Philatelic Collections – A Selection of Society Collections Held

Members of the Society and others have made a number of generous donations ranging from single items to major collections and the list below, although not exhaustive as it is continually being updated, gives an indication of the range currently available for study:

  • H.C.V. Adams Collection – King George V Great Britain Essays and Proofs
  • David Bernhard Collection – Nevis
  • Dieter Bortfeldt Collection – Great Britain
  • Louis Bradbury Collection – Bahamas
  • Dr. Ray Ceresa Collection – Armenia and Russia Forgeries
  • Col. A. W. Chambers Collection – Great Britain 1d red plates 71-225
  • Clements Collection – Tasmania
  • T. E. Clougher Collection – Canada and Prince Edwards Island
  • David Cohen and Lt. Col. J.B.M. Stanton Collection – Chalon Head
  • James Cummings Collections – Australia, Denmark, Great Britain, Norway, New Zealand
  • E.W. Mann Collection – Natal
  • Dr. Theodore Groom Collection – Greece Large Hermes Heads
  • Richard William Thomas Lees-Jones Collection – Canada 1890-1950
  • Walter Manley Holman – King George V 1935 Silver Jubilee
  • P. C. Swann Collection – Newfoundland
  • Universal Postal Union Foreign Collection 1910-1998
  • Edward Desiré Ermanos van Weenan Collection – Tasmania and Victoria
  • Winstanley Collections – GB 1935 (GVI) - 1981, South Africa, SW Africa, British Empire
  • Dr. Francis Ernest Wood Collection – Sungei Ujong
  • The British Somaliland Collection
  • Ian Paton Collection – American Thematic Exhibit of USA History 1492-1912
  • Scottish Philatelic Society Whole World Forgery Collection
  • Postal Stationery Collection Foreign, Commonwealth and GV
  • W.G. Taveira Collection – Great Britain
  • Perkins Bacon Die Proofs
  • IR Embossed Revenue Collection
  • Alma Lee Switzerland 1882-1986 (Scans bound in book form)
  • Donald Gray Netherlands & Colonies (Scans bound in book form)

How to view / study a collection

All collections held by the Society are available for members to view and study under appropriate restricted and secure conditions. If you wish to make arrangements to view a collection, please contact the Curator, Philatelic Collections, stating your interest, collections that you would like to view and reason for research. Please note that it is not practicable to view material on meeting days. You can contact the Curator, Philatelic Collections by letter or email.

Please write to:
Curator, Philatelic Collections
The Royal Philatelic Society London
15 Abchurch Lane,
London EC4N 7BW, UK

Or email: