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ViewA B Philea26 Nov 2020; Sale No: 380Klaus Michtner (vendor) Esbjorn Janson (vendor)Sweden Printed matter mail Belgium Brazil Fiume Germany GB Tuscany Russia USA Revenue Stamped Paper
ViewAAK Phila (Kiel, Albert)31 Mar 2001; Sale No: 6 German States Germany & Colonies Italy
ViewAbacus Auctions26 Mar 2021; Sale No: 243Grace Foundation Winchester Ingles Wong Halliday Pryor Todd (vendor)Australia Australian states Victoria Tasmania kangaroos registration envelopes telegrams telegraphs Great Britain France bcx
ViewAchat Collections08 Jul 2021; Sale No: 95 France Cameroun Congo Gabon Guadeloupe Madagascar Nossi-be Tahiti Italy China
ViewAdler & Krone : Sale Catalogues08 Jun 2002; Sale No: 1  
ViewAfinsa30 Oct 2001; Guatemala Nicaragua Guatemala Nicaragua
ViewAix-Phila21 Jan 2021; Sale No: 67 Part No: 2 Germany France Switzerland
ViewAix-Phila26 Jun 2021; Sale No: 68 German POs abroad Kiautschou
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)03 Nov 2020; Sale No: 270 Bermuda Falkland Islands GB
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)01 Dec 2020; Sale No: 271 Australia Hyderabad Italy Japan Saudi Arabia Spain Switzerland GB
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)05 Jan 2021; Sale No: 272 World
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)02 Feb 2021; Sale No: 273 World
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)02 Mar 2021; Sale No: 274 Egypt Nyasaland Saudi Arabia World
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)06 Apr 2021; Sale No: 275 Falkland Islands GB Morocco Agencies
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)04 May 2021; Sale No: 276 Spain Egypt Sweden Great Britain bcx
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)01 Jun 2021; Sale No: 277 Ascension France Germany India Saudi Arabia GB
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)06 Jul 2021; Sale No: 278 China Morocco Agencies Switzerland Togo GB
ViewArgyll Etkin18 Mar 2021; Sale No: 47Walker (vendor)Great Britain bcx Sweden South West Africa cancellations airmail crash stamp boxes Hong Kong Treat Ports KUT Chichester colour trials postal order proofs essays
ViewAthens Auctions16 Dec 2020; Sale No: 85 Greece USA
ViewAthens Auctions24 Feb 2021; Sale No: 86 Greece Hermes heads Greece postmarks Dodecanese Crete Italy
ViewAthens Auctions17 Mar 2021; Sale No: 87 Greece Hermes heads Greece postmarks Crete Germany
ViewAthens Auctions21 Apr 2021; Sale No: 88 France Germany Switzerland Greece Postmarks Aegean
ViewAthens Auctions19 May 2021; Sale No: 89 Greece Hermes heads Greece postmarks Dodecanese Crete Italy China Egypt
ViewAthens Auctions16 Jun 2021; Sale No: 90 Greece Austria Italy
ViewAthens Auctions14 Jul 2021; Sale No: 91 Greece Cyprus Austria German POs & Colonies Israel Liechtenstein
ViewAuckland City Stamps Mail Sales08 Dec 2020; Sale No: 235 NZ Australia Canada GB Hong Kong USA
ViewAuckland City Stamps Mail Sales02 Feb 2021; Sale No: 236 New Zealand Teddy Bear Australia Belgium France
ViewAuckland City Stamps Mail Sales01 Jun 2021; Sale No: 237 New Zealand Great Britain
ViewAuckland City Stamps Public Sales27 Mar 2021; Sale No: 20Al Visini (vendor)New Zealand cancellations Kenya Uganda Tanganyika postcards
ViewAuction Galleries Hamburg28 Jun 2019; Sale No: 13 French Somalia Austria Hungary Switzerland Germany German States Vatican Zeppelin
ViewAustrophil/Rauch (Mail Sales)21 Sep 1979; Sale No: 11 Austria Germany World
ViewAustrophil/Rauch (Public Auctions)14 Dec 2009; Sale No: 152 Part No: 1 Romania
ViewAVH Stamp Auctions21 Nov 2020; Sale No: 16 China Germany Italy USA GB
ViewAVH Stamp Auctions27 Feb 2021; Sale No: 17 GB Australia Germany
ViewAVH Stamp Auctions01 May 2021; Sale No: 18 Liechtenstein Switzerland New Guinea GB
ViewAVH Stamp Auctions17 Jul 2021; Sale No: 19 GB Antigua China Cyprus Gibraltar India Italy Liechtenstein Rhodesia Switzerland USA
ViewBarefoot, John29 Jan 1983; Sale No: 256 Revenues
ViewBarefoot, John1996 philatelic literature
ViewBarefoot, John28 Mar 1997  Europe
ViewBarrell, Bill2017; Sale No: 149 GB postal history & stamps
ViewBarrell, Bill2018; Sale No: 151 GB
ViewBarrell, Bill2021; Sale No: 158 GB Prestamp Mulready QV stamps
ViewBarrell, Bill2021; Sale No: 157 GB
ViewBartlett, Aubrey15 Nov 1991; Sale No: 14 World including Russia Zemstvo
ViewBerman, Alan25 Jun 2005; Sale No: 38 Australia China France Germany Kiautschou GB Italy Zanzibar
ViewBrenner13 Jul 1974; Sale No: 13 Part No: 1 Germany Vatican CGH France Tuscany Liechtenstein Austria Switzerland
ViewBrenner13 Jul 1974; Sale No: 13 Part No: 2 Bavaria Hannover Mecklenberg-Strelitz Prussia Wurttemburg
ViewBriefmarke, Die08 Apr 1995; Sale No: 10 German States, Germany, Europe
ViewBriefmarke, Die10 Feb 1996; Sale No: 12 German States, Germany, Europe, world collection
ViewBritannia Auctions28 Nov 2020; Sale No: 63 Australia Bahamas Barbados Canada Cayman Islands Gabon Germany GB Leeward Islands Straits Settlements St Helena Switzerland USA
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