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Starting in 1652 and ending with the Postal Reforms of 1840, the British Franking System represents nearly 200 years of official mail postal history. This display describes its evolution. Ways in which official letters were handled before the Franking System are illustrated, along with features which were retained after the Franking System was introduced. Relevant handstamps are shown such as the rare experimental datestamp of 1799. Correspondence with Francis Freeling is used in an attempt to clarify aspects of the system.

Two complementary systems developed in parallel with the Franking System. One, with letters marked To Be Delivered Free, was used for soldier's letters and for some charities; it was also used to bypass some of the Franking System's Regulations. The other system was used in the Ship Letter Office on correspondence to or from overseas.

After finding philately in Wiltshire in the late 1970s, Lesley Marley has subsequently reached the summit of thematic collecting worldwide. Lesley was a founder member of the West of England Thematic Society, or WETS (which, given her eventual thematic focus, is very fitting) before beginning her voyage into deeper waters. She was the first British winner of an international Large Gold for Thematics, and was placed first in the Champions' Class at the 2015 European Championship for Thematic Philately. She has captured awards of every shade, and continues to explore uncharted areas in her search for material to bolster her whales and whaling collection. The display promises to be a marvellous opportunity to view a collection which has been competitively adjudged to be the best of its kind in the world. For those of you who have an interest in a genus of intelligent mammals which, after centuries of unbridled exploitation still faces the threat of extinction, you will not be disappointed.


THE EAST REGION OF THE ROYAL encompasses the Counties of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire. The inaugural East regional meeting was held in November 1997, one of the first to be held in the United Kingdom. Alan Moorcroft arranged the meeting at the Essex County Cricket Club and annual meetings have been held there ever since. These have always been well-attended, with an average of 45 members and guests. The East Region displayed to the Royal in October 2008, and the members are delighted to be asked by our President Richard Stock to provide a 1 o'clock display in 2020. Thirty-two members have contributed to a display, showing 42 frames of material. The aim was for as many members as possible from the Region to display and to show a broad range of philatelic disciplines and areas. The displays are arranged in alphabetical order of the surname of the member displaying. We hope all those attending will enjoy the displays.

Regional Representatives: Kenneth Burr FRPSL, Larry Lewendon FRPSL and Alan Moorcroft FRPSL

Jon Aitchison FRPSL - Israel's Green Postage-paid Official Registered Labels.

Kenneth Burr FRPSL Valparaiso; Postal History mid 19th to early 20th century

Mick Carter - British Occupation of former Italian Colonies

Andrew Cawdron - Air Mail, France

Christopher Cooksey - FRPSL Internment Camps in Southern Rhodesia during WWII

John Copeland - Reg Carter and Comic Postcards

Don Davies FRPSL - An Appreciation of GB Classic Stamps: Maltese Cross & Mulreadys

Don Davies FRPSL - Great Britain: 1840 And All That

Robert Erith FRPSL - Letters of Eminent Victorians

Hugh Feldman FRPSL - Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station Agent's Date Stamps

Ramon Goodey - The British Empire Exhibition, 1924-1925

Paul Green - Jamaica Up Park Camp

Chris Harman RDP, Hon. FRPSL - New Zealand - The Chalon Head Issues 1855-1872

Dr Jon Higgins FRPSL - British Borneo Air Mails 1938-1941

Ray How FRPSL - Post Office Packet Service - Milford Haven to Waterford Route

John Ineson FRPSL - Scouting in Romania 1919-1936

John Ineson FRPSL - Scout and Guide India Rocket Mail, 1937

Mike Kentzer FRPSL - The additional Yi tax mark on mail into Scotland from foreign parts

David Leathart FRPSL - Sample & Specimen Revenue Stamps From W III TO QV.

Larry Lewendon FRPSL - New South Wales: 1852-55 Laureates Forgeries and Reprints.

John Lush FRPSL - The London Penny and Twopenny Posts

Simon Martin-Redman FRPSL - Early Incoming Mail to Sarawak

Charlie Mead FRPSL - Fiji, Postage Paid in Cash Handstamps

Alan Moorcroft FRPSL - Colchester Town Handstamps

Andrew Mortlock - The Queensland One Penny, 1878-1912

Lynn Roberts - Albania Prestamp Mail

Chris Southgate - St Vincent: routes, rates & recovery, wartime - 1943 and beyond

Andrew Skilling - Destination Mail from Pre- Independence Burma

Len Stanway FRPSL - Malaya Par Avion - The Early Years 1928-1938

Geoffrey Staunton Howe - Turkey 1863 Tughra control band study

Geoffrey Staunton Howe - The abstract beauty of the 1866 Jammu &Kashmir Old Rectangulars

Maggie Thompson FRPSL - Early Postal Services in the Saar area of Germany to 1815

Bill Trower - Flightpath Pacific - California to Hong Kong 1935-1937

Terry Wagg FRPSL - A Selection of Czesław Słania's Finest Engravings

Andrew Williams - The Stamps of Moldavia and Wallachia 1862-64