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ViewA B Philea26 Nov 2020; Sale No: 380Klaus Michtner (vendor) Esbjorn Janson (vendor)Sweden Printed matter mail Belgium Brazil Fiume Germany GB Tuscany Russia USA Revenue Stamped Paper
ViewAAK Phila (Kiel, Albert)31 Mar 2001; Sale No: 6 German States Germany & Colonies Italy
ViewAbacus Auctions26 Mar 2021; Sale No: 243Grace Foundation Winchester Ingles Wong Halliday Pryor Todd (vendor)Australia Australian states Victoria Tasmania kangaroos registration envelopes telegrams telegraphs Great Britain France bcx
ViewAdler & Krone : Sale Catalogues08 Jun 2002; Sale No: 1  
ViewAfinsa30 Oct 2001; Guatemala Nicaragua Guatemala Nicaragua
ViewAix-Phila21 Jan 2021; Sale No: 67 Part No: 2 Germany France Switzerland
ViewAix-Phila26 Jun 2021; Sale No: 68 German POs abroad Kiautschou
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)03 Nov 2020; Sale No: 270 Bermuda Falkland Islands GB
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)01 Dec 2020; Sale No: 271 Australia Hyderabad Italy Japan Saudi Arabia Spain Switzerland GB
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)05 Jan 2021; Sale No: 272 World
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)02 Feb 2021; Sale No: 273 World
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)02 Mar 2021; Sale No: 274 Egypt Nyasaland Saudi Arabia World
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)06 Apr 2021; Sale No: 275 Falkland Islands GB Morocco Agencies
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)04 May 2021; Sale No: 276 Spain Egypt Sweden Great Britain bcx
ViewAlliance Auctions (John Auld)01 Jun 2021; Sale No: 277 Ascension France Germany India Saudi Arabia GB
ViewArgyll Etkin18 Mar 2021; Sale No: 47Walker (vendor)Great Britain bcx Sweden South West Africa cancellations airmail crash stamp boxes Hong Kong Treat Ports KUT Chichester colour trials postal order proofs essays
ViewAthens Auctions16 Dec 2020; Sale No: 85 Greece USA
ViewAthens Auctions24 Feb 2021; Sale No: 86 Greece Hermes heads Greece postmarks Dodecanese Crete Italy
ViewAthens Auctions17 Mar 2021; Sale No: 87 Greece Hermes heads Greece postmarks Crete Germany
ViewAthens Auctions21 Apr 2021; Sale No: 88 France Germany Switzerland Greece Postmarks Aegean
ViewAthens Auctions19 May 2021; Sale No: 89 Greece Hermes heads Greece postmarks Dodecanese Crete Italy China Egypt
ViewAthens Auctions16 Jun 2021; Sale No: 90 Greece Austria Italy
ViewAuckland City Stamps Mail Sales08 Dec 2020; Sale No: 235 NZ Australia Canada GB Hong Kong USA
ViewAuckland City Stamps Mail Sales02 Feb 2021; Sale No: 236 New Zealand Teddy Bear Australia Belgium France
ViewAuckland City Stamps Mail Sales01 Jun 2021; Sale No: 237 New Zealand Great Britain
ViewAuckland City Stamps Public Sales27 Mar 2021; Sale No: 20Al Visini (vendor)New Zealand cancellations Kenya Uganda Tanganyika postcards
ViewAuction Galleries Hamburg28 Jun 2019; Sale No: 13 French Somalia Austria Hungary Switzerland Germany German States Vatican Zeppelin
ViewAustrophil/Rauch (Mail Sales)21 Sep 1979; Sale No: 11 Austria Germany World
ViewAustrophil/Rauch (Public Auctions)14 Dec 2009; Sale No: 152 Part No: 1 Romania
ViewAVH Stamp Auctions21 Nov 2020; Sale No: 16 China Germany Italy USA GB
ViewAVH Stamp Auctions27 Feb 2021; Sale No: 17 GB Australia Germany
ViewAVH Stamp Auctions01 May 2021; Sale No: 18 Liechtenstein Switzerland New Guinea GB
ViewBarefoot, John29 Jan 1983; Sale No: 256 Revenues
ViewBarefoot, John1996 philatelic literature
ViewBarefoot, John28 Mar 1997  Europe
ViewBarrell, Bill2017; Sale No: 149 GB postal history & stamps
ViewBarrell, Bill2018; Sale No: 151 GB
ViewBarrell, Bill2021; Sale No: 158 GB Prestamp Mulready QV stamps
ViewBartlett, Aubrey15 Nov 1991; Sale No: 14 World including Russia Zemstvo
ViewBerman, Alan25 Jun 2005; Sale No: 38 Australia China France Germany Kiautschou GB Italy Zanzibar
ViewBrenner13 Jul 1974; Sale No: 13 Part No: 1 Germany Vatican CGH France Tuscany Liechtenstein Austria Switzerland
ViewBrenner13 Jul 1974; Sale No: 13 Part No: 2 Bavaria Hannover Mecklenberg-Strelitz Prussia Wurttemburg
ViewBriefmarke, Die08 Apr 1995; Sale No: 10 German States, Germany, Europe
ViewBriefmarke, Die10 Feb 1996; Sale No: 12 German States, Germany, Europe, world collection
ViewBritannia Auctions28 Nov 2020; Sale No: 63 Australia Bahamas Barbados Canada Cayman Islands Gabon Germany GB Leeward Islands Straits Settlements St Helena Switzerland USA
ViewBritannia Stamp Bureau29 Apr 1987; Sale No: 230  GB postal history ephemera St Helena
ViewBritannia Stamp Bureau14 Jul 1987; Sale No: 231 GB postal history ephemera Tasmania Victoria
ViewBritish Society of Australian Philately07 Jan 2019  Australia
ViewBritish Society of Australian Philately01 Mar 2021 Australia
ViewBritish West Indies Study Circle (BWISC)22 May 2021; Sale No: 49Charles Freeland (vendor)British West Indies
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