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419,000 from all the other GPL libraries

RPSL - (UK, London)

The Database holds the following information available for searching / viewing:

  • The London Philatelist - from 1892 to date with 22,500 index entries.
  • Meeting Displays – 800 handouts from displays at the Society going back to 1918.
  • Library Books - 15,400.
  • Books and eBooks indexes – 20,000, a growing portfolio of indexes to RPSL and other books, including the De La Rue collection, recently digitised.
  • Journals - 2,400 different titles.
  • Journal Indexes – 169 societies have contributed their cumulative indexes with 446,000 entries (click here for list)
  • Auction Catalogues – Details of all auctions undertaken by the major auction houses are being entered, over 18,000 so far.

In addition:

  • Major Philatelic Libraries – this section of the database includes over 400,000 entries detailing publications held in other libraries and article indexes contributed by diverse sources. All APRL union catalog records are included in this database



plus 270,000 from other libraries

American Philatelic Research Library (APRL) - (USA, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania)

The American Philatelic Research Library has one of the world’s largest and most accessible collections of philatelic literature. Its nearly three miles of shelving contain more than 21,000 book titles and 5,700 journal titles.

The APRL hosts the online Philatelic Union Catalog, which allows you to search the holdings of multiple philatelic libraries simultaneously. Collections currently searchable in the union catalog include the holdings of seven libraries plus a database of journal article references – 89,000 book and journal records and 180,000 article records.

The union catalog libraries are:

  • American Philatelic Research Library (APRL)
  • Collectors Club of Chicago (CCC)
  • Collectors Club of New York (CCNY)
  • Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation, Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library (Greene)
  • Northwest Philatelic Library (NWPL)
  • Postal History Foundation,
  • Peggy J. Slusser Memorial Philatelic Library (PHF)
  • Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library (RMPL)
  • Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL)
  • Roger G. Schnell Library of the Scandinavian Collectors Club (SCC)
  • Smithsonian Libraries - National Postal Museum (SIL-NPM)
  • Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History
  • Western Philatelic Library (WPL)
  • Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library (WPRL).

The majority of article records come from PHILINDX complied by Gene Fricks.






Smithsonian Libraries and Archives National Postal Museum (SNPM) - (USA, Washington, DC)

The Smithsonian Libraries and Archives National Postal Museum (SNPM) Library is one of the largest and most important philatelic and postal history libraries in the world. The Library’s collection of monographs on philately and postal history is nearly complete, with particular emphasis on those in the English language and those of special importance. The SNPM Library contains long runs of all the major American philatelic journals and most of the major journals published elsewhere.

The NPM Library contains material from several important private libraries acquired over the past century including those of Thaddeus Hyatt, Frederick Melville, and George Turner. Special collections include: Files of the Third Assistant Postmaster General, Aerial Mail Service, Highway Post Office, Panama Canal Zone Post Office, and the Railway Mail Service. Special groups of material worth noting include philatelic “small journals” - short-lived serials published by enthusiasts and “philatelic incunabula” - published during the pioneer period of philately (1861 – 1879).

For more information visit :



British Library (BL) - (UK, London)

The British Library list allows people to see the index to the fabulous Crawford Library which contains many rare or unique items.



British Postal Museum & Archive (BPMA) - (UK, London)

Archive Collection

  1. The historic records of Royal Mail Group Limited deal with essential aspects of everyday life beyond the delivery of mail. All aspects of this organisation's unique history, from employment records to stamp artwork, are held within The Royal Mail Archive, one of the oldest business archives in the world.
  2. The Archive is free to visit and is used by anyone from family and social historians, to design students and media production companies.
  3. The Archive is officially recognised as being of outstanding national and international importance (having been awarded Designated status by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) in 2005). It fills over 2.5 miles of shelving.

Museum Collection

  1. The BPMA museum collection is of national and international importance. It is as rich and varied as the history of the postal service that it represents.
  2. The collection includes objects of all sizes, from the small - handstamps, labels and telephone headsets - to the very large - our Mobile Post Office Vehicles and Travelling Post Office railway coach. It also includes non-Public Record paper material - related to the postal service but not created by Royal Mail Group - such as song sheets and postcards.




Collectors Club Chicago (CCC)- (USA, Chicago, Illinois )

The Collectors Club of Chicago philatelic research library is maintained for use by members. It is also available to anyone in the philatelic community who wants to do research. However, an appointment must be made. The library contains books, pamphlets, periodicals, auction catalogs USPOD publications, stamp show catalogs and a number of photocopies of members exhibits. There are also a number of 35mm slides, correspondence of R.M. Cabeen and research notes of Dr. Harvey Karlen. There are no interlibrary loans and book lending is limited to members only.


