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Sale Place 
Sale Title 
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ViewDetailHeld 21st Century AuctionsAustralia: Upwey2006072929 Jul 2006; Sale No: 4  Australian States Australia bcx world125...X
ViewDetailHeld A.B.C. Stamp Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Wolverhampton1993031313 Mar 1993; Sale No: 54  96...X
ViewDetailHeld A.B.C. Stamp Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Wolverhampton1993071010 Jul 1993; Sale No: 58  96...X
ViewDetailHeld A.B.C. Stamp Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Wolverhampton1993080707 Aug 1993; Sale No: 59  96...X
ViewDetailHeld A.B.C. Stamp Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Wolverhampton1993091111 Sep 1993; Sale No: 60  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Abacus AuctionsAustralia: Mount Waverley2024022121 Feb 2024; Sale No: 255Perry Pearce Dwyer Hopper Patterson (vendor)Australia Australian states picture postcards Cocos British Commonwealth Fiji China Europe110...X
ViewDetailHeld Abacus AuctionsAustralia: Mount Waverley2024052121 May 2024; Sale No: 256McMahon Lower Groom Doncaster Perry (vendor)Australia Australian states British Commonwealth Europe Long Island USA18...X
ViewDetailHeld Abbey Philatelic CompanyUK: London1985121717 Dec 1985; Sale No: 10  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Abbey Philatelic CompanyUK: London1987121515 Dec 1987; Sale No: 21  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Abbey Philatelic CompanyUK: London1988021616 Feb 1988; Sale No: 22  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Abbey Philatelic CompanyUK: London1989013131 Jan 1989; Sale No: 28  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Abbey Philatelic CompanyUK: London1989022828 Feb 1989; Sale No: 29  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Abbey Philatelic CompanyUK: London1989041818 Apr 1989; Sale No: 30  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Abbey Philatelic CompanyUK: London1990022727 Feb 1990; Sale No: 35  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Abbey Philatelic CompanyUK: London1997042222 Apr 1997; Sale No: 79  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Acorn Philatelic AuctionsUK: Manchester1997101414 Oct 1997; Sale No: 185  131...X
ViewDetailHeld AJH Stamps LtdUK: Clayton-le-Moors1989011818 Jan 1989; Sale No: 113  101...X
ViewDetailHeld AJH Stamps LtdUK: Clayton-le-Moors1989021515 Feb 1989; Sale No: 114  101...X
ViewDetailHeld AJH Stamps LtdUK: Clayton-le-Moors1989031515 Mar 1989; Sale No: 115  101...X
ViewDetailHeld AJH Stamps LtdUK: Clayton-le-Moors1989122020 Dec 1989; Sale No: 123  101...X
ViewDetailHeld AJH Stamps LtdUK: Clayton-le-Moors1993031717 Mar 1993; Sale No: 162  101...X
ViewDetailHeld AJH Stamps LtdUK: Clayton-le-Moors1993102020 Oct 1993; Sale No: 169  101...X
ViewDetailHeld AJH Stamps LtdUK: Clayton-le-Moors1995031515 Mar 1995; Sale No: 186  95...X
ViewDetailHeld Allan, RichardUK: Shrewsbury1995103131 Oct 1995; Sale No: 115  110...X
ViewDetailHeld Allan, RichardUK: Shrewsbury1996013131 Jan 1996; Sale No: 118 China GB British Commonwealth143...X
ViewDetailHeld Allan, RichardUK: London2013121010 Dec 2013; Sale No: 314   4...X
ViewDetailHeld Alliance Auctions (John Auld)UK: Bishops Stortford2023121919 Dec 2023; Sale No: 307 GB bcx world160...X
ViewDetailHeld Alliance Auctions (John Auld)UK: Bishops Stortford2024012323 Jan 2024; Sale No: 308  147...X
ViewDetailHeld Alliance Auctions (John Auld)UK: Bishops Stortford2024022020 Feb 2024; Sale No: 309  110...X
ViewDetailHeld Alliance Auctions (John Auld)UK: Bishops Stortford2024031919 Mar 2024; Sale No: 310  96...X
ViewDetailHeld Alliance Auctions (John Auld)UK: Bishops Stortford2024042323 Apr 2024; Sale No: 311  18...X
ViewDetailHeld Alliance Auctions (John Auld)UK: Bishops Stortford2024052121 May 2024; Sale No: 312  18...X
ViewDetailHeld Andersson, Sören & CoSweden: Stockholm1986030101 Mar 1986; Sale No: 10 Sweden Scandinavia40...X
ViewDetailHeld Andersson, Sören & CoSweden: Stockholm1988022727 Feb 1988; Sale No: 12 Sweden Scandinavia40...X
ViewDetailHeld Andersson, Sören & CoSweden: Stockholm1989031111 Mar 1989; Sale No: 13 Sweden Scandinavia40...X
ViewDetailHeld ApexUK: Kingston1997042525 Apr 1997; Sale No: 13 GB world13...X
ViewDetailHeld ApexUK: Kingston201210044 Oct 2012; Sale No: 118  GB Germany Switzerland world13...X
ViewDetailHeld Argyll EtkinUK: London2024042525 Apr 2024; Sale No: 54Gregory Qureshi Peters (vendor)GB free franks Saint Helena Bhopal India Malaya Iraq air mails Ceylon Niger Coast 48...X
ViewDetailHeld Athens AuctionsGreece: Athens2024011010 Jan 2024; Sale No: 118 Greece Crete Italian occupation Cyprus France Germany world83...X
ViewDetailHeld Auckland City Stamps Public SalesNew Zealand: Auckland2024030909 Mar 2024; Sale No: 26Moller (vendor)New Zealand Chalon110...X
ViewDetailHeld Auckland City Stamps Public SalesNew Zealand: Auckland2024051818 May 2024; Sale No: noneCraig (vendor)New Zealand revenues postal fiscals47...X
ViewDetailHeld AVH Stamp AuctionsUK: Welwyn Garden City2024011313 Jan 2024; Sale No: 32 GB France & colonies Germany bcx Europe160...X
ViewDetailHeld AVH Stamp AuctionsUK: Welwyn Garden City2024031616 Mar 2024; Sale No: 33  96...X
ViewDetailHeld AVH Stamp AuctionsUK: Welwyn Garden City2024060101 Jun 2024; Sale No: 34 France French colonies Germany Europe British Commonwealth Great Britain18...X
ViewDetailHeld B. H. Cover Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Evesham1986062020 Jun 1986; Sale No: 51/22 Great Britain FDC129...X
ViewDetailHeld B. H. Cover Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Evesham1987050101 May 1987; Sale No: 58/29 Great Britain FDC129...X
ViewDetailHeld Baldwin's : Sale CataloguesUK: London2024032626 Mar 2024; Sale No: S24005 World25...X
ViewDetailHeld Baldwin's : Sale CataloguesUK: London2024032828 Mar 2024; Sale No: S24002Singapore Philatelic Museum (vendor)QV Singapore (including India used in)88...X
ViewDetailHeld Barum Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Barnstaple1986082323 Aug 1986; Sale No: 76  32...X
ViewDetailHeld Barum Auctions : Sale CataloguesUK: Exeter1986092727 Sep 1986; Sale No: 77  32...X
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