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Using The Library

The Society is delighted that its Fellows and Members wish to use the Library. To ensure that the Society can continue to support the research of its Members, and working in the Library remains a pleasurable experience for all, please observe the following conditions:

  1. Only books and pamphlets available for loan may be borrowed. No periodicals, auction catalogues or items from the Rare Books may be taken from the Library.
  2. The Library collections are spread across several floors. Members wishing to view items stored in the Stacks, the Council Room or Rare Books cabinets should ask a member of staff for access. Usually the place to study these publications will be the Small Library or the Large Library, where they will be brought.
  3. Research Room regulations apply. The Small Library is reserved for study. Bags should be left in the designated area and only pens, paper, laptops, telephones or cameras which assist research may be taken into the Small Library.
  4. When a book has been used within the Library either place it in the boxes provided in the Small Library and Basement Library or carefully replace it on the shelf in the correct place.
  5. When borrowing a book, please bring it to a member of staff in the Large Library to enter the required details in the Library Loans Ledger.
  6. Books should be returned within four weeks from the date of issue, although they can be recalled earlier if it is considered necessary or is requested by another Member. Books can be renewed to extend the period of loan in person, by telephone or by email. When returning a book to the Library please place it in the provided Returns box in the Large Library.
  7. The Member borrowing a book is responsible for its safe custody until returned to the Library. In the event of loss or damage thereto the Member shall either replace the book or pay such compensation as the Council may determine.
  8. No book is to be taken or sent out of the United Kingdom.
  9. Photocopying or scanning from publications is permitted within the terms of Copyright Fair Dealing: 5% or one chapter of a book or one article from a journal issue.
  10. Electronic resources are available to Members. To access the Intranet or to use WiFi using your own equipment please ask a member of the Library staff.