Auction Catalogues Held and Wanted by RPSL

The list below shows the auction catalogues in the Authority file together with whether held in the RPSL Library (Held or Wanted) and whether a digital version is available (enter "Digital" to filter).
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House Name 
Sale Place 
Sale Title 
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ViewDetailWanted 2020 Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Shrewsbury2020050505 May 2020;  stamps postal history0...X
ViewDetailWanted 2020 Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Shrewsbury2020091717 Sep 2020;  stamps postal history0...X
ViewDetailWanted 2020 Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Shrewsbury2020092828 Sep 2020;   0...X
ViewDetailWanted 2020 Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Shrewsbury2020121010 Dec 2020;  stamps postal history0...X
ViewDetailWanted 2020 Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Shrewsbury2021022727 Feb 2021;   0...X
ViewDetailWanted 2020 Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Shrewsbury2021051111 May 2021;   0...X
ViewDetailWanted 2020 Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Shrewsbury2021071313 Jul 2021;   0...X
ViewDetailWanted 21st Century AuctionsAustralia: Upwey2005052828 May 2005; Sale No: 1   0...X
ViewDetailWanted 21st Century AuctionsAustralia: Upwey2005112626 Nov 2005; Sale No: 2   0...X
ViewDetailWanted 21st Century AuctionsAustralia: Upwey2006032525 Mar 2006; Sale No: 3   0...X
ViewDetailHeld 21st Century AuctionsAustralia: Upwey2006072929 Jul 2006; Sale No: 4  Australian States Australia bcx world125...X
ViewDetailWanted 21st Century AuctionsAustralia: Melbourne2006112525 Nov 2006; Sale No: 5  GRI Australia0...X
ViewDetailWanted 21st Century AuctionsAustralia: Upwey2007042121 Apr 2007; Sale No: 6   0...X
ViewDetailWanted 21st Century AuctionsAustralia: Upwey2007113030 Nov 2007; Sale No: 8   0...X
ViewDetailWanted 21st Century AuctionsAustralia: Upwey200804055 Apr 2008; Sale No: 9   0...X
ViewDetailHeld 3 FIL : Sale CataloguesItaly: Teramo2016040Apr 2016; Sale No: 41 Italian States Italy San Marino Germany Greece Russia874...X
ViewDetailHeld 3 FIL : Sale CataloguesItaly: Teramo2018030Mar 2018; Sale No: 45 Italian States Italy & colonies Portugal Spain 874...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2008102222 Oct 2008; Sale No: 269   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2009012121 Jan 2009; Sale No: 272   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2009021818 Feb 2009; Sale No: 273   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2009032929 Mar 2009; Sale No: 274   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2009042222 Apr 2009; Sale No: 275   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2009051616 May 2009; Sale No: 276   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm201010099 Oct 2010; Sale No: 290   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2010112020 Nov 2010; Sale No: 291   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2010121515 Dec 2010; Sale No: 292   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2011021616 Feb 2011; Sale No: 293   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2011051414 May 2011; Sale No: 295   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2011061515 Jun 2011; Sale No: 296   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2011082424 Aug 2011; Sale No: 297   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2012021313 Feb 2012; Sale No: 301   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm201205055 May 2012; Sale No: 302   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2012061313 Jun 2012; Sale No: 303   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2012082222 Aug 2012; Sale No: 304   0...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaFinland: Lahti2015041212 Apr 2015; Sale No: 324  0...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2015052323 May 2015; Sale No: 326  Sweden Finland Lund postal museum Denmark Greenland Estonia France ballon monté1711...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm201510077 Oct 2015; Sale No: 329  Sweden Denmark Iceland Finland Greenland Norway Prince Edward Island France Germany Netherlands1711...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm201511011 Nov 2015; Sale No: 330  Scandinavia Sweden Zeppelin mail Slania engravings Germany1711...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaFinland: Helsinki2015112828 Nov 2015; Sale No: 331  Finland1711...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm201512022 Dec 2015; Sale No: 331  Sweden1711...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Goteborg201512077 Dec 2015; Sale No: 331  Sweden Europe collections1711...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2016012020 Jan 2016; Sale No: 332 Scandinavia0...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Goteborg2016031414 Mar 2016; Sale No: 333  Sweden1711...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2016031616 Mar 2016; Sale No: 333  Sweden1711...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2016042020 Apr 2016; Sale No: 334  Sweden Denmark Danish West Indies Faroes Finland Schleswig1711...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2016052828 May 2016; Sale No: 335  China Sweden Russia1711...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2016061515 Jun 2016; Sale No: 336  Hong Kong1711...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2016101212 Oct 2016; Sale No: 338 Scandinavia0...X
ViewDetailHeld A B PhileaSweden: Stockholm2016112626 Nov 2016; Sale No: 339  Sweden France China1711...X
ViewDetailWanted A B PhileaFinland: Helsinki2016120303 Dec 2016; Sale No: 340  0...X
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