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ViewMoshe Hesky (Author)4.000 years of history through postage stamps : part two IsraelLondon, U.K.492...X
ViewE. Deneumostier (Author)E.I.C. les 10-25 & 50Cs de 1886: authentiques et faux [The Congo Free State 10, 25 and 50 centimes of 1886: authentic and fake] Belgium Belgium - ColoniesGroupe d'Etude des Falsifications 492...X
ViewMassimilliano Ferroni & Mario Serone (Author)10 Centes. Prima emissione del Lombardo Veneto [10 Centes. The first issue of Lombardy-Venetia]2009Italy - States and CitiesGrafiche FDG Editore s.r.l. Verona (Italy)1940...X
ViewFrancois Capon (Author)Le 10 Centimes carmin emission 1884, histoire, classement, variétés et oblitérations: The 1884 Issue 10 centimes carmine, history, classification, varieties and cancellations1942BelgiumEditions GA-PHI Bruxelles1940...X
ViewMark Wilson (Author)The 10 Haler dove: persistent flaws, alleged retouches, and plate identifiers (Holubice study series)2020CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain 492...X
ViewJaroslav Moravec & Jiri Kaspar & Mark Wilson (Author)The 10 Haler green dove (Holubice study series)2020CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain 492...X
View 10 jahre Gesellschaft für Postgeschichte Graz: 10 years of the Society for the Postal History of Graz1997Austria - States and CitiesGesellschaft für Postgeschichte Graz (also Corp Author) Graz (Austria)1940...X
ViewAxel Werner (Author)10 jahre Indien-report: ein einblick in die philatelie des Indischen subkontinents [10 years of India report: an insight into the philately of the Indian subcontinent]1980IndiaAxel Werner 492...X
ViewCarl H Werenskiold (Author)10 Øre Norway: Norw. catalog no. 361975Catalogues and Price Lists NorwayThe Scandinavian Collectors Club 1940...X
View 10 years of the Czech postage stamp2003CzechoslovakiaThe Czech Post: Cesca Posta (Corp Author) Prague1940...X
View 100 1905-2005, Zumstein & Cie, die referenz in der philatelie seit einem jahrhundert ,: 100 years of Zumstein, 1905-2005, The best philatelic reference for a century2006Philately - BiographyZumstein & Cie (Propr. Hertsch & Cie): Zumstein & Cie (Corp Author) Bern, Switzerland1940...X
ViewAbdo Ayoub & Tania Arwachan (Author)100 années de timbres: une collection d'histoires du Liban 1919-20192018LebanonRawiya Editions 200...X
ViewLuciano Calenda (Author)100 anni di basketball: 100 years of basketball2004Thematics - Sports and GamesUnione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici e Sportivi Rome1940...X
View 100 anni di auguri [100 years of good wishes]1988ItalyAmministrazione delle Poste e delle Telecomunicazioni (also Corp Author) Rome, Italy492...X
View 100 anni di auguri [of the Calendario Postale]: 100 years of the Italian Post Office calendars1988ItalyFemmeffe Charta: Administrazione delle Poste e delle Telcomunicazioni (Corp Author) Rome (Italy)1940...X
ViewAntónio Fragoso & Carlos Trincão & Godofredo Ferreira & J Martins Barata (Author)100 anos do correio portugueses 1853-1953 [in 5 chapters by different authors - 1: Os precursos dos selos postais portugueses ; 2: O selo postal de D Maria II; 3: Obliterações postais; 4: Francisco de Borja Freire, gravidor do primiero selo do correio português; 5: Cem anos de selos postais]: 100 years of the Portuguese post1953PortugalCorreios Telégrafos e Telefones Lisbon (Portugal)1940...X
ViewJosé Miranda da Mota (Author)100 anos de correio no Concelho de Viana do Castello (1880-1980): 100 years of the psot in Viana do Castello2013PortugalViana do Castelo Camara Municipal Viana do Castello (Portugal)1940...X