To schedule an appointment for a mutually agreeable time, please contact via email. You may also phone the Librarian, Ed Waterous, directly at 1-219-613-6561




Collectors Club (New York) (CCNY) - (USA, New York)

The Collectors Club Library is located in the clubhouse at 22 East 35th Street in New York City. It is centrally located and is generally open to the public on weekdays. Call in advance to verify opening hours.

A reading room on the first floor contains current catalogs and periodicals and approximately 6,000 philatelic handbooks. Tens of thousands of periodical numbers are stored in a basement room. Upstairs rooms house rare book collections, and auction and exhibition catalogs.

The library’s collection includes the personal library of H.V. Suppantschitsch, many unique items from the library of J.K. Tiffany, philatelic literature from E.B. Sterling, T.E. Steinway and others, and the extensive collection of some 1,400 bound volumes from Joseph S. Rich. Additions to the library are made on a regular basis through donation and purchase to ensure that key philatelic resources are available as they are published.



Fédération Royale des Cercles Philatéliques de Belgique (FRCPB) - (Belgique)

La Fédération Royale des Cercles Philatéliques de Belgique est une féderation nationale regroupant plus de 275 clubs philatéliques et comptant +/- 12.000 membres (connus). Outre les associations régionales et locales, des associations spécialisées sont egalement membres de la F.R.C.P.B.

La F.R.C.P.B. est membre de la FEPA (Federation of European Philatelic Associations), l'organisme européen regroupant les diverses fédérations nationales européennes et qui elle-même leur province.



Finland Postal Museum (Suomi)

Located at Vapriikki Museum Centre in Tampere. The Postal Museum collections and archive contain a huge database which is available to our customers. Our information services offer answers to questions concerning postal history and philately. A group visit to the Postal Museum is an enlightening experience.



Great Britain Philatelic Society (UK)

The GBPS was founded in 1955 by a small but enthusiastic group of collectors in order to promote, encourage, and contribute to the advancement of the philately of Great Britain. Since then it has grown steadily, and now has more than 700 members in the UK and abroad. The Society deals with all aspects of GB philately, and has contributed much to the field; this is certain to continue as new members with fresh ideas join.




Greene Foundation (Canada, Toronto)

Named after notable Canadian philatelist, Harry Sutherland, QC, RDP, FRPSC, Hon. FRPSL who took an interest in the development of the library for more than twenty-five years, the Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation in Toronto has three main objectives.

The first is to provide a home for a comprehensive library of British North America (BNA) materials. The second is to maintain an expertizing library in support of the Greene’s IAEP and BNA expertizing mandate. The third is to support the basic philatelic research needs of the philatelic community of Greater Toronto.

The library also maintains a BNA philatelic research centre containing institutional and personal archives, photographs, papers and three dimensional artefacts on the stamps and postal history of BNA and the history of philately.

The HSPL does not provide an interlibrary loan service and is currently open by appointment Monday to Thursday (except official holidays) from 10 to 4. Appointments can be made by calling +1 (416) 921-2073.




Heinrich Köhler (Kohl) - (Deutschland, Frankfurt)

The Heinrich Koehler PHILA library

On 3 December 2008 Reiner Wyszomirski, First Chairman of the Association for Philately 1878 e.V. Frankfurt am Main, and Dieter Michelson, C.E.O. of Heinrich Koehler Auction house GmbH & C. KG, signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation between the Philatelic Library of the Frankfurt Collectors’ Association and Heinrich Koehler.

Die von unserem Verein ehrenamtlich geführte "PHILA-Bibliothek Heinrich Köhler" ist neben "München und Hamburg" eine der drei großen philatelistischen Fachbibliotheken in Deutschland. Sie bietet für alle neben der Recherche vor Ort auch die Möglichkeit zur Fernausleihe.

Desweiteren dient Sie als Veranstaltungsraum für mehrere Vereine und Arbeitsgemeinschaften und ist somit ein "KLEINES HAUS der PHILATELIE" im Rhein-Main-Gebiet



Koninklijke Nederlandse Bond van Filatelisten-verenigingen (KNBF) - (Nederland, Utrecht)

Nationally, the KNBF divided into several regions, each with its own board, which can coordinate various issues of common interest for the associations in the region, such as exhibitions, courses for philatelic education etc. The KNBF wants the connecting factor between associations, their members and other stakeholders.


