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Our Archivist holds about 700 handouts provided by displayers at meetings since 1918. These range from single sheets of paper listing the items on display to extensive publications including complex images that can be regarded as significant contributions to the literature. Explanatory notes were at first provided only occasionally but have become normal practice since the 1980s. Many contain material of value to researchers and their production quality has steadily improved. These have been scanned and converted to searchable PDF documents.

5pm meetings that have been videoed may be viewed on YouTube, accessible through links on the members’ home page.

Forthcoming Meetings at No. 41

Thursday 14 September 2017 at 1 pm. Her Majesty The Queen's Collection: West Indies
Restricted to Fellows and Members only. The display focuses on the Bahamas and Jamaica, with selections from the Cayman Islands albums. The Bahamas, conventionally treated as part of the West Indies, appears never to have been shown fully to the Society, and the display this year will include King George VI material. Jamaica was last shown fully 45 years ago (and included material from both King George VI’s reign as well as pre-Independence material, as will this year’s display). The Cayman Islands (for long a Dependency of Jamaica until the latter’s Independence) nevertheless had some interesting stamp issues of its own which will be shown, including the material relating to the ‘dolphin fish’ episode.

Thursday 28 September 2017 at 5 pm. Jean Voruz: Geneva from the Cantonal to the Federal Post
The birth of the Swiss Franc in Geneva was one of the most amazing processes in Swiss postal history. From 1843 Geneva had issued its own Cantonal stamps that used the same standard as French currency. The new Federal State decided on postal and monetary unification. The display shows exceptional letters franked at rates before and after the unification and during the transition period supporting the change of parity from 70 to 100 Swiss Rappen for 1 Franc of Geneva.

Thursday 12 October at 1 pm. Deutscher Altbriefsammler-Verein: Group Display

Thursday 26 October at 1 pm. Belgian Congo Study Circle: Group Display



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