ViewPaul Saulgrain (Author)100 ans de poste aérienne en France, catalogue descriptif et historique 1870-1969: Catalogue of 100 years of air posts in France [including the Sieges of Paris and Metz and Ballons Montés]1994France - AirmailEditions Roumet Paris (France)1940...X
ViewFlemming Petersen (Author)100-Året for pakke-porto-maerker I Grønland / 100th anniversary of parcel post stamps in Greenland ...2005GreenlandPOST Greenland Flatelia Tasilaq (Greenland)1940...X
ViewJanet Klug & Donald J Sundman (Author)100 greatest American stamps2007USA - StampsWhitman Publishing, LLC Atlanta (GA)1940...X
ViewAdolf Lindenmaier & Heinz Glatti & Joseph Uebelhart (Author)100 jahre briefmarken sport Columbia 1895-1995 [100 years of stamp fun with the 'Columbia' Stamp Club]1995Societies SwitzerlandSchweizerische Philatelisten Vereine Zürich (Switzerland)1940...X
View 100 jahre Deutsche Philatelisten-Tage: lebendige philatelie vom 13. bis 15 Oktober 19891989SocietiesAmerican Stamp Dealer and Collector (also Corp Author) Mainz (Germany)1940...X
ViewMichael Jäschke-Lantelme (Author)100 jahre Germania: die briefmarkenausgaben des deutschen Kaiserreichs (Michel-Nr. 53-97): 100 years of Germania - the stamp issues of the German empire1999GermanyM Jäschke-Lantelme Dessau (Germany)1940...X
ViewHugo Ruoss (Author)100 jahre luftfahrt in der Schweiz, die ersten flugmeetings und die ersten fluggesellschaften: 100 years of aviation in Switzerland2012Switzerland - AirmailGeibenach Giebenach (Switzerland)1940...X
View 100 jahre Oberpostdirektion Braunschweig 1868-1968: 100 years of the Brunswick post office 1868-1968c1969Germany - States and CitiesBraunschweig Oberpostdirektion (also Corp Author) Braunschweig (Germany)1940...X
View 100 jahre Österreichische briefmarke [100 years of Austrian Stamps]1950AustriaFederal Ministry of Transport and Nationalized Enterprises Directorate General for Postal and Telegraph Administration Vienna (Austria)1940...X
ViewErnst Bernardini & Helmut Pfalz (Author)100 jahre Österreichische portomarken,katalog und handbuch mit einer einführung in das nachtaxwesen ab 1. Juni 18501994AustriaThe Authors Vienna (Austria)1940...X
View 100 jahre schweizerische postmerken 1843-1943: The centenary of the Swiss posts1943SwitzerlandSchweiz Post-, Telegraphen- und Telephonverwaltung (also Corp Author) Berne (Switzerland)1940...X
View 100 jahre Schweizerischer Philatelistenverein Zürich: 100 years of the Swiss Philatelic Society in Zürich1984Societies SwitzerlandSchweizerischen Philatelistenverein Zürich: Schweizerischer Philatelistenverein Züricich (Corp Author) Zürich (Switzerland)1940...X
View 100 jahre Verein für Briefmarkenkunde 1878 e.V., Frankfurt am Main 1878-1978, festschrift [Souvenir of the centenary of the Verein für Briefmarkenkunde 1878 e.V. Frankfurt am Main]1978Societies Germany - States and CitiesVerein für Briefmarkenkunde 1878 eV Frankfurt am Main: Verein für briefmarkenkunde 1878 eV (Corp Author) Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany)1940...X
View 100 jahre weltpostverein 1874-1974 briefmarken aus aller welt: 100 years of world post, samps from all over the world1974UPU (Union Postale Universelle)Gesellschaft für Deutsche Postgeschichte (also Corp Author) Frankfurt am Main (Gemany)1940...X
ViewGianni Carraro & Luigi Sirotti (Author)Il 100 lire della democratica, il francobollo e la storia postale: The 100 lire of the democratic series, the stamp, its postal history & use throughout Italy & for overseas mail2002ItalySassone srl Rome (Italy)1940...X
ViewPeter Meier (Author)100 mal philatelie, de la philatélie par 100, philately, a 100 times2000SwitzerlandMultipress Verlag AG Bern (Switzerland)1940...X
