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Our Archivist holds about 700 handouts provided by displayers at meetings since 1918. These range from single sheets of paper listing the items on display to extensive publications including complex images that can be regarded as significant contributions to the literature. Explanatory notes were at first provided only occasionally but have become normal practice since the 1980s. Many contain material of value to researchers and their production quality has steadily improved. These have been scanned and converted to searchable PDF documents.

5pm meetings that have been videoed may be viewed on YouTube, accessible through links on the members’ home page.

Forthcoming Meetings at the Royal Philatelic Society London

Thursday 31 October 2019 at 1pm: Patrick Reid - Tasmania
Tasmania is the smallest of the Australian States and offers a great variety of collecting opportunities. This display illustrates a wide range of material. Sections are included on: early postal history; some Courier and Chalon issues; the later stamp issues i.e. sidefaces, tablets and pictorials; revenues, including postage stamps used for revenue purposes.; postal stationery; the rise and fall of the frank stamp system; the story of Port Arthur in postcards; Tattersall’s lottery and the schemes to avoid the postal ban; informative and instructional markings, including tax marks and some railway stamps ensure there should be something for everyone.

Thursday 7 November 2019 at 5pm: Richard Wheatley - Egypt: The Hotel Post Offices
First came the merchants on the Overland Route to the Far East, to be followed from 1869 by voyagers on the ships sailing through the newly opened Suez Canal. Some stopped in Egypt to discover the ancient temples and these tourists required hotel accommodation and to correspond back home. So the magnificent hotels came into being, some of them with post offices inside. This is their story.

Thursday 21 November 2019 at 1pm: Display by the South East Region
32 Fellows and Members of the South East Region will be using the 42 frames to present a very wide range of material. There will be some pre-adhesive items, classics, airmails, plenty of postal history and of course some interesting traditional philatelic subjects. Thematics are included and there are some unusual, rarely seen displays such as perfins and uncatalogued Imperial Russia.

Thursday 12 December at 5pm: Seija-Riitta Laakso - Paris by Night
Paris in the Belle Époque era, ca 1896–1915: drama theatre, light-hearted operettas, most beautiful singers and actresses, cocottes, the French can-can, rough cabarets, and all the nightlife behind and beyond. The wild nineties, and the beginning of a new century! Picture postcards played an important role in this sparkling, world famous business. They were published for advertising and collecting, and to be sent to friends all over the world. The postcards were drawn by renowned artists or photographed by well-known ateliers, they were miniature versions of famous posters, or hand-tinted and glittered pieces of luxury... A cultural treasure for posterity!


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