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Auction House 
Sale Title 
ViewA B Philea31 May 2019; Sale No: 368 Europe Denmark Sweden
ViewAbacus Auctions29 Feb 2020; Sale No: 240 Australia Australian states British Commonwealth Europe picture postcsrds
ViewAchat Collections05 Mar 2020; Sale No: 94 France French colonies Europe British Commonwealth
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)03 Mar 2020; Sale No: 262 Great Britain British Commonwealth Europe
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc10 Jun 1977;   
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc13 Dec 1977; Sale No: 7  
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc08 Apr 1978; Sale No: 9  
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc3 Jun 1978; Sale No: 10 Grunin (vendor) Hargest (vendor)USA
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc21 Oct 1978; Sale No: 11   
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc16 Dec 1978; Sale No: 12  
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc17 Feb 1979; Sale No: 13  USA
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc08 May 1979; Sale No: 14  
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc08 May 1979; Sale No: 15  
ViewAmerican Philatelic Brokers Inc29 Jun 1979; Sale No: 16  USA
ViewApex16 Nov 2003; Sale No: 55 Great Britain British Commonwealth Papua New Guinea
ViewApex18 Jul 2004; Sale No: 60 Great Britain British Commonwealth
ViewArgyll Etkin06 Mar 2020; Sale No: 45Kennedy Evans Chadwick (vendor)Great Britain fakes forgeries Scotland Spain airmails Iraq Rhodesia Lobengula
ViewAshford Stamps25 Jul 2019; Sale No: 90  
ViewAthens Auctions17 Jul 2019; Sale No: 70 Greece
ViewAthens Auctions19 Feb 2020; Sale No: 76 Greece Crete picture postcards
ViewAuckland City Stamps Public Sales07 Mar 2020; Sale No: 18 New Zealand Pitcairn artwork Norfolk Island Mafeking Germany Great Britain
ViewBarrell, Bill2019; Sale No: 154 Great Britain 6 My 1840 Mulready Rainbow Trial
ViewBayerisches Briefmarken Auktion11 May 1923; Sale No: 1 Hanover Netherlands Indies Sicily Spain Victoria
ViewBoule, Maurice29 Nov 2019;  France French colonies airmail maritime Italy
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd09 Jul 2003;  USA Canada Newfoundland New Brunswick Vancouver Island
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd10 Sep 2003;  Canada Great Britain USA Leeward Islands
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd02 Mar 2004;  Great Britain Newfoundland Canada Netherlands
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd09 Jun 2004;  Canada Newfoundland Australia Nova Scotia
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd15 Dec 2004;  Canada British Columbia Newfoundland Prince Edward Island
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd30 Mar 2005;  Canada British Columbia Newfoundland Nova Scotia
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd05 Oct 2005;  Canada Newfoundland
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd14 Dec 2005;  Canada Vancouver Island Nova Scotia Newfoundland
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd29 Mar 2006;  Canada Newfoundland South Australia
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd12 Jul 2006;  Canada Israel Ireland Leeward Islands
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd27 Sep 2006;  Canada Great Britain St Helena Sierra Leone
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd31 Jan 2007;  Great Britain Canada Grenada
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd16 May 2007;  Canada Great Britain USA
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd22 Aug 2007;  Canada British Columbia
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd12 Dec 2007;  Canada Nova Scotia St Vincent Newfoundland
ViewBrigham Auctions Ltd28 May 2008;  Canada Cyprus St Helena
ViewBristol Stamp Auctions03 Jun 2006; Sale No: 193 Great Britain British Commonwealth Europe
ViewBritish Society of Australian Philately24 Feb 2020;  Australia airmails Australian states
ViewBritish West Indies Study Circle (BWISC)25 Apr 2020; Sale No: 48 British West Indies
ViewBühler, Georg17 Jan 2020; Sale No: 330 Germany military Europe Italian states Austria
ViewBuhler, Georg (mail sales)17 Mar 2020; Sale No: 23 Germany Europe
ViewCambridgeshire Philatelic Auctions09 Feb 2020; Sale No: 358 Europe British Commonwealth Great Britain
ViewCherrystone20 Feb 2019; Winterfell (vendor)Germany Europe occupation
ViewCherrystone07 May 2019;  USA CIA invert Western Australia New Guinea Colombia Italy Hungary Great Britain Germany Russia
ViewCherrystone10 Jul 2019; New Amsterdam (vendor)USA inverted Jenny Z grill inverted flags special printings
ViewCherrystone04 Dec 2019; Hawkins (vendor)Albania Austria Belgium Germany Vineta Luxembourg Portugal Spain Switzerland local Zurich Geneva Vaud Helvetia
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