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ViewA B Philea31 May 2019; Sale No: 368 Europe Denmark Sweden
ViewAbacus Auctions29 Feb 2020; Sale No: 240 Australia Australian states British Commonwealth Europe picture postcsrds
ViewAchat Collections05 Mar 2020; Sale No: 94 France French colonies Europe British Commonwealth
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)03 Mar 2020; Sale No: 262 Great Britain British Commonwealth Europe
ViewApex16 Nov 2003; Sale No: 55 Great Britain British Commonwealth Papua New Guinea
ViewApex18 Jul 2004; Sale No: 60 Great Britain British Commonwealth
ViewArgyll Etkin06 Mar 2020; Sale No: 45Kennedy Evans Chadwick (vendor)Great Britain fakes forgeries Scotland Spain airmails Iraq Rhodesia Lobengula
ViewAthens Auctions17 Jul 2019; Sale No: 70 Greece
ViewAuckland City Stamps Public Sales07 Mar 2020; Sale No: 18 New Zealand Pitcairn artwork Norfolk Island Mafeking Germany Great Britain
ViewBayerisches Briefmarken Auktion11 May 1923; Sale No: 1 Hanover Netherlands Indies Sicily Spain Victoria
ViewBritish Society of Australian Philately24 Feb 2020;  Australia airmails Australian states
ViewBritish West Indies Study Circle (BWISC)25 Apr 2020; Sale No: 48 British West Indies
ViewBuhler, Georg (mail sales)17 Mar 2020; Sale No: 23 Germany Europe
ViewCherrystone04 Dec 2019; Hawkins (vendor)Albania Austria Belgium Germany Vineta Luxembourg Portugal Spain Switzerland local Zurich Geneva Vaud Helvetia
ViewCheshire Stamp Auctions14 Dec 2019;  collections
ViewCinderella Stamp Club11 Apr 2009;  locals revenues forgeries labels cinderella poster stamps telegram forms propaganda Snark railway seals literature
ViewClassicphil19 Mar 2020; Sale No: 5 Germany Austria Trieste Europe Great Britain USA Canada South America Batum Palestine Iran Philipines New Zealand Australia GRI Malaya Indonesia China Thailand India Indian states Mauritius
ViewCounty Philatelic Auctions14 Feb 2020; Sale No: 265 Great Britain airmail British Commonwealth Europe literature
ViewDe Montfort Stamp Co20 Mar 2020; Sale No: 92 British Commonwealth China birds Churchill Great Britain Europe postal stationery
ViewEastern Auctions28 Feb 2020;  Canada Admirals proofs essays British North America Africa Estonia France French colonies Wells Fargo New Brunswick Newfoundland
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions19 Sep 1968; Sale No: 16 Italy USA
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions14 Nov 1968; Sale No: 17 USA Austria Belgium
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions16 Jan 1969; Sale No: 18 USA Canada
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions20 Mar 1969; Sale No: 20  USA German Colonies
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions12 Jun 1969; Sale No: 22 USA Rarotonga Switzerland Lombardy-Venetia
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions17 Jul 1969; Sale No: 23 USA Liechtenstein Poland Canada
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions28 Aug 1969; Sale No: 24  USA Russia Zemstvos
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions02 Oct 1969; Sale No: 25 Ryukus Papal States Switzerland
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions06 Nov 1969; Sale No: 26Lawrence Lazzarini (vendor)Sardinia Papal States Tibet Naples China
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions11 Dec 1969; Sale No: 27 Part No: 1Fisher (vendor)USA France Vatican
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions09 Jan 1970; Sale No: 28 Part No: 2Fisher (vendor)Iceland France Vatican Liechtenstein
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions13 Feb 1970; Sale No: 29 USA Canada South Australia
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions14 Mar 1970; Sale No: 30Godin (vendor)USA NWPI New Zealand Switzerland
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions19 Mar 1970; Sale No: 31  USA Egypt Mauritius German States Netherlands
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions3 Apr 1970; Sale No: 32  Naples Luxembourg Tuscany China Poland
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions17 Apr 1970; Sale No: 33Aretz (vendor)USA Canada Liechtenstein
ViewEastland Stamp Auctions08 May 1970; Sale No: 34 Part No: 1Johnson (vendor)Sweden USA Ireland
ViewFeldman, Francois04 Dec 2019; Sale No: 121 France French colonies airmail ballons montés liberation épreuves
ViewFelzmann, Ulrich30 Aug 2017; Sale No: 15 airmail Zeppelin Europe Germany German states
ViewFilatelia Llach13 Feb 2020; Sale No: 145 Spain France USA Europe
ViewGärtner, Christoph24 Feb 2020; Sale No: 46 Part No: R rarities vol 32
ViewGärtner, Christoph24 Feb 2020; Sale No: 46 Part No: C China
ViewGärtner, Christoph25 Feb 2020; Sale No: 46 Part No: A Asia India Iran Thailand Indochina Hong Kong Japan Korea Macau Straits Settlements Malayan states Netherlands Indies Philippines Vietnam
ViewGärtner, Christoph25 Feb 2020; Sale No: 46 Part No: 1 thematics Europe British Commonwealth USA Latin America South Africa
ViewGärtner, Christoph25 Feb 2020; Sale No: 46 Part No: 2 Europe Albania France Gibraltar Great Britain Mulready 6 May Italy Italian states Russia Spain
ViewGärtner, Christoph26 Feb 2020; Sale No: 46 Part No: 3 Germany
ViewGrosvenor Philatelic Auctions26 Feb 2020; Sale No: 134 British Commonwealth Aden Australia Bermuda Egypt France French colonies Gibraltar Hong Kong India Malaya Malta Nigeria Rhodesia South Africa USA
ViewHarmer, HR (USA)18 Mar 1947; Sale No: 16288 16289 Perree (vendor)France and Colonies
ViewHarmer, HR (USA)20 Jun 1949; Sale No: 539-41Coleman (vendor)British Commonwealth
ViewHarmers, HR (UK)25 Oct 1926;  Great Britain
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