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View3 FIL : Sale CataloguesApr 2016; Sale No: 41 Italian States Italy San Marino Germany Greece Russia
View3 FIL : Sale CataloguesMar 2018; Sale No: 45 Italian States Italy & colonies Portugal Spain
ViewA B Philea25 Nov 2021; Sale No: 389 Sweden Scandinavia royalty military
ViewA B Philea19 May 2022; Sale No: 393 Sweden Scandinavia Europe
ViewAbacus Auctions01 Dec 2021; Sale No: 246 Part No: 1Artemis (vendor)Australia Kangaroo rarities
ViewAbacus Auctions02 Dec 2021; Sale No: 246 Part No: 2 Australia & States New Guinea Papua New Zealand Great Britain China
ViewAbacus Auctions26 Apr 2022; Sale No: 247Pearce part 1 (vendor)South Australia departmentals
ViewAbacus Auctions27 Apr 2022; Sale No: 247Forster Crevit Freeman Watson Fletcher Orchard Russell Bower Gale (vendor)Australia Australian states Victoria numeral cancellations Sydney Views Cape of Good Hope Transvaal Malta Jammu Kashmir bcx
ViewAchat Collections12 Apr 2022; Sale No: 96 France & colonies Monaco Belgium Germany Italy world
ViewAix-Phila15 Jun 2022; Sale No: 70 German States Germany Austria Liechtenstein Luxemburg Switzerland Europe
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)24 Apr 2001; Sale No: 38 GB Bahrain China Germany Hong Kong USA world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)05 Jun 2001; Sale No: 39 GB Australia Bahrain British PAs in E Arabia Brunei China Germany Hong Kong Japan Malaya North Borneo world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)17 Jul 2001; Sale No: 40 GB Australia Bahrain China Germany Hong Kong India Portugal South Africa world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)29 Jan 2002; Sale No: 44 GB Bahrain British PAs in E Arabia China Germany Hong Kong Japan GB hand-painted envelopes literature
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)30 Jul 2002; Sale No: 50 GB Bahrain China Czechoslovakia Germany Hong Kong world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)03 Sep 2002; Sale No: 51 GB Australia Bahrain Germany Hong Kong India Kuwait world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)05 Nov 2002; Sale No: 53 GB Australia Bahrain British PAs in E Arabia Germany Hong Kong Japan Kuwait world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)03 Dec 2002; Sale No: 54 GB thematics Bahrain British PAs in E Arabia China Germany Hong Kong Italy world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)04 Feb 2003; Sale No: 56 GB Bahrain China Germany Grenada Hong Kong Italy Kuwait world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)01 Apr 2003; Sale No: 58 GB Australia Bahrain British PAs in E Arabia Canada France & colonies Germany Hong Kong Israel Japan Kuwait Newfoundland Rhodesia SWitzerland USA world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)01 Jul 2003; Sale No: 61 GB 1989 UPU Congress Bahamas Bahrain British PAs in E Arabia France Germany Grenada Hong Kong Iceland Jamaica Kuwait USA world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)05 Aug 2003; Sale No: 62 GB literature Australia Austria Bahrain British POs in Eastern Arabia Estonia Falkland Islands France & colonies Germany Japan Kuwaut Latvia Rhodesia world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)02 Dec 2003; Sale No: 66 GB Postal conference packs Australia Ceylon France & colonies Germany Hong Kong world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)07 Mar 2006; Sale No: 93 GB Australia Canada CGH China Crete France & colonies Germany & colonies Hong Kong Ireland New Guinea North Borneo Portugal & colonies Russia USA world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)07 Oct 2008; Sale No: 124 GB Barbados Canada CGH China France Germany Gibraltar Indian States KUT Nyasaland world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)03 Feb 2009; Sale No: 129 GB literature Australia France Germany Hong Kong Ireland KUT Malta Mauritius New Zealand Poland world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)07 Dec 2021; Sale No: 283 Great Britain world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)04 Jan 2022; Sale No: 284 Great Britain Bahamas China world
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)08 Feb 2022; Sale No: 285 Great Britain Australia British Guiana China France Germany Italy & colonies Malaya
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)22 Mar 2022; Sale No: 286 GB Australia Bechuanaland China India Italy Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Switzerland UAE
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)12 Apr 2022; Sale No: 287 GB China France Germany India Italy Malaya Nyasaland Switzerland
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)10 May 2022; Sale No: 288 GB Australia Canada India Iran Italy KUT Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Switzerland USA
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)07 Jun 2022; Sale No: 289 GB Germany world
ViewArgyll Etkin10 Mar 2022; Sale No: 49 Great Britain Belgian Congo Papua New Guinea India airmails ship mail crash Malayan states Sarawak Zanzibar Proofs Essays USA
ViewArundel, Richard : Sale CataloguesMay 1998; Sale No: 156 Great Britain stamps & postmarks Cyprus
ViewAsfra17 Aug 1933; Sale No: local 21 Denmark Germany world
ViewAthens Auctions15 Dec 2021; Sale No: 95 Greece Germany France Crete
ViewAthens Auctions12 Jan 2022; Sale No: 96 Greece
ViewAthens Auctions09 Feb 2022; Sale No: 97 Greece
ViewAthens Auctions09 Mar 2022; Sale No: 98 Greece Cyprus bcx France Germany Italy Switzerland
ViewAthens Auctions13 Apr 2022; Sale No: 99 Greece Crete Germany New Zealand bcx
ViewAthens Auctions11 May 2022; Sale No: 100 Greece Cyprus Germany Italy KUT San Marino Sierra Leone
ViewAthens Auctions15 Jun 2022; Sale No: 101 Greece Cyprus Austria Germany world
ViewAuckland City Stamps Mail Sales14 Dec 2021; Sale No: 238 New Zealand France Great Britain USA
ViewAuckland City Stamps Public Sales28 Aug 2021; Sale No: noneOdenweller part 1 (vendor)New Zealand
ViewAuckland City Stamps Public Sales05 Mar 2022; Sale No: noneOdenweller part 2 (vendor)New Zealand
ViewAuckland City Stamps Public Sales30 Apr 2022; Sale No: 22Said Lamb (vendor)New Zealand bcx
ViewAuckland City Stamps Public Sales18 Jun 2022; Sale No: noneBranam (vendor)New Zealand
ViewAuction Galleries Hamburg19 Nov 2021; Sale No: 22 Mauritius German States Germany German Colonies Australian States Uruguay USA France Italy Austria Spain Yugoslavia Turkey
ViewAVH Stamp Auctions22 Jan 2022; Sale No: 22 Great Britain Germany Italy world
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