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ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)10 Apr 2020; Sale No: 263 General
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)07 Jul 2020; Sale No: 266 General
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)04 Aug 2020; Sale No: 267 General
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)01 Sep 2020; Sale No: 268 GB BC Europe Germany
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)06 Oct 2020; Sale No: 269 GB Saudi Arabia
ViewArphil28 May 1982;  Lombardy-Venetia
ViewAthens Auctions22 Apr 2020; Sale No: 78 Greece and general
ViewAthens Auctions21 Oct 2020; Sale No: 83 Greece, Cyprus and other stamps
ViewAthens Auctions18 Nov 2020; Sale No: 84 Greece
ViewAuction Phila9 Jul 1991; Sale No: 52 53  British Colonies classics, Italy & Colonies
ViewAustrophil/Rauch (Mail Sales)7 Jun 1994; Sale No: 20  Austria Germany Europe Overseas
ViewBadische Briefmarken GmbH24 Sep 2002; Sale No: 8  Saxony Bergedorf Bavaria Wurttemberg
ViewBadische Briefmarken GmbH21 Jan 2003; Sale No: 9  Germany Luxembourg Austria Netherlands Switzerland Israel Hungary & Thematics
ViewBarrell, Bill2019; Sale No: 153 Great Britain
ViewBritish Society of Australian Philately26 Oct 2020;  Australia & States
ViewBrych, Francois et Fils22 Jul 1994; Sale No: 116 France & Colonies, Europe
ViewCavendish Philatelic Auctions04 Dec 2019; Sale No: 826de Vall Williams Bishop Schumacher Grasham (vendor)Napoleonic wars Burma France Crimean war Jamaica Papua New Guinea WW2 censor Jamaica Sudan Malta Great Britain
ViewCavendish Philatelic Auctions04 Mar 2020; Sale No: 828Jarvis Jones RPSL (vendor)Jamaica die proofs essays New Zealand Cape of Good Hope Great Britain Mulready Franco-Prussian war literature
ViewCavendish Philatelic Auctions08 Sep 2020; Sale No: 832Robert Johnson Cape of Good Hope & Howard Hughes reference collection of Maltese Cross & Numeral Cancellations (part 1) (vendor)Great Britain & Worldwide
ViewCavendish Philatelic Auctions29 Oct 2020; Sale No: 834Royal Philatelic Society Library (vendor)Philatelic literature
ViewChannel Islands Specialists' Society24 Oct 2020;  Channel Islands
ViewCherrystone03 Mar 2020; Rare stamps & postal history of the World
ViewChipperfield, Michael;  Great Britain rarities
ViewClassicphil25 Oct 2020; Sale No: 6 Part No: 1Puschmann (vendor)Levant Mexico Falklands Japan Malaya occupation China Persia Palestine Transjordan North Borneo Saint Vincent Bosnia Austria Liechtenstein Czech Republic New Zealand Germany BC
ViewClassicphil28 Oct 2020; Sale No: 6 Part No: 2Puschmann (vendor)Austria prestamp and Levant
ViewCollectio12 Oct 1994; Sale No: 14-15 Greece
ViewCorinphila (Switzerland)08 Sep 2020; Sale No: 252Besançon (vendor)BWI
ViewCorinphila (Switzerland)09 Sep 2020; Sale No: 250Besançon Ferra (vendor)GB BWI NSW South Australia departmentals Levant Egypt Long Island Tangier Morocco South Africa CGH Rhodesia Austria Albania Germany rocket mail France Greece Italy Romania China USA Asia Africa Mexico Peru South America
ViewCyprus Study Circle22 Oct 2020; Sale No: 120 Cyprus
ViewDerichs, Wilhelm (Berlin)30 Aug 2013; Sale No: 8 Part No: 2Professor Franz collection (vendor)Old German States, German POs abroad
ViewDerichs, Wilhelm (Berlin)22 Mar 2014; Sale No: 9Sansibar collection (vendor)German Post Offices abroad and German Colonies
ViewDerichs, Wilhelm (Berlin)29 Aug 2014; Sale No: 10 Part No: 8Heinz Hepner (vendor)Germany & World
ViewDerichs, Wilhelm (Berlin)29 Aug 2014; Sale No: 8Yokohama Fund (vendor)Postal history of German States, GB & USA
ViewDerichs, Wilhelm (Cologne)02 Dec 2017; Sale No: 150 Part No: 1Peter Beutin (vendor)Classic Germany postmarks
ViewDerichs, Wilhelm (Cologne)28 Nov 2019; Sale No: 157von Lindeiner (vendor)Prussia Memel
ViewDias21 Mar 2020; Sale No: 79 Portugal & Colonies
ViewDias11 Jul 2020; Sale No: 80 Portugal & Colonies
ViewDorotheum05 Sep 2012; Sale No: 7096 Germany Austria Bosnia Herzegovina Europe
ViewDorotheum12 Jun 2019; Sale No: 7148 Germany Austria Europe
ViewDorotheum11 Sep 2019; Sale No: 7149 Germany Austria Europe
ViewDorotheum29 Oct 2019; Sale No: 7150 Austria Germany Europe
ViewDorotheum04 Dec 2019; Sale No: 7151 Germany Austria Europe
ViewDrei Loewen8 Apr 2005; Sale No: 1  Germany, France, World
ViewEbel, Arnold26 Oct 1965; Sale No: 71  Germany Bergedorf Switzerland Hanover Spain Russia Naples British Guiana
ViewEbel, Arnold13 May 1968; Sale No: 78  Germany Switzerland Wurttemberg Finland Iceland Oldenburg Leichtenstein Austria Sweden Switzerland
ViewEbel, Arnold27 Jun 1989; Sale No: 164  Finland Germany Overseas
ViewEngers Frimerker14 Nov 1981; Sale No: 18  Norway Germany Europe Scandinavia British Commonwealth
ViewEngers Frimerker24 Apr 1982; Sale No: 20  Norway Scandinavia Europe Germany
ViewEngers Frimerker18 Sep 1982; Sale No: 21  Norway Scandinavia Germany Europe
ViewEngers Frimerker1 Mar 1986; Sale No: 36  Norway Great Britain Netherlands Denmark Finland
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