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Paris in the Belle Époque era, ca 1896–1915: drama theatre, light-hearted operettas, most beautiful singers and actresses, cocottes, the French can-can, rough cabarets, and all the nightlife behind and beyond. The wild nineties, and the beginning of a new century! Picture postcards played an important role in this sparkling, world famous business. They were published for advertising and collecting, and to be sent to friends all over the world. The postcards were drawn by renowned artists or photographed by well-known ateliers, they were miniature versions of famous posters, or hand-tinted and glittered pieces of luxury... A cultural treasure for posterity!

Although stage coach companies were the first to use early American railroads to carry mails under contract in the early 1830s, it was not until 1838 that railroad companies were contracted for this service. In that year, all railroads were designated “Post Roads”. The development of services initially using Route Agents to accompany the mails developing to Railway Post Offices introduced widely in 1864 are illustrated using covers bearing a wide range of railroad markings.

As Claire Scott explains 'Brunei, the country of my birth, has never before formed the subject of a major display to the Society. The display uses the stamps, postal history and ephemera of the country to tell the story of its development, beginning with the concession issue of 1895 and continuing through joining the Straits Settlements Postal Union in 1906, the UPU in 1916 and then, with the advent of airmail services and the discovery of oil, to becoming one of the wealthiest but smallest countries in the world. The display ends with the death of “my” Sultan in 1988.'


Fellows and Members of the Thames Valley Region will be using the 42 frames to present a very wide range of material. There will be some pre-adhesive items, classics, airmails, plenty of postal history and of course some interesting traditional philatelic subjects.