Royal Philatelic Society London Members' Collections 2019
Edited by Mark W. Bailey FRPSL and Frank L. Walton RDP FRPSL

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For our 150th anniversary, the Society is publishing a permanent and representative record of how and what RPSL members collect in 2019. Each page of the book is a scan of the complete sheet(s) submitted by Fellows and Members, over 200 of whom will have contributed to the book.
RPSL Members' Collections 2019 is a departure from the type and style of book usually published by the Society. The closest seen in recent times is the catalogue for Monacophil 2011. It includes a wide range of material from most philatelic disciplines and it emphasises very clearly the development of our addictive hobby.

Mark Bailey FRPSL and Frank Walton RDP FRPSL

In the sesquicentennial year of The Royal Philatelic Society London, this book is a permanent and representative record of how and what many of the Society’s members collect in 2019.

During the 150 years that the Society has existed, collections and collecting methods have changed dramatically from 19th century albums with printed pages to postal history and the wide variety of subjects now studied using computer-set as well as handwritten pages to display material.

Each page shows a scan of the complete sheets submitted by Fellows and Members of the Society, all of whom were eligible to contribute as many pages as they wanted. Many people contributed a single page, while others chose to contribute more than that. Some people specially prepared pages, while others just provided a copy of an existing album page. Computer-set, typed and handwritten pages were all acceptable, in any language, the idea being that the sheets would include a narrative about the covers or stamps.

In assembling the book, the aim has been to incorporate ‘significant’ pages. Rarities, errors, proofs, essays and postal history of note met the criteria, as did inexpensive covers or philatelic items that had a well-researched or interesting history or story.

The pages have been arranged alphabetically by surname of the contributors, who paid for their pages to be included in the book. This is similar to what was a very common practice, particularly in Victorian and Edwardian times, when books would be published once a sufficient number of subscribers had paid towards the costs of production.

When considering the activity of forming a philatelic collection, one of the most compelling comments on collecting in general and the collection of stamps in particular was published just a few years before the establishment of The Philatelic Society, London. John Edward Gray of the British Museum published a catalogue in 1863 called A Hand Catalogue of Postage Stamps for the use of Collectors, and he included this summary:

The collecting of Postage Stamps is a fashion not confined to this country, or to a single class; for collections are frequently to be seen in the drawing room of the luxurious, in the study of the enlightened, and the locker of the schoolboy …

The fashion has been ridiculed, as all fashions will be; but if postage stamps are properly studied, collected, and arranged, there is no reason why they may not be quite as instructive and entertaining as the collection of birds, butterflies, shells, books, engravings, coins, or other objects. The use and charm of collecting any kind of object is to educate the mind and the eye to careful observation, accurate comparison, and just reasoning on the differences and likenesses which they present …

What is clear when one looks through this book is that the Society’s members not only collect postage stamps, but also postal history, and this ‘fashion’ has grown to embrace items that went through the post before the introduction of adhesive stamps as well as mail franked by stamps. As John G. Hendy, Curator of the Record Room at the General Post Office, wrote in his book The Postmarks of the British Isles from 1840 to 1876 published in 1909 by Stanley Gibbons Limited, just a few years after His Majesty King Edward VII granted the Society permission to use the prefix Royal in 1906:

The collection of stamps and postmarks taken conjointly, and the proper arrangement of them, form undoubtedly an interesting hobby; some of the variations in their types are so slight that they require minute examination and comparison to prevent them from being overlooked; and the fact of obtaining postmarks from so many parts of a country leads to a careful study of geography and history.

Just as the membership of the Society is drawn from a great many countries, the members who have contributed to the book live across the globe, stretching from the United States of America, Canada, Argentina, and Brazil in the west, through Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to India, Russia, the Far East, and Australia and New Zealand. Not only that, but the collecting interests of the members embraces a wide spectrum of countries (with even the odd fictional place!), periods of history and a diverse range of themes and subjects. Thus amongst our members we have collectors of postal history, postage stamps, revenue stamps and local carriage labels and so-called Cinderella material, and the material we see in these pages spans a long period of history, from the 13th century to the modern era.

Given the broad subject matter in this book, I hope you enjoy it, and find much of interest to you, and perhaps some things that are new to you. It has been a fascinating and illuminating experience being a co-editor of the book, bringing together such a varied assemblage of pages from across the Society’s members.

By the very nature of the different sized album pages that we all use, the images included are often reduced to fit the page width of this book. Also, the granularity of the image provided varies considerably across the many different contributors.

Mark William Bailey is a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London, where he is presently the Chairman of the Society’s IT Committee and a member of the Society’s Council. Mark also holds Committee positions at the Channel Islands Specialists’ Society and the Wokingham & District Philatelic Society. A stamp collector in his childhood, Mark has progressed from collecting stamps to being a real philatelist, studying the 19th century postal history of the Channel Islands, the Stamp Exhibition events held in Prague since 1938, the celebrations around the world of the Stamp Centenary in 1940, and the philately of the 1958 Brussels World's Fair.

Frank Leslie Walton (born 1955) is a British philatelist and the past president of the Royal Philatelic Society London. He was formerly editor of The London Philatelist. He is a specialist in the philately of Sierra Leone and is a signatory to the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists.

