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Past Meetings

Our Archivist holds about 700 handouts provided by displayers at meetings since 1918. These range from single sheets of paper listing the items on display to extensive publications including complex images that can be regarded as significant contributions to the literature. Explanatory notes were at first provided only occasionally but have become normal practice since the 1980s. Many contain material of value to researchers and their production quality has steadily improved. These have been scanned and converted to searchable PDF documents.

5pm meetings that have been videoed may be viewed on YouTube, accessible through links on the members’ home page.

Forthcoming Meetings at the Royal Philatelic Society London

Thursday 12 September 2019 at 1pm: Display from the Royal Philatelic Collection, Courtesy of Her Majesty The Queen
The opening display of the 2019/2020 season – and the first display at the Society’s new home, 15 Abchurch Lane – will be material from New South Wales and Western Australia. As usual, this display will be restricted to Fellows and Members only.
Should you be aware of any non-members who collect this field, you may wish to invite them to submit an application to join the RPSL.

Thursday 26 September 2019 at 1pm: Regional Display: North Region
32 Fellows and Members from Yorkshire and Tyne and Wear in the North Region will take advantage of the increased number of frames at 15 Abchurch Lane. The display in 60 frames will cover 18 countries. Half of the display will be postal history and the remaining frames will include traditional philately, postal stationery, ephemera, postcards and cinderella material.

Thursday 10 October 2019 at 1pm: Edward Klempka: Russian Civil War - Foreign Armies Fighting in Russia 1917–1923
It is a fitting tribute to the soldiers of many foreign armies who fought in Russia against the Bolshevik’s that to mark the 100th anniversary of allied activity, that a display of the postal history of the period is shown to Members and Fellows of the RPSL. The display shows postal history from the following armies ; Belgium, British Empire (Canada, India and New Zealand), Czechoslovakia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania. Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Finland), Turkey, the United States) and Yugoslavia. In addition to the Allied Military involvement material is included from Germany and Turkey together with material from the many White Armies fighting in Russia.

Thursday 31 October 2019 at 1pm: Patrick Reid: Tasmania
Tasmania is the smallest of the Australian States and offers a great variety of collecting opportunities. This display illustrates a wide range of material. Sections are included on: early postal history; some Courier and Chalon issues; the later stamp issues i.e. sidefaces, tablets and pictorials; revenues, including postage stamps used for revenue purposes.; postal stationery; the rise and fall of the frank stamp system; the story of Port Arthur in postcards; Tattersall’s lottery and the schemes to avoid the postal ban; informative and instructional markings, including tax marks and some railway stamps ensure there should be something for everyone.


An Event at the RPSL: Conserving Our Printed Heritage

Saturday 28 September 2019 12pm to 4 pm: Come and join us in our new home at 15 Abchurch Lane for an informal afternoon celebrating London's printed heritage.

Perkins Bacon records

During the last year, grant funding from AIM, The Pilgrim Trust and NCMT has enabled us to conserve our significant archive of Perkins Bacon & Co. who were the printers of the Penny Black. This unique material reveals much about the history of security printing and gives an important insight into the inner workings of a Victorian business in London.

During the afternoon, conservator Victoria Stevens ACR from The Institute of Conservation will reveal how she has restored these important pieces of London history, bookbinder Ian Barnes will discuss binding techniques, and Dr Richard Morel FRPSL will give a brief introduction to conducting research and exploring the wider historical context of the material.

The event is free and includes tea/coffee and a tour of our new library and museum, but booking is essential. Click here for more details. Click here to book tickets.

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All 5pm meetings will be broadcast live on YouTube (and available subsequently); a link will be placed on the members’ home page shortly before the event.

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