The Devonshire Bowl and Plate


The Society’s first One Frame (16-sheet single frame format) competition took place at 41 Devonshire Place on Thursday 12 July 2018. The competition allows all members to participate, as this is an “open” event enabling all subjects and classes, recognised under the existing ABPS categories, to compete and enjoy the competition. There is no entry charge, but entries are limited to one per person.

No event took place in 2019 due to the relocation of the Society to Abchurch Lane. Then the event was not able to be held in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is with great pleasure that I am pleased to announce that the One Frame Competition will return to the Royal and is to take place on Thursday 7th July 2022.

Entry forms are now available here as well as at 15 Abchurch Lane, so please enter now, but only one entry each please. So think about what is best for this historic return of the only RPSL members competition being held for the first time at 15 Abchurch Lane.

The same rules will apply as before, when the competition was held at Devonshire Place. All those attending the Royal on the day will be given a voting slip allowing each member to make three choices in order of their preference. Only one slip per member, who will sign a log when given a slip. A simple 3,2,1 point scoring will then be applied and should there be a tie then our President, Peter Cockburn FRPSL and Christopher Harman RDP Hon FRPSL will make the final decision. Both First and Runner Up will be awarded either the “Devonshire Bowl” or “ Devonshire Plate” which will then be engraved and held on display at the Royal.

Though there is not an entry charge there will be a mailing fee covering the cost of returning a standard 16 page exhibit. This has been set at £10 for domestic and £15 for off shore or overseas entries. The mailing will be on a secured courier or similar basis and packed in a protective cardboard postal box.

Clearly Thursday 7th July is going to be a very busy day and the careful mounting of exhibits as well as allowing members suitable viewing time will prove interesting! The latest time for exhibits to be received is set at 11.00 a.m. on the day of the Competition, which will commence at 1.00 p.m. To assist members the delivery of exhibits can be made to the Royal from Thursday 16th June.

Collection after the competition will require each member to sign off or alternatively request that the exhibit is mailed back, which is an option.

I ask that as many of you as possible join in what will be a fun event, for which refreshments will be available throughout and the results announced on Competition Day at 5 p.m .

Alan Holyoake RDP FRPSL

The Bowl

The Devonshire Bowl is an impressive solid silver embossed bowl from a major collection, first made in Birmingham in 1969. Together with this bowl there is a 10-inch silver plate that is awarded to the runner-up.

Click here to view 2018 Winner