Member Title
Murray Abramson USA: Expansion of US Airmail to Foreign Destinations 1922-1941
  USA: The earliest known US cover flown via any foreign air service
Alessandro Agostosi Italy: Italian Express Mail
  Italy: Mail routed via Brindisi
Jon Aitchison Great Britain: An item of mail that was underwater for 6 months in 1900
David Alford Fiji: The 1891–1902 Issue
Tarik Alireza Saudi Arabia: 1801 Letter Red Sea to Guernsey
  Saudi Arabia: 1835 Jeddah to France
  Saudi Arabia: 1836 Jeddah to London
  Saudi Arabia: 1842 Jeddah to Brighton via Malta
  Saudi Arabia: 1844 Ottoman Free Frank from Madinah to Istanbul
  Saudi Arabia: 1850 Massawa to Pasha of Jeddah
  Saudi Arabia: 1857 Shipwreck Mail S.S. Emeu off Jeddah
  Saudi Arabia: 1867 and 1872 Egyptian Gedda Interpostal Seals
  Saudi Arabia: 1866 and 1867 Vice-Royal Post
  Saudi Arabia: 1869 and 1874 Mail ex-Jeddah
  Saudi Arabia: 1870 and 1874 Incoming Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1873 First Jeddah Sanitation Service Handstamp
  Saudi Arabia: 1875 Egyptian Khedivial Post Jeddah Bisect
  Saudi Arabia: 1876 Incoming Bombay Letter
  Saudi Arabia: 1876 Local and Foreign Rate Covers
  Saudi Arabia: 1880 and 1883 Madinah Official Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1889 Ottoman Jeddah Seal as Official Franking
  Saudi Arabia: 1885 Bounty Fee Markings on Ship Letters to Bombay
  Saudi Arabia: 1886 Unofficial Private Red Sea Post Serving the Port of Dhuba
  Saudi Arabia: 1888 and 1891 Makkah Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1891 Registered Makkah Letter to Office of Prime Minister
  Saudi Arabia: 1892 Mail from Abha
  Saudi Arabia: 1893 and 1901 Mail from Madinah
  Saudi Arabia: 1895 Returned Registered UPU Postal Card to Madinah
  Saudi Arabia: 1896 Early Yanbu Mail via Jeddah
  Saudi Arabia: 1897 Early Use of First Yanbu Postmark
  Saudi Arabia: 1898 Avis de Reception Cover from Taif
  Saudi Arabia: Late 19th century Official Free Franking Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1904 Mail Posted on board ship via Yanbu to Egypt
  Saudi Arabia: 1905 Local Cover from Office of Grand Sharif of Makkah
  Saudi Arabia: 1907 Mail from Al Ula after opening of Hijaz Railway
  Saudi Arabia: 1908 and 1910 Travelling Post Office Mail from Medina
  Saudi Arabia: 1908 Makkah and Madinah Postcards to Denmark
  Saudi Arabia: 1912 Local Concessionary Registered and AR Rates
  Saudi Arabia: 1912 and 1914 Hijaz Railway Travelling Post Office Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1913 and 1914 Registered Makkah Letter and Jeddah Postcard
  Saudi Arabia: 1913 and 1914 Littoral and Registered Mail from Yanbu
Tarik Alireza Saudi Arabia: 1914 and 1916 Mail from Qunfudah
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Makkah and Taif Intaglio Civilian Censorship Seals
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Incoming Mail from England returned due to the War
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Ottoman Official Mail to Makkah returned due to the War
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Hijaz Trials of Unissued Stamps
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Essays Prepared by the Survey of Egypt
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 First Issue ½ Q and 1 Q Design Card
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Manuscript Fee Paid Markings of the Kingdom of Hijaz
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Newspaper Wrapper and Registered Insured Fee Paid
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 & 1917 Arabic Only Handstamp of Makkah
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Lawrence of Arabia and Other Early Hijazi Post Stamped Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Early Hijazi Post Commercial Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 & 1917 Ottoman FPO and Madinah Red Crescent Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 & 1917 Wartime TPO Mail from Madain Saleh and Madinah
  Saudi Arabia: 1916 Ottoman Makkah Mail with Hijazi Fee Paid handstamp
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 Wartime Hijazi Post AR Cover
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 Free Franking Soldier Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 Bromide Print used to make plate of 1 Para Roul 13
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 Bromide Print used for Plate of 2Q Roul 13
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 Early Hijazi Post Mail from Yanbu
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 and 1918 French Military Mission Mail from Jeddah and Al Wajh
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 and 1918 Domestic Fee Paid and AR from Taif
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 Wartime Ottoman Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 and 1918 French Military Mission Mail from Yanbu
  Saudi Arabia: 1918 Mail from Aqabah
  Saudi Arabia: 1918 Ottoman Official Mail to Madinah Returned
  Saudi Arabia: 1923 and 1924 Increase of Foreign Mail rate to 2Q
  Saudi Arabia: 1923 New 4Q Registered Rate to Cairo
  Saudi Arabia: 1924 New 2Q Foreign Mail rate from Jeddah during Siege by Saudis
