Sir Daniel Cooper

1 July 1821 - 5 June 1902: Founder Member 1869 aged 48

After a successful commercial career and distinguished political service in Australia, Cooper returned to England in 1861. 

He was a founder and the first President (1869 - 78) of the Society. 

His Australian postage stamps, sold to Judge Frederick Philbrick in 1878 for £3000 (the first four-figure price for a collection), became part of Ferrary's celebrated collection

Charles William Viner

c. 1812 - 14 March 1906

Viner was one of the pioneering collectors, having started in 1860. He was Honorary Secretary of The Philatelic Society, London from 1871 until 1874. He was Editor of The Stamp Collector's Magazine from its inception in 1863.

In 1865 he edited the first Oppens Postage Stamp Album, and continued in this capacity for the following twenty-three editions. Editor of The Philatelist between 1867 and 1876.

Dr Viner was one of the original members of The Philatelic Society, London and was present at the initial meeting on 10 April 1869. His house at 34 Denbigh Street, Pimlico, was often used as a Society meeting place between 1872 and 1876.

Judge Frederick Adolphus Philbrick

30 June 1835 - 26 December 1910: Founder Member aged 33

A solicitor by training, called to the Bar in 1860. In 1874 he was made a Queen's Counsel.

In 1884 he was appointed senior counsel to the Post Office on the South Eastern Circuit, and was for many years examiner in common law at the University of London.

In 1895 Mr Philbrick was appointed County Court Judge of Circuit No. 55 in the county of Hampshire, an office which he held until his death.

Charles William Viner