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This page lists all the journals held by RPSL - There are over 4,000 distinct journal titles in the library’s collection.

Up until 2014 individual editions were not recorded, instead a note has been added under Holdings.
Subsequently, each edition received is Accessioned.

The accuracy of date ranges quoted for the lifespan of a journal are variable!

Click View to see the Journal title detail and if individual editions have been recorded, drill down into the Items.

Journal Title 
Society / Publisher 
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ViewP R-HJournal of Vereingung der Sammler, Forscher und Prüfer von Abstempelungen und von Sondergebieten der Deutschland-Philatelie Gildebrief, Germany.Germany    ...X
ViewW P AJournal of Wessex Philatelic Association, UK.UK1949 - 1949   ...X
ViewF & N Italy Incomplete.  ...X
ViewITSJournal of Indian Thematic SocietyIndia    ...X
ViewU.S. 1851-'60 ChronicleJournal of U.S. 1851-‘60 Unit, USAUS    ...X
ViewThe A1 PhilatelistJournal of M P FordBirmingham (UK)1898 - 1898Complete.  ...X
ViewAalesunds Frimaerkerblad Norway Complete.  ...X
ViewAarbog for Frimaerkesamlerer DK    ...X
ViewAbophilJournal of Turun Postimerkkikerho ryFinland1964 - 1964Incomplete.  ...X
ViewABPS NewsJournal of Association of British Philatelic SocietiesUK1993 - 1993Complete.2014-202313536869...X
ViewABPS Yearbook / Directory UK Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAcademie de Philatelie de Belgique Bulletin TrimestrielJournal of Acadamie de Philatelie de BelgiqueBelgium1967 - 1988Complete.  ...X
ViewAcademvsJournal of Real Academia Hispánica de FilateliaMadrid (Spain)2000 - 2000Complete.2013-202315770842...X
ViewACCC (Australian Commonwealth Collectors' Club of NSW) BulletinJournal of Australian Commonwealth Collectors' Club of New South Wales (ACCC of NSW)Sydney (Australia)1963 - 1980   ...X
ViewACCC of NSW Club News Bulletin AU    ...X
ViewACCC of NSW Supplements AU    ...X
ViewACCP (Assoc. des Collectionneurs de Carnets et Publicitimbres) FR    ...X
ViewACES [bound with El Faro]Journal of Association of Collectors of El SalvadorUSA1975 - 1978Complete.  ...X
ViewAcores Azores (Portugal)1905 - 1905   ...X
ViewAcores FilatelicoJournal of Antonio Pereira RezendesPortugal1919 - 1919Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAcorn PhilatelicsJournal of Acorn PhilatelicsManchester (UK) Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAcorn Stamp Exchange Club Private BulletinJournal of Acorn Stamp Exchange ClubUK1946 - 1946   ...X
ViewAcross the Wire : the journal of the Telegraph Study CircleJournal of Telegraph & Telephone Study CircleUK1985 - 9999Incomplete.  ...X
ViewActa Philatelica Nova Hrvatski filatelisticki almanah [Croatian philatelic almanac] Zagreb (Croatia)2011 - 2011Complete.2017-201718479863...X
ViewActividades FilatelicasJournal of Club Filatelico de la Republica de CubaHavana (Cuba)1937 - 1964Incomplete.  ...X
ViewActualidad Filatelica Estonia1968 - 1968Incomplete.  ...X
ViewActualite Philatelique France1934 - 1934Incomplete.  ...X
ViewActualite PhilateliqueJournal of Actualite PhilateliqueCormeilles-en-Parisis (France) Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAdelanteJournal of Club de Intercambio de CubaSantiago (Cuba)1921 - 1928Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAdhesive, TheJournal of Henry A ChapmanRocky Hill, CT (USA)1900 - 1904Complete.  ...X
ViewADPS BulletinJournal of The ADPS Stamp Dealers' SocietyGrays (UK) Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAdvertiser, TheJournal of S C SkiptonSalisbury (UK)1904 - 1904   ...X
ViewAdvertiser, TheJournal of Edgar F JordanPhiladelphia, PA (USA)1884 - 1884Complete.  ...X
ViewThe Advertiser Brooklyn, NY (USA)1896 - 1896Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAdvertiser of Wants and Offers, TheJournal of Philatelic Publishing CoBirmingham (UK)1894 - 1903Complete.  ...X
ViewAEPS (Association of Essex Philatelic Society) BulletinJournal of Association of Essex Philatelic SocietiesColchester (UK) Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAerial Messenger, The (Journal of the Aero Philatelic Club London) UK1966 - 1966Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAero Field, The (1st Series)Journal of Francis J FieldSutton Coldfield (UK)1927 - 1980Incomplete.  ...X
ViewThe Aero Field (New Series)Journal of Francis J FieldSutton Coldfield (UK)1937 - 1937Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAero Philatelic Club of India Monthly BulletinJournal of Aero Philatelic Club of IndiaCalcutta (India)1926 - 1930Incomplete.  ...X
ViewThe Aero Philatelic Club (London) BulletinJournal of The Aero Philatelic ClubUK1985 - 1985Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAero Philatelic Club London Notes of the MonthJournal of The Aero Philatelic ClubUK Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAero Philatelist Annals, TheJournal of American Air Mail SocietyElberton (USA)1953 - 1982Incomplete. Missing: vol. 21, no. 2 00019178...X
ViewAero Philatelist's News, TheJournal of Aero Philatelists IncNew York, NY (USA)1946 - 1946Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAerogrammer, TheJournal of Aerogramme SocietyCanberra (Australia)1997 - 1999Incomplete. 13281666...X
ViewAeroletter, TheJournal of Aerophilatelic Society of Southern AfricaSouth Africa1979 - 1979Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAerophilatelic Club Great BritainJournal of Bryan StokoeLoughborough (UK)1985 - 1985   ...X
ViewAerophilatelie Germany Incomplete.  ...X
ViewAerophilatelistJournal of ?NL   0925532X...X
ViewAeropostal      ...X
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