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 Changing Foreign Newspaper rates of ⅛Q and ½Q
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 Hijazi Post from Maan before Annexation by Transjordan
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 Newspaper Stamps
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 Two Different Najdi ⅛Q issues
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 Specimens of King Ali Issue
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 2Q Rate for Official Registered Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 New Najdi Sultanate Post via Qunfudah due to Siege of Jeddah
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 4Q Charged in Jeddah for Foreign registered Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 Yanbu and Madina Mail during Siege by Najdis
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 Mail Before and After the Surrender of Jeddah
  Saudi Arabia: 1925 and 1926 Victorious Saudis use Jeddah Again
  Saudi Arabia: 1926 First Saudi Mail from Madinah
  Saudi Arabia: 1926 New Madinah 1 Qirsh Fee Paid Handstamp for Domestic Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1926 Philatelic Use of Najdi Issues
  Saudi Arabia: 1926 Correct and Undercharged Makkah Postage Due mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1926 Manuscript Fee Paid Markings in Qunfudah
  Saudi Arabia: 1926 and 1929 Newspaper wrappers
  Saudi Arabia: 1926 Postage Due Stamps used for Postage
  Saudi Arabia: 1928 Mail from RAF Units operating in Hijaz and Najd Territory
  Saudi Arabia: 1930 English-only Jeddah Handstamp on Incoming Telegram
  Saudi Arabia: 1933 New Postal Markings from Yanbu
  Saudi Arabia: 1917 and 1933 Eastern Province Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1918 and 1933 Riyadh Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1933 Postage Dues Authorized as Ordinary Postage
  Saudi Arabia: 1934 Registered Hassa Mail to USA
  Saudi Arabia: 1934 Official Stamped Registered Mail to London
Tarik Alireza Saudi Arabia: 1934 New Definitive Stamps on mail to India
  Saudi Arabia: 1936 Late Use of Ottoman El Ula Cancel
  Saudi Arabia: 1936 Early Use from Najran near Yemeni Border
  Saudi Arabia: 1937 Early Mail from Jazan
  Saudi Arabia: 1937 and 1940 mail from Mina during Hadj
  Saudi Arabia: 1937 Incoming Newspaper to Makkah crosses Arabia
  Saudi Arabia: 1937 New Saudi Konfodah Cancel on Registered Mail
  Saudi Arabia: 1941 Wartime Jeddah Mail to USA via Bahrain and Karachi
Akthem Al-Manaseer Iraq: 1917 Baghdad in British Occupation 1 Anna on 20 Paras Multiple
  Iraq: 1918 Iraq in British Occupation Major Varieties
Predrag Antic Serbia: 1866 Prince Michael - Belgrade Printing - 10 and 40 para
  Serbia: 1866 Prince Michael - Belgrade Printing - 20 para
Claes Arnrup USA: Hawaiian Missionary Stamps of 1851 and 1852
Richard Ashton Great Britain: 1840 Inter-Island Mail
Mark Bailey Guernsey: The 1843 Guernsey Skeleton Datestamp
Ian Baker Great Britain: The Birmingham Chandelier
Giovanni Balimann Switzerland: 1920 Tests of Cancelling Machines
  Switzerland: 1920 Tests of Cancelling Machines
James Bendon Tangier: Envelope from Tangier via London to Chile 1938
Richard Berry Rhodesia: Letter concerning the compilation of a military philatelic collection
Paolo Bianchi Congo: Association Internationale du Congo 1882 - May 1884
  Congo: Association Internationale du Congo June 1884 - June 1885: Manyanga
  Congo: Association Internationale du Congo June 1884 - June 1885: Leopoldville
  Congo: First issue 1886 - three colour franking 50 centimes
  Congo: First issue 1886 - three colour franking 1 franc
  Congo: 1887 second Issue - Only example known on a letter
  Congo: 1887 second Issue - 10 francs ochre - large multiple
  Congo: Stamps from the first and second issues on the same letter
  Congo: 1894 Third issue - 10 centimes - inverted centre
  Congo: 1894 Third issue - 10 centimes - used bisected
  Mozambique: The Earliest Mocambique Letter 1656
  Mozambique: Forerunners - 1860 - The Bombay Route
  Mozambique: Forerunners - 1875 - The Aden Route
  Mozambique: 1876 First Issue - The unique double crown franking
  Mozambique: 1877-1885 First Issue - 25 Reis rose
  Mozambique: 1881-1885 Second Issue - 40 Reis yellow
  Mozambique: 1886 Third issue - three colour franking
  Mozambique: 1886 Third issue - Transvaal combination cover
  French Somali Coast: Corr. des Armees Obock
  French Somali Coast: Djibouti - Obock stamps overprinted DJ
  French Somali Coast: Four colour franking - blue Obock postmark
  French Somali Coast: Obock 5F overprint on 1 Franc, on cover
  British Somaliland: Indian stamps used in British Somaliland - Berbera
  British Somaliland: Indian stamps used in British Somaliland - Zaila
  British Somaliland: Indian stamps used in British Somaliland - Addis Abeba via Zaila
  British Somaliland: Indian stamps used in British Somaliland - Base Office Berbera
  Zanzibar: Mail from Royal Navy Ships in  Zanzibar Harbour
  Zanzibar: First day of use of the first Zanzibar canceller - Indian Post Office
  Zanzibar: First Zanzibar registration postmark used in the British Post Office