Northwest Philatelic Library (NPL) - (USA, Portland, Oregon)

NWPL's broad collection of philatelic literature contains more than 5,300 books, pricing and auction catalogs, periodical titles, and supporting material. Our rare book section houses references, photos, and historic items dating back to the mid-19th century. Along with the general collection, NWPL has selectively emphasized acquisitions in several specialty areas: United States; Pacific Northwest Postal History; Airmail; Great Britain and British Commonwealth



Oslo Filatelistklubb Bibliotek (OFK) - (Norge, Oslo)

The society and library was founded in 1886 and is today the largest philatelic library in Norway.  Our holding is currently being computerized and as of today most monographs on single countries and general philatelic literature is on record.  The largest portions of the monographs are on the Nordic countries with the largest section on Norway.  The library incorporates the library of NPS (Norwegian Postal History Society).

Monographs and catalogues can be found as far back as 1863, covering most countries of the World.

Our earliest philatelic journal is from 1874 and in total there are over 780 different titles, from single issues to complete runs through many years.

Auction catalogues comprises of mainly Norwegian auctions, “Name sales” and single countries, starting back in 1895.

The library is open every Tuesday between 1900 and 2100 September through June.



Philatelic Association of NSW (Philas) - (Australia, Sydney)

The Philas Library is a specialist philatelic library containing over 6,000 books, journals and catalogues. Much of this material has been built up from donations and the many donors are warmly thanked for their contributions to the hobby. The Library also houses the library of the Royal Sydney Philatelic Club (RSPC) and the Philatelic Society of New South Wales (PS of NSW).

The Library contains a wide range of materials:

Books Journals, Magazines, Stamp Newspaper: Auction Catalogues Priced stamp Catalogues.

Special Collections:

  • Post Office: Guides; Circulars; Instructions to Postmasters; Histories; Annual Reports; Publications – various
  • E.A. & V.I Crome collection - Australian and world Aerophilately
  • Marguerite McNeill Collection of Music and Theatre
  • Alec Pailthorpe photographic slide collection of Australian Commonwealth
  • De La Rue Correspondence book microfilm - contains material on Australia, New Zealand, British Pacific and Malaya
  • Philatelic Exhibition catalogues – collections of Australian, New Zealand.
  • Norman Hopson Local Histories Collection - history of NSW Local Government areas.



Philatelistische Bibliothek Hamburg  (PBH) - (Deutschland, Hamburg)

The Philatelic Library of Hamburg was founded in 1971 by several philatelic societies and stamp clubs who combined their book stocks. Nowadays the library offers a wide range of stamp catalogues, handbooks, exhibition and auction catalogues with name sales as well as philatelic journals of Germany and the circulars/publications of the German study groups. Altogether the collection contains over 21,000 books, CDs, DVDs and periodicals.

A separate catalogue features more than 50,000 articles extracted from early philatelic journals. There is also a specialised section in local postal history of German towns.

Until today the library is a private association, most of the work is done by volunteers, the financial support depends on the members and some sponsors.

Everybody is invited to use the library’s services, for members lending is free of charges.

For information please contact:  Philatelistische Bibliothek Hamburg e.V.,Basedowstrasse 12,Hintergebäude, D-20537 Hamburg

                                                   phone+49-40-2512340, email:,

Opening hours: Tuesday 14-18, Thursday 14-19, 1. Saturday of each month 10-13 (except May to August)




Postal History Foundation (PHF) - (USA, Tucson, Arizona)

The Peggy J. Slusser Memorial Philatelic Library at the Postal History Foundation in Tucson, Arizona contains a collection of over 30,000 books, journals, catalogs, photos, maps, and other items related to philately and postal history.  Archival collections focus on the postal history of Arizona and the Southwestern United States and the library also houses a collection of Civil War literature and material.



Postal History Society (PHS) - (UK)

Postal History is the story of written global communication in every form. Clay tablets, papyrus and parchment were the forerunners of today's e-mail and world wide web. Because the envelope did not come into general use until the 1840's, much later in some countries, most early letters were sent as an entire with the address on the outside together with all of the relevant postal markings. Their contents are therefore retained for posterity, unlike envelopes where more often than not the contents have been discarded over the years. We thus only have the address and postal markings to deduce the sender and destination. These early letters cover every conceivable aspect of life.

The Society has an extensive library of postal history publications, handbooks, Post Office guides, postal contracts, journals and related material built up over many years. It includes numerous titles that are currently out or print or difficult to locate.

