Online Presentations

This page is intended to list any upcoming online philatelic presentations of which we have become aware.

If you have additional events please inform and he will endeavour to add the details to the list.

Details Date Time Title Speaker Organisation
Register 17 October 2020 4pm CEST Antwortkarten im internationalen Postverkehr: Von den ersten Karten in Deutschland zu einer UPU-weiten Versendungsform Eric Scherer Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V.
View 18 October 2020 9pm SGT The importance of 'Knowledge & Research' in Postal History Exhibiting Andrew Cheung FIP Postal History Commission
Register 20 October 2020 10pm EDT IAP/NPM Online Symposium 2020 Part 3 (register by September 30, 2020 on the IAP website)   Institute for Analytical Philately
Register 20 October 2020 6:30pm EDT Philate-organology: Musical Instruments on Postage Stamps Jayson Dobney American Philatelic Society
View 21 October 2020 6pm EDT Baseball and Philately from the Vault of the National Postal Museum Daniel Piazza Collectors Club New York
Register 22 October 2020 10pm EDT IAP/NPM Online Symposium 2020 Part 4 (register by September 30, 2020 on the IAP website)   Institute for Analytical Philately
Register 26-30 October 2020 See APS Website 2020 Postal History Symposium Multiple speakers American Philatelic Society
View 29 October 2020 3pm GMT Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II Registered Envelopes Frank Walton Royal Philatelic Society London
View 30 October 2020 9pm CEST 1945-1947 - Storie dal confine Orientale (1945-1947 - Stories from the Eastern border) Carlo Amedeo Giovanardi CIFO/CIFT
Register 31 October 2020 4pm CEST Deutsche Inflation 1916 -1923 - eine Tour d'horizon Johannes Hoffner Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V.
View 4 November 2020 6pm EDT Collectors Club Single-frame Exhibition Dr. Louis Pataki Collectors Club New York
View 6 November 2020 9pm CEST Filatelia e sistema postale in tempi di coronavirus (Philately and the postal system in times of coronavirus) Fabio Bonacina CIFO/CIFT
View 12 November 2020 9pm CEST Stato Pontificio: la posta per l’interno (1852/1870) (Papal State: the internal post office (1852/1870)) Michele Passoni CIFO/CIFT
Register 14 November 2020 4pm CEST Ein thematisches Exponat richtig aufbauen: Erfahrungen aus der „Montforter Schule“ Franz Zehenter Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V.
View 27 November 2020 9pm CEST Italian Machine Cancels - what is marcophily? Stephan Jürgens CIFO/CIFT
Register 28 November 2020 4pm CEST Von Glücksburg, über Inzlingen zur Pfaueninsel - Eine philatelistische Rundreise über „Burgen und Schlösser“ Matthias Schellhorn Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V.
Register 12 December 2020 4pm CEST Internationale Antwortscheine – Das Beispiel "Polen" Michael Lenke Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V.


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"The Philatelic Revolution"

At the moment, it is an exciting time to be a philatelist, and there is a growing philatelic community on social media and the Internet. Indeed, this is something of a philatelic "revolution". You can click here to view a YouTube video about it. The video is by Graham Beck, of New Jersey, USA and he was interviewed about philately and his YouTube videos by BBC Radio Berkshire. You can listen to the radio interview by clicking here.