  Zanzibar: French stamps used in Zanzibar without overprint - French Post Office
  Zanzibar: Emergency issue on cover - French Post Office
  Zanzibar: Sultan’s Government Post Office overprint varieties
  Napoleonic First Grande Armée: Grande Armée 1805-1808
  Napoleonic First Grande Armée: Grande Armée 1805-1808
  Napoleonic First Grande Armée: Grande Armée 1805-1808
Paolo Bianchi Napoleonic Second Grande Armée: Second Grande Armée 1812-1813
  Napoleonic Second Grande Armée: Second Grande Armée 1812-1813
  Napoleonic Second Grande Armée: Second Grande Armée 1812-1813
  German East Africa: Lamu German East Africa
  German East Africa: Lamu German East Africa
  German East Africa: Lindi German East Africa
  German East Africa: German Navy
  French Congo - Cote d’Or and Gabon: Assinie in Cote d’Or
  French Congo - Cote d’Or and Gabon: Aigle type stamps used in Gabon
  French Congo - Cote d’Or and Gabon: Surcharged Commerce issue
  French Congo - Cote d’Or and Gabon: Surcharged Commerce issue
  French Congo - Cote d’Or and Gabon: Sage type stamps used in Gabon
Brian Birch Great Britain: Bookplates of The Philatelic Society of London and early Philatelists
Mick Bister France: World War II Undercover Mail
André Bollen Corfu: 1807 letter from Napoleon during the second French Occupation
  Corfu: 1864 letter from the Austrian Consulate to Constantinople
Paul Bondor Leeward Islands: King George VI Definitive - All printings of the £1 value
  Leeward Islands: King George VI Definitive Issue - Specimen Set
Graham Booth Antigua: West Indies Maritime Mail - The Dummer Packet
  Cayman Islands: The 1907-1908 Provisionals
Mark Bottu Belgium: Post horn marking on the combined Taxis and Messenger Post 1674
Allan Boyce Greece: Provisional stamp for British Administration in Crete 1898-1899
Bouwe Brandsma Transatlantic Mail: Letter from Philadelphia to Gouda in 1847
  Transatlantic Mail: Letter from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Rotterdam in 1867
Gary Brown Aden: 1937 Coronation Issue
  South Africa: 1960 Postage Due Printing Error
  South Yemen: 1967 Aerogramme
Nicola Burdiat Great Britain: International Reply Coupons
John A. Callow Mauritius: Early Issues and Reprints: 1848 1d and 2d stamps
  Mauritius: Early Issues and Reprints: Post Office 1912 Paris Reprints
  Mauritius: Early Issues and Reprints: 1859 Sherwin Reprints
Hubert Caprasse Belgium: Belgian Coil Stamps
Andrew Cheung China: Postal History of the French Post Offices in China
  China: Russian Post Office in China - Imperial Russian Stamps used in China
  China: Imperial Russian Postal Stationery - Used in China
  China: Postal History of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports
  China: Postal History of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports
  Hong Kong: The First Commemorative Stamp - The 1891 Jubilee
  Hong Kong: Postage Dues
Prakob Chirakiti Siam: First Early Siamese Bangkok
Akis Christou Cyprus: Provisional Overprinted Issue: 1d (1 April 1880)
Brian Clayton Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1957-1958
Grant Clifford New Zealand: New Zealand Chalon stamps
  New Zealand: New Zealand Chalon stamps
Peter Cockburn Malaya: Postal Forgeries from the Melbourne Printings
Nathan Cohen Great Britain: Social and Historical Documents
  Great Britain: 1665-1675 Bishop Marks and Postal Markings
  Great Britain: 1666 London to Chelmsford
  Great Britain: 1699-1788 By Bagg and Government Penny Post
Alan Cowie Japan: Imperial Japanese Post Offices in China Foreign Mail Roller Cancels
Wilbert Davids South Africa: Civil Foreign Mail; Operation Barbarossa
Grace Davies Thematic: Peace – WW1: Japan 1919 ‘Restoration of Peace’
  Thematic: Peace – Alfred Nobel, the Peace Prize and Laureates
John Davies Great Britain: Philatelic Souvenirs of the 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee
Martin Davies Great Britain: 1844 Anti Corn Law mail from Manchester
Rex Dixon Germany: A German poste restante card and mail addressed to it
  Germany: 10th Anniversary of Third Reich’s Winter Relief Fund (Winterhilfswerk)
Neil Donen Canada: 1935 Silver Jubilee – Catapult Air Mail
Elmar Dorr Switzerland: Departement Léman (1798-1815)
  Switzerland: Departement Léman (1798-1815)
  Switzerland: Departement Léman (1798-1815)
  Switzerland: Departement Léman (1798-1815)
Ute Dorr Turkey: Orient Express 1883-1914
  Turkey: Orient Express 1883-1914
  Turkey: Orient Express 1883-1914
  Turkey: Orient Express 1883-1914
John Dunn Ottoman Empire: 1914 Istanbul Pictorial London Printing
Ralph Ebner Austria: The gem of Austrian Revenues, the 8 fl on bluish paper
Steven Ellis Transatlantic Mail: The Royal Paquebot Service
Gordon Eubanks USA: Native American Life Propaganda Cover 1851
  USA: Transatlantic Mail to England 1847
  USA: One Cent Stamp Used in 1851
  USA: Hawaiian Missionary Stamps
Gavin Fryer Concessionary Rate Mail for the Blind - Blindman’s Mail
  Great Britain: 1858 Letter in a Canister recovered from the Sea
Guillermo Gallegos El Salvador: The Prestamp Period From Spanish Colony to Independent Republic
Michael Gallery Bangladesh: Biman Mullick, the Designer of the First Stamps