The library is available for reference by members and those resident in the United Kingdom may borrow books and other items for up to two months. Certain books are only available for reference at the library.




Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library (RMPL) - (USA, Denver, Colorado)

The RMPL is a privately funded public library, open to all who are interested in stamp collecting. Membership is not necessary to use library materials, but it is encouraged because dues are an important part of the yearly income. Members may also have checkout privileges.

The Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library had its beginnings in 1993 in a donated storefront . Since then we have grown to include 2 adjacent buildings with a combined square footage of 6,600 ft, a formal and vegetable garden of nearly 2,000 square feet and a membership of 516.

Those of us who are actively involved in the RMPL are quite proud of what has been accomplished by way of traditional philatelic activities, as well as non-traditional ones. We are an entirely all volunteer organization - about 70-75 volunteers operate the RMPL, with about 25 volunteers keeping the doors open 6 days per week as our front desk volunteers. Our hours are 10 - 4 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursdays we are open from 2 - 8pm. We are closed on Sundays and all Federal holidays.

We have become the Philatelic Center of the Rocky Mountain region through those traditional and non-traditional activities. For more information, see the RMPL’s website at or e-mail us at If you’re in the Denver metro area, please stop by for a visit! We think you will be surprised.



Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria (RPSV) - (Australia, Melbourne)

The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, founded in 1892, offers access to a major philatelic library in Melbourne, and to fellowship with a distinguished body of members, all striving to extend and disseminate knowledge about stamps, postal history and postal items.

The largest philatelic library in the southern hemisphere, which is continually being expanded and improved.

The Library of the Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria comprises books, serials and catalogues on philatelic subjects embracing the world. This reflects the wide collecting interests of the Society’s members. The Library comprises more than 10,000 individual items, plus the serials, which include 2,000 bound volumes. It is easily the largest philatelic society library in Australia and it is also thought to be larger than any private philatelic library.



Royal Sydney Philatelic Club (RSPC) - (Australia, Sydney)

The Royal Sydney Philatelic Club was founded on the 21 January 1890, a foundation member of the Philatelic Association of NSW (Philas).




Roger G Schnell Scandinavian Collectors Club (SCC) - (USA, Denver, Colorado)

More than 2,000 books and catalogs related to philately in the Nordic region that encompasses Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Åland, and the one-time colony of the Danish West Indies. The collection also includes hundreds of Scandinavia-related philatelic periodicals and articles, some 70 audio-visual presentations, and copies of numerous exhibits, auctions, and show catalogs associated with Scandinavia’s stamps and postal history.




Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History (SPELLMAN) - (USA, Weston, Massachusetts)

As an integral part of the Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History, our research library houses 9,000 volumes and hundreds of periodical titles. Our holdings run the gamut of philatelic research. The Spellman’s strengths include Aerophilately (the museum has the Westbrook collection as well as the Sioras papers), Ireland (Eire Philatelic Association books and archives), and HPO/RPO (Mobile Post Office Society collection).

While we are committed to index as much as possible through the PUC and GPL, this lengthy process means that many resources will remain cataloged in-house for some time. Collectors and researchers are welcome to visit or contact the Museum for assistance.




Western Philatelic Library (WPL) - (USA, Sunnyvale California )

Our Mission

The Western Philatelic Library exists to enhance the preservation and dissemination of philatelic knowledge by acquiring, organizing , interpreting and distributing information resources in a globally networked community.

Our Commitments:

  • to build and conserve a world class collection of printed, electronic and other media;
  • to support, extend and enrich the pursuit of knowledge and enjoyment through stamp collecting;
  • to provide access and support for beginners, hobbyists, specialists, writers, and postal historians;
  • to promote knowledge through public educational events and displays; and to collaborate and cooperate with other libraries and philatelic groups throughout the world.




Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library (WPRL) - (USA, Dallas, Texas)

The WPL has a very extensive collection of philatelic literature. The collection includes books and journals about stamps and postal history, as well as the history of philately and related subjects like transportation and geography.

In addition to its more than 14,000 book and monograph titles and over 5,000 bound volumes of journals, the WPL has:

  • Nearly 6,000 catalogs (general and specialized)
  • 10,000 tear sheets (searchable listing at Leonard Hartmann’s Philatelic Bibliopole)
  • Government documents
  • Auction catalogs and price lists (only specialized and rarity sales are cataloged)
  • Copies of philatelic exhibits including exhibitor drafts
  • CD, DVD-ROMs, microfilm, etc.
  • Bibliographies and indexes
  • Special collections and archives