKim Stuckey
View25 Feb 2021 at 14:00Copenhagen Telephone Kiosks (postal facilities provided!)Chris King
View21 Jan 2021 at 14:00Commercial U.S. Airmail (1922-1941): the British-American Airmail Postal AgreementMurray Alexander Abramson
View7 Jan 2021 at 14:00Canada's C-Force in Hong Kong and its Forerunners: From a Social Philately ApproachSam Chiu
View10 Dec 2020 at 14:00Short presentations by Council members 
View3 Dec 2020 at 14:00Short presentations by Council members 
View26 Nov 2020 at 14:00Sarawak – Pirates, Population and PostSimon Martin-Redman
View12 Nov 2020 at 15:00The German Occupation of The Channel Islands - Disruption to the Mail Service.Gerald Marriner
View29 Oct 2020 at 15:00Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II Registered Envelopes of the Tudor Rose DesignFrank Walton
View15 Oct 2020 at 16:15The Postal History of the Natal Invasion and the Siege of LadysmithRichard Stock
View6 Dec 2018 at 17:00Patriotic Covers used within and from the Confederate States of America during the Civil War 1861-1865John Walker
View14 Jun 2018 at 17:00 Colonial American Postal History 1675-1783Tim O'Connor
View7 Dec 2017 at 17:00 'Your Very Loving Madeline'Dane Garrod
View9 Nov 2017 at 17:00 The Pre-Stamp Period of El SalvadorGuillermo Gallegos
View28 Sep 2017 at 17:00 Geneva from the Cantonal to the Federal PostJean Voruz
View8 Jun 2017 at 17:00 Chinese International Air Mail to 1949Frank Walton
View11 May 2017 at 17:00 GB Line-engraved Plate Repairs 1840–1855Scott Treacey
View9 Mar 2017 at 17:00 Pakistan beyond the CatalogueMike J Roberts
View23 Feb 2017 at 17:00 Orange Free State Postal StationeryMike Smith
View9 Feb 2017 at 17:00 The Work of the RPSL Ltd Expert CommitteeChris Harman
View8 Dec 2016 at 17:00 Czechoslovakia: The Allegory Issue 1920Yvonne Wheatley
View12 Oct 2016 Digital Philately for Beginners (3 sessions)Crawford Seminar
View12 Oct 2016 Digital Philately for Beginners (3 sessions)Crawford Seminar
View12 Oct 2016 Digital Philately for Beginners (3 sessions)Crawford Seminar
View29 Sep 2016 at 17:00 German Occupation of the Channel IslandsRon Brown
View19 May 2016 at 13:00 Sierra Leone to 1961Frank Walton
View5 May 2016 at 17:00 Postal Stationery of Saxony 1859 to 1867Arnim Knapp
View28 Apr 2016 at 17:00 BermudaDavid Pitts and Arthur Groten
View14 Apr 2016 at 17:00 Classic USAGordon Eubanks
View31 Mar 2016 at 17:00 The post in Paris up to the RevolutionChristopher Hitchen
View18 Feb 2016 at 17:00 CyprusAkis Christou
View26 Nov 2015 at 17:00 Falkland IslandsMike J Y Roberts
View12 Nov 2015 at 17:00 First Postal Issues of the Spanish AntillesYamil Kouri
View1 Oct 2015 at 17:00 GB £5 OrangeJohn Horsey
View21 May 2015 at 17:00 HaitiBrian Moorhouse
View26 Mar 2015 at 17:00 The Postcode Programmes of France - the experimental years 1958-1978Mick Bister
View26 Feb 2015 at 17:00The blockades of America during the Revolutionary, 1812 and Civil WarsSteve Walske
View19 Feb 2015 at 17:00 The Postal Markings of Suffolk 1700-1844Tom Slemons (Great Britain Collectors Club of the USA)
View12 Feb 2015 at 17:00 Sir Daniel Cooper Lecture: The Telegraph Stamps of Great BritainProf Iain Stevenson
View9 Oct 2014 at 17:00 100 Years of Heinrich Köhler Auctions - Heinrich Köhler - his life, his businessDieter Michelson
View8 May 2014 at 17:00 Great Britain Surface PrintedBob Galland
View24 Apr 2014 at 17:00 City of Lübeck before 1868The President, Chris King
View10 Apr 2014 at 17:00 Denmark Bicoloured Postal Stationery 1871-1905Lars Engelbrecht
View29 Oct 2013 Perkins BaconCrawford Seminar
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