  Bangladesh: Biman Mullick, the Designer of the First Stamps
Cheryl Ganz USA: The 50c Zeppelin Issue: A Study in Design - Development
Arnaud Gérard France: Ferdinand Joubert - two die proofs
  France: Issued stamps designed by Edmund Dulac for Free France
Heinz Glättli Romania: Principality of Moldavia First issue: July 1858 Bull’s Head
  Philatelic Literature: Items in a collection of Philatelic Literature
Chip Gliedman Great Britain: Imperforate Line Engraved From Plate Position ‘CG’
Alan Godfrey Thematic: Algae - The Stonewort
Nigel Gooch Persia: Registration Labels Used as Postage
Jacques Greitemann The Netherlands: Post office box rental-fee form
Malcolm Groom Western Tasmania: Prospectors and the Post Office
David Gurney Great Britain: Letter Forwarding Agents handling Channel Islands mails
  Guernsey: Illustrated and Advertising Letters Used from and to the Channel Is
Michael Hamilton Antigua: Sailor’s Letter to England paid with a 1d coin sewn beside the address
  Mustique, St Vincent: Introducing the Lady Anne Cover
Geoff Hanney USA: World War II United States Naval Postal Service - Pacific Fleet
Christopher Harman Great Britain: Hertford College Oxford Hand Painted Essay
  Great Britain: Hertford College Oxford used on cover with obliteration
  Great Britain: Keble College Oxford First Issue Tête-Bêche Pair
  Great Britain: Keble College Oxford Fourth Issue on cover
  Great Britain: Merton College Oxford First Issue Unused Strip
  Great Britain: Merton College Oxford Second Issue covers and double print
Ray Harris Nigeria: 1973 definitives - example
  Nigeria: 2007 UPU stamps
Steven Harrison International Reply Coupons: The Rome Model of Coupon 1907-1930
Erivan Haub Germany: Baden 1851 9 Kreuzer Green error of colour on cover to Karlsruhe
  Germany: Baden 1871 issue on cover from Mannheim to Guadalajara, Mexico
  Germany: Hamburg 1859 cover to New York
  Germany: Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1862 cover to Gamleby, Sweden
  Germany: Oldenburg 1860 strip of four high values on cover to Adelaide, Australia
  Switzerland: Zürich 1843 4 Rappen Local Tax and 6 Rappen Cantonal Tax on cover
  USA: The unique Alexandria, Virginia 5c blue typeset adhesive
  USA: The unique Boscawen 5c typeset adhesive
Erivan Haub USA: The unique Lockport 5c red on buff handstamped adhesive
  USA: The unique pair of Livingston 5c blue lithographed adhesives
Bill Hedley Republic of Venice: Postal Services of the Most Serene Republic of St. Mark 1212
Peter Hickman Rhodesia: (Fort) Rhodesia, British Central Africa
Chris Hitchen France: The General Post in Paris; abuse of the postal monopoly 1822
Neil Hitchens Egypt: Middle East International Air Navigation Congress - Control Blocks
Richard Hobbs Great Britain: British Propaganda Envelopes of the 19th Century
Alan Holyoake Great Britain: 1653 letter to Oliver Cromwell
  Great Britain: First day of use of the Postage Stamp and Mulready 6 May 1840
  Jersey: 1855: Earliest use in black of the Jersey Crown Registered Handstamp
David Horry Bank Holiday Monday Island
Alan Huggins Great Britain: 1840 Development of designs for embossed dies
  Great Britain: Queen Victoria examples of usage of 2d embossed envelopes
  Great Britain: 1894 embossed colour trials of 1s Die 14 with 9 dot florets
  Great Britain: Embossed colour trials of Queen Elizabeth II 2½d for ½d to 1s values
Malcolm Hughes Mauritius: Early maritime mail – the “Colonies &c. Art.13” handstamp
Kazuyuki Inoue Korea: The Oldest Recorded Cover from Korea, September 1879
  Japan: Highest Rate Letter Recorded in Japan in the 19th Century 1897
  Tonga: Earliest Recorded Private Letter Tin Can Mail from Tonga June 1912
  Germany: LZ-129 Hindenburg Crash Mail, May 1937
Chris Jackson Togo: Overprints on Gold Coast Stamps 1915-1920
John Jackson Netherlands East Indies: Card from a Japanese-held Prisoner of War in Mar 1943
Pradip Jain India: Red Scinde Dawk
  India: Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Issue
Pragya Jain India: First Issues of India (1852-1854)
Sandeep Jaiswal India: Tonk - Newly Discovered Stamp Issuing Indian Feudatory State
  India: Tonk - Newly Discovered Stamp Issuing Indian Feudatory State
  India: Postal Stationery Issued by the Congress
  India: Discovery of a New Die used to print the First QV Letter Sheet
  India: Essay of the ONE ANNA on 1½ Anna UPU Postcard Postally Used
  India: Rajpipla Letter Sheet
  India: Jammu & Kashmir - Locally Produced Telegraph Stamps
  India: Kotah - The development of the Postage Stamp
  India: Dungarpur - The First Issue
  India and Ceylon: Postal Stationery Die Proofs
  India: Dhar First Issue 1 Anna Typeset
  India: Postcard for Indian Prisoners in Japanese Prisoner of War Camp in Sarawak
  India: Indian Airgraph Cut-Outs Used as Postage Adhesives
  India: Jammu & Kashmir Convention Essays
  India: Bahawalpur - The First Issue
  India: Cochin: Rare King George VI Stamp of the Entire British Commonwealth
  India: Bahawalpur - Interim Period issue
Chris Jarvis Great Britain: Distinctive Maltese Crosses
Gordon Jeffreys British Bechuanaland: Queen Victoria Unappropriated Dies High Values 1884-88
