The 1st Annual Crawford Festival: 28th-29th June 2022


The first Crawford Medal,
awarded in 1920 to
Hugo Griebert for
“The Stamps of Spain 1850-1854”
now held at the Society in the
Spear Museum of Philatelic History


The theme of the Festival is “How to write a book – A practical guide to producing a work of philatelic literature”


The eight books shortlisted for this year's Crawford Medal have been announced. The winner will be revealed at the end of the Festival on 29th June.

The Festival

This two-day event, intended to celebrate the contribution of philatelic literature, will be held at the RPSL at 15 Abchurch Lane.
A keynote address entitled Crawford in Context, the place of the 26th Earl in philatelic history by David Beech FRPSL will open the programme on 28th June, with contributions through the first day on resources for research.
The second day, 29th June, opened by Brian Trotter RDP Hon. FRPSL, will concentrate on the practical aspects of producing a book. The afternoon will see the presentation of this year’s Crawford Medal.
The detailed programme for the 2 days can be viewed here.
The Crawford Festival is open to everyone, both RPSL members and non-members. To reserve your place via Eventbrite click here.
The Earl of Crawford K.T. (1847-1913), A Short Biographical Sketch by Ron Negus FRPSL published as a supplement to The London Philatelist in 2002 can be viewed here.

The Shortlist

Title: Analysis of worldwide postal wrappers: attributes of postal stationery, postal history and social philately, volumes 1&2
Author: Courtis, John K
Publisher: The Postal History Society
Publication Date: 2021
Details: Hardback, xviii+436p; x,437-906p, ill., 29cm
ISBN: 9780853770350

Title: Ceylon: The Pence Issues
Author: Kimmel, Kurt and Pearson, Patrick
Publisher: RPSL
Publication Date: 2020
Details: Hardback, viii, 592p, ill., 29cm
ISBN: 9781913015053

Title: Postal stationery of Denmark: the bi-coloured issue 1871-1905, volume 1: the production and varieties; volume 2: the usage.
Author: Engelbrecht, Lars
Publisher: Engelbrecht, Lars
Publication Date: 2021
Details: Hardback, 417p; 418-848p, ill., 31cm
The original Danish title is Danmarks Helsager – den tofarvede udgave 1871-1905.
ISBN: 9788797144138

Title: The 19th century issues of El Salvador 1867-1900
Author: Gallegos, Guillermo F. and Hahn, Joseph D.
Publisher: RPSL
Publication Date: 2021
Details: Hardback, xvi, 878p, ill., 29cm
ISBN: 9781913015145

Title: Slovensko 1938-1945: poštová história, zväzok 1& 2
Author: Bachraty, Miroslav
Publisher: Bachraty, Miroslav
Publication Date: 2020
Details: Hardback, 394p; 395-773p, ill., 31cm
ISBN: 9788057016229

Title: The Inks of De La Rue & Co. and their introduction of synthetic and aniline ingredients c.1850-1910
Author: Young, Peter
Publisher: RPSL
Publication Date: 2021
Details: Hardback, xviii, 414p, ill, 29cm
ISBN: 9781913015091

Title: Os Correios Portugueses 1853-1900 (2 volumes)
Author: Vaz Pereira, Pedro
Publisher: Correios de Portugal / Federação Portuguesa de Filatelia
Publication Date: 2021
Details: Hardback, 621+636p, ill, 25cm
ISBN: 9789899873025

Title: La storia postale della Toscana 1851-1862
Author: Mentaschi, Mario and Morani, Vittorio
Publisher: Post Horn
Publication Date: 2021
Details: Hardback, 444p, ill, 31cm
ISBN: 9788894528725