ViewBill Olcheski (Author)100 trivia quizzes for stamp collectors1982Philately - General (incl Postal History - General)American Philatelic Society State College (PA)1940...X
ViewDieter Michelson (Author)100 years of Heinrich Köhler auctions: Heinrich Köhler - his life, his business, his successors. [A display to the Royal Philatelic Society London by Dieter Michelson 9 October 20142014Philately - Biography?D Michelson London1940...X
ViewAshley Laswrence (Author)100 years of 'La Semeuse' [a display to the Royal Philatelic Society London 20th February 2003]2003France DisplaysA Lawrence ?London1940...X
View 100 years of the Post Office in Kuwait 1915-20152015KuwaitKuwaiti Philatelic Society & National Council for Culture (also Corp Author) Dasman (Kuwait)1940...X
ViewColin Searle (Author)100 years of the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain, 1909-20092009Philately - Exhibiting, Exhibitions and Seminars SocietiesThe Association of British Philatelic Societies Ltd Hickling (Norwich)1940...X
ViewL G Brookman (Author)The 100th anniversary of the 'Bull's Eyes' stamps of Brazil (reprints, by various authors, of articles from the American Philatelist)1943BrazilAmerican Philatelist ?1940...X
ViewKonstantin Avdeev & Yakov Gurevich (Author)100th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin in philately: a catalogue1973Catalogues and Price ListsCentral Philatelic Agency Moscow1720...X
View 100th Philatelic Congress of Great Britain 26th-29th July 2018 : Tyneside 20182018Philately - SocietiesPhilatelic Congress of Great Britain (also Corp Author) [Tyneside]1940...X
ViewJohn Hayward & Anne Swinscow (Author)101 Dartmoor letterboxes, but not how to find them1995Great Britain - CountiesKirkford Publications Totnes (Devon)1940...X
ViewRichard C Peck (Author)101 reasons... instructional postal markings of N.S.W. 1982 - 19831984Australia Australia - New South WalesRichard C. Peck Sydney, Australia492...X
View 101st Philatelic Congress of Great Britain 30th to 31st May 2019 Stockholm2019Philately - SocietiesABPS (also Corp Author) 1598...X
ViewRichard C Peck (Author)102 reasons : instructional postal markings of NSW (being an update to 101 reasons)1992Australia Australia - New South WalesRichard C Peck Sydney, Australia492...X
View 102nd Philatelic Congress of Great Britain 23rd-26th September 2021, Harrogate [handbook]2021SocietiesABPS (also Corp Author) Harrogate492...X
ViewArturo Tort Nicolau (Author)10445Guia del coleccionista de sellos de Correos de Espana, Volume 2: [1855 - 1869]: A guide to the collecting of Spanish stamps1945SpainGruppo Filatelico de Reus Barcelona (Spain)1940...X
ViewEliane Deneumostier & Marcel Deneumostier (Author)Les 5 & 10F 'Houyoux': la Revue des Faux & Falsifications No. 3 (La Revue des Faux & Falsifications)[1987]Belgium Forgeries - GeneralPhila Club Flémalle Ivoz-Ramet/Flémalle (Belgium)1940...X
ViewCyril G Macey (Author)10th April 1985-10th April 2006 21st anniversary of The Friends of British Postal Museum & Archives formerly Friends of Postal Heritage, originally called Friends of National Postal Museum, some of the highlights of The Friends, The Museum & The Archives2006SocietiesFriends of British Postal Museum & Archives London1940...X
ViewErika Nezold & Rudolf Nezold (Author)110 Jahre : Österreichischer Philatelistenclub Vindobona Wien 1880 - 1990 [110 years : Austrian Philatelic Club Vindobona Vienna : 1880 - 1990] AustriaOesterreichischer Philatelistenclub "VINDOBONA" Stockerau, Austria492...X
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