Arthur Jennion Great Britain: 1702 letter from James Stanley (1664–1736)
Avo Kaplanian Jordan: The Kirkbride Moab Provisional Stamp
  Jordan: Issue of December 1922
Peter Kelly France and Colonies: La Reunion to St Pierre et Miquelon Maritime Ligne T 1875
Alfred Khalastchy Iraq: Baghdad in British Occupation: Baghdad omitted
  Iraq: Baghdad in British Occupation: Inverted overprint
  Iraq: Baghdad in British Occupation: Red and Black overprint
  Iraq: Baghdad in British Occupation: Inverted Centre
  Iraq: Baghdad in British Occupation: Centre Omitted
  Iraq: Baghdad in British Occupation: 25 Rupees Official
Birthe King Great Britain: Tragedy of the British flagships HMS St George and Defence in 1811
Birthe King Chile: A Fast Route from Valparaiso to Copenhagen in 1841
Chris King Lübeck: Déboursé marks used by the Imperial Napoleonic Postal Service
  Lübeck: The Swedish Three Crowns handstamp used in Lübeck
Keith Klugman Natal: 1857 Embossed Issues
  Natal: Chalons
  Natal: De La Rue Issues
  Natal: Durban Ship Letter
Lutz König Thematic: Pigeons - Great diversity in the wild - Domesticated and admired by man
  Thematic: Pigeons - A brief description of thematic exhibit on pigeons
  Thematic: Pigeons - carrying Messages and Cameras
  Thematic: Pigeons and Doves
  Thematic: Pigeons and Doves as Sources of Inspiration
  Thematic: Pigeons Basel Pigeon Stamp and man’s high esteem of Pigeons & Doves
Bryant Korn Liberia: Waterlow & Sons’ Liberian $1 Hippopotamus of 1892-1894 Proofs
  Liberia: Waterlow & Sons’ Liberian $1 Hippopotamus of 1892-1894 Stamps
  Liberia: Waterlow & Sons’ Liberian $1 Hippopotamus of 1892-1894 Surcharge
  Liberia: Waterlow & Sons’ Liberian $1 Hippopotamus of 1892-1894 Sample page
  Liberia: Waterlow & Sons’ Liberian $1 Hippopotamus of 1892-1894 Sample stamps
Yamil Kouri Cuba: Vertical pair of 2 RPF stamps of 1855 with the different Y¼ surcharges
Herwig Kussing Germany: 1923 Inflation Period Roof Tile Mounting
Paul Latham-Warde Naples: Postal Forgeries of the 1858 issue of Naples
David Leathart Great Britain: Specimen Revenue Stamps of Queen Victoria
King Yue Lee China: The Earliest Postal Marking of Shanghai
  China: Shanghai Local Postal System 1865 Large Dragons
  China: Large Dragons 1879 Peking to Paris
Anna Lee Hong Kong: Earliest recorded cover with Hong Kong adhesives
  China and Hong Kong: Earliest known Combination Cover
Eddie Leibu Romania: Pre-UPU mail to Foreign Destinations
Paul Leonard New Zealand: Enjoying New Zealand Health Stamps
Hong Li Ecuador: Royal Military Mail from Ecuador’s Colonial period
E. Keith Lloyd Jersey: General William Mesny
Karl Louis Great Britain: Largest recorded franking of Henry Archer Trial Perf. 1d on cover
  Great Britain: 1855 cover from London to Leipzig signed by Charles Dickens
Zhi Wei Lu Macau: First Error Stamp after Chinese Resumption of Sovereignty over Macau
John Lush Great Britain: Income Tax Stamps of the United Kingdom
Gerald Marriner Jersey: Letter smuggled out during the German Occupation of the Channel Is
  Andorra: Censored Mail from Spanish Andorra to French Cameroun
Jeremy Martin Gold Coast: The 1928 Definitive Issue
Simon Martin-Redman Sarawak: 1858 Pre Stamp Covers
  Sarawak: 1859-1869 Square of 9 Parallel Bars
  Sarawak: 1869 Die Proof of the First Stamp
  Sarawak: 1858-1888: 1871 Die Proof of the Second Stamp
  Sarawak: 1858-1888: 1888 Artist’s Hand Painted Essays
Patrick Maselis Belgian Congo: Oldest known cover from the Congo in private hands
  Belgian Congo: The most famous letter ever written by Henry Morton Stanley
  Belgian Congo: First postmarks
  Belgian Congo: Most iconic philatelic item: Full pane of the 5 Franc
  Belgium: Largest known unused multiple of the first issue
  Belgium: Medallion Issue: 17-fold rate to France
Kevin Maunder Great Britain: 1d Red-brown Die 1 Plate 5 Repairs
  Great Britain: High Value Post Office Telegraph Stamps
  Great Britain: Lucky 7 GB 1d Imperf Plates
John McEntyre Canada: S.S. Royal William 1833-1933; Confused Vignette die proofs
Susan McEwen Malaya: Johore 1893 Combination cover from Loonchu
Ian McMahon Canada: King George VI Postal Stationery of Canada: 1c Die Proofs
Ivan Metchev Bulgaria: Iconic rarities of Bulgaria: Large Lions 1879-1887
  Bulgaria: Iconic rarities - Large Lions 1879-1887
  Bulgaria: Iconic rarities - Large Lions 1879-1887
Peter Meyer Brazil: 1648 Army against the Dutch - King Dom João IV
  Brazil: 1821 King Dom João VI or Regent Dom Pedro
  Brazil: 1826 King Dom Pedro IV
Dietrich Michelson Ireland: The Letter from the ‘Liberator’
  Ireland: Ocean Penny Postage
Keith Moh Jamaica: PAID TO ENGLAND Handstamp
  St. Lucia: The First Queen Victoria Issue
  St. Vincent: The 1871 One Penny Black
Lars Mollberg Sweden: General Post 1636
  Sweden: General Post 1636
Alan Moorcroft Great Britain: Colchester and the Corsini Correspondence
  Guernsey: The 1940 Evacuation of the Guernsey School Children
Simon Moorcroft Thematic: The Life & Times of Winston Churchill
Eduardo & Luís Moreira Barreiros Portugal: Napoleonic Invasions
  Portugal: in the First World War
  Portuguese Colonies: Macau and Timor Pre-Stamp Period
