Tomorrow's Royal

A new phase has just begun. Will you be part of the future?

In June 2019, The Royal Philatelic Society London moved from 41 Devonshire Place in Marylebone, which it had occupied since 1925, into temporary accommodation, and then in early September 2019, into 15 Abchurch Lane, in the City of London.
We are extremely excited about the opportunities this building gives us in the way of extra modern space to promote our charitable objects of bringing philately to a worldwide audience. Click here for more information about our new premises.

Why we need to raise funds through the Tomorrow's Royal appeal.

We have needed to refurbish the building at 15 Abchurch Lane to high modern standards within its historic setting. Much of this work will remain unseen, with services like electricity, water, air conditioning, access, IT, and conveniences all renewed and modernised. Below ground level the former kitchen and restaurant have been converted to provide a climate-controlled library, and a secure store for books, archives, and collections.

Through prudent planning, public and private inheritance, and some good fortune we had about £2 million to spend, but we need more than that, and we need to refresh our reserves for a rainy day.

Thus we launched the Tomorrow's Royal fundraising appeal. We ask everyone, including our members all over the world, to consider what they can afford to do to recognise what The Royal Philatelic Society London means to them.

Fundraising progress so far                     £1,750,000

Fundraising progress bar

How can you help by supporting the Tomorrow's Royal appeal?

The Tomorrow's Royal appeal has already raised £1,750,000 and now is the time for you to contribute. Click the button to see how you can be part of Tomorrow's Royal.