  Portuguese India: First Issues 1871
  Portuguese India: First Issues 1875
  Portuguese India: India Crown issues 1877
  Portuguese India: Crown issues 1881-1883
  Portuguese India: Crown issues 1881-1883
  Portuguese India: Crown issues 1881-1883
  Portuguese India: Crown issues 1881-1883
  Portuguese India: Crown issues 1881-1883
Per Mortensen Slovenia: Sketch and 1918 Essays to the first Slovenian stamps
  Slovenia: Different varieties in the 1920 1 Dinar stamp
Jane Moubray Great Britain: Two Pence 1841 Issue on a redirected Mulready Envelope
Robert Nelson Cameroons: Rare usage of Crown Agents pink label 1917
  Sierra Leone: Rare usage of the Mafweh (Crown) Sierra Leone seal 1939
Ingo Nessel Hong Kong: Queen Elizabeth II Rare Imperforate Requisition Number Block
Kenneth R Nilsestuen Algeria: A Well-Travelled Envelope with a Sad Story
Lars-Olof Nilsson Austria: The first postal card
Olivier Nosbaum Luxembourg: First Coat of Arms stamp 1859
Elchi Nowrojee British East Africa: The Postal History of the Uganda Railway 1892-1904
Jeff Orbach France: International Philatelic Exhibition Issue Paris 1925
Ben Palmer Great Britain: Early Connections of The (Royal) Philatelic Society London with the Philatelic Trade
Estanislao Pan de Alfaro Spain: Concentration Camp of Miranda de Ebro, Spain; Internee Mail 1940-1944
Brian Peace Tasmania: MacQuarie Harbour Convict Settlement
  Australia: 1953 San Francisco Air Accident Cachet
Patrick Pearson Great Britain: 17th and 18th Century Letters to Norfolk
Claudino Pereira Portugal: June 1865 D. Luis I Essays
  Portugal: October 1865 D. Luis I Essays
  Portugal: 1898 D. Carlos I Proofs
John Perry Internee Mail: Swedish American Line - MS Gripsholm
Terence Pickering Burma: Thai-Burma Railway 1943 Group 5 Prisoner of War Mail to Soerabaia, Java
Alain Pierret Belgium: Specialised collections of coil stamps, postal history and Express delivery
Robin Pizer Germany: German Exchange Control 1918-1925
Christopher Podger Cyprus: GB Queen Victoria postage stamp used to pay Revenue
Christopher Podger Cyprus: Stopping the use of free franks by British Administration officers
James Podger Ascension Island: Officer’s Letters
  Cayman Islands: The end of the King Edward VII Issues
  Cyprus: The earliest known usage of the Returned Letter Office mark
  Wales: Bangor to Plasgwyn 1788
Francis Podger Singapore: Stamp Office Revenue Impressed Stamps
Vincent Polizatto Ceylon: The Waghorn Agency in Ceylon 1839
  USA: Florida in the Confederacy 1861 to 1865
  Japan: Late Use of the 500 Mon Early Printing in Combination with Sen Values
  China: Imperial China - Earliest Known Use of the Block Style Domestic Dater, 1906
John Powell Gold Coast: Mail from the Third Anglo-Ashanti War, the First Ashanti Expedition 1873 to 1874
Tono Putranto Uganda: Artist’s essay for the 5 rupees value of the Uganda Protectorate 1898 issue
Sunil Ranasaria India: Two Annas Colour Trials
Patrick Reid Tasmania: Queensland handstamp re-used in Tasmania
  Tasmania: Discovery copy Tasmania 50/CTMS/T Tax Mark
Pablo Reim Brazil: The 600 Reis value of Brazil’s Inclinados issue of 1845
  Argentina: 1862 15 centavos Tete-Beche
Martin Rhein Hungary: Design of the First Stamps of the Kingdom of Hungary
  Hungary: Various types of test prints of the First Stamps
  Hungary: Colour trials and Die proofs of the First Stamps
Mike J.Y. Roberts Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II Castle Definitives 1955 Proofs
  Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II Castle Definitives 1955 Proofs
  Falkland Islands: New Island
Neville Robinson Thematic: Captain Cook: James Cook and Pierre Bequet
  Cook Islands: Queen Makea - Die to Stamp
Igor Rodin Astrophilately: Mail carried in Space: American Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-84 to Mir/Soyuz TM-25
  Astrophilately: Mail carried in Space: Progress M1-2 to Mir/Soyuz TM-30
  Astrophilately: Mail carried in Space: First Letter between Space Stations
  Astrophilately: Mail carried in Space: Only letter from London by Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-98 to the International Space Station
  Astrophilately: Mail carried in Space: From the International Space Station to Earth by Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-98
  Astrophilately: Mail carried in Space: Progress M-18M to the International Space Station
  Astrophilately: Mail carried in Space: Progress M-24M to the International Space Station
Alexander Rose Falkland Islands: King George VI Falkland Island Stamps 1937 to 1949
Rolf Scharning Germany: Mail carried by Glider in the 1930s
Ernst Schlunegger British Guiana: Ship Letter Demerara to UK 1847
  British Guiana: The Cotton Reels Circular Issue of 1850
  British Guiana: Ornamental Borders of the Provisional Issue of September 1862
Tim Schofield Great Britain: Machine Cancellation Trials - The French Machine 1857
  Great Britain: Flag Cancellation Trials 1897-1898
Stephen D. Schumann Ceylon: King George VI 40c Air Letters
  New Zealand: Stamped-to-Order Envelopes
Jim Shaw New Zealand: Wages Tax Cleaned Unemployment Relief Stamps 1931 to 1933
  New Zealand: Wages Tax Unemployment Relief Stamps 1936
  New Zealand: Wages Tax Font Error on 1937 Employment Relief Stamps
  New Zealand: Wages Tax 1943 and 1944 Overprint on 1940 Social Security Stamps
  New Zealand: Wages Tax 1943 Overprint on 1941 Social Security Stamps
Marcus Sherwood-Jenkins Russia: 1880 Imperial Russian Postal Service Wall Map
  Russia: 1889 14K inverted centre on cover
  Russia: Imperial Russia 1907 issue of the For the Postman stamps
Marcus Sherwood-Jenkins Russia: Complete sheet of Denikin issue for Southern Russia
David Sigee Great Britain: Messenger Stamps of Keble College, Oxford
  Great Britain: Messenger Stamps of Keble College, Oxford
Santpal Sinchawla Classic India used in Burma: Half Anna Die I August 1854
  Classic India used in Burma: A High Franking of One Anna Die I 1854
  Classic India used in Burma: Largest Multiple on cover of One Anna Die II 1856
  Classic India used in Burma: Large strip on cover of Two Annas 1854
  Burma: Classic India used in Burma: Strip on cover of Half Anna 1856
  Burma: Classic India used in Burma: Combination Franking 1856
Thomas Slemons Great Britain: Suffolk Postal History - The Woodbridge 4
  Great Britain: Suffolk Postal History - The Woodbridge 4
Marc Snoeren The Netherlands: 1852 King William III
  The Netherlands: 1869 Coat of Arms
Brian Sole Thematic: Go by cycle! Early Years of Cycle Racing
  Thematic: Go by cycle! The Siege of Mafeking
Alan Spencer Great Britain: Early British Postal History The Commonwealth 1652
David Spivack British Bechuanaland: Great Britain ½d Jubilee overprinted British Bechuanaland
  British South Africa Company / Rhodesia: British South Africa Company King George V Admirals
Christian Springer Germany: Private local mail service HANSA in Dresden 1.12.1886 – 31.3.1900
Renate Springer Germany: Augustus II the Strong (1670 – 1733)
Barry Stagg Thematic: Parachuting through the Ages
  Great Britain: King Edward VIII
Brian Stalker Canada: Coastal Labrador Mail Steamer Services 1880-1968
Len Stanway Thematic: Railways: London Underground Northern Line
Geoffrey Staunton Howe Perkins Bacon: Examples of CANCELLED stamps from Queensland 1860 and Newfoundland 1862
  Turkey: Tughra First Stamp Issue of the Ottoman Empire 1863
George Stewart Southern Rhodesia: 1937 Definitives
Richard Stock Sudan: The Camel Postman Issue 1898
  Great Britain: VE Day letter describing London at its Maddest
Jeffrey Stone Finland: 1875 32 pennia Copenhagen Printing
Andrey Strygin Thematic: Space: The Soviet-French Interkosmos stamps
Peter Suhadolc Thematic: History of Mountaineering: The Conquest of the Unprofitable World
  Thematic: History of Mountaineering: Military Expeditions
  Thematic: History of Mountaineering: Mountaineering’s First Steps
  Thematic: History of Mountaineering: Mountain Cabins Allow Shelter Near Peaks
  Thematic: History of Mountaineering: Conquering Mount Everest
Chris Symonds Great Britain: Queen Victoria £1 Green (AA) Early Issues
  Great Britain: Queen Victoria Official Inland Revenue £1 Green Varieties
Benedict Termini Mexico: An 1875 Porte de Mar cover with additional French postage
Tony Thackery New Zealand: First Day and Earliest Use Covers 1855-1935
Gregory Todd Egypt: Interpostal Proof
  Egypt: SG 4 block of 53
Brian Trotter Zululand: 1881 Forerunner Cover
Edmund Truell Great Britain: Penny Blacks from Plates 1A, 1B, and 2 to 11, with letters SG to SL
David Turner The Ocean Penny Postage: The earliest transatlantic envelope 1849
  The Ocean Penny Postage: Gilpin State 2 to Norway 1854
  The Ocean Penny Postage: Bradshaw & Blacklock State B5 EVRYWHERE error 1857
Willy Vande Wiele Great Britain: Mail Between Great Britain and Europe 1570–1815
Oscar van der Vliet The Netherlands: Municipal revenues: An identity card for a baby
Roger Van Laere Peru: Inverted 1 Centavo of  Peru’s Centenary of Independence Issue
Gerard van Welie Netherlands East Indies: Overland Mail Route via Marseilles
Yves Vertommen Belgium: Sub-die of six of the 20 centimes stamps of the 1860 Medallion Issue
Jean Voruz Switzerland: The Beginnings of Federal Post in Geneva
  Switzerland: An International Franking on a Boule de Moulins
John Walker USA: Confederate States of America 7-Star Stars & Bars flag, All over design
Steven Walske USA: Transcontinental Pony Express
Frank Walton China: Air Mail to Europe via Russia
  Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II Wilding Unadopted Essays
Philip Waud Great Britain: Penny Black Plate 10 Early Usage
Michael Waugh Straits Settlements: April 1880 the seven types of surcharges. SG 33-39
  Straits Settlements:  1883 TWO CENTS Surcharged on 8c orange SG 54-60
  Siam: when running out of 1 Att stamps two cut outs 1 Att stamps run short postage paid
  Siam: Local cover Bangkok to Dr Campbell Highet
Peter Webb Aerophilately: Alan Cobham’s return flight from Australia 1926
Terence Wee Singapore: 150 Years of Singapore Stamps 1867 to 1892
  Singapore: 150 Years of Singapore Stamps 1894 to 1917
  Singapore: 150 Years of Singapore Stamps 1918 to 1939
  Singapore: 150 Years of Singapore Stamps 1941 to 1960
  Singapore: 150 Years of Singapore Stamps 1961 to 1970
Roger West Great Britain: 1886 9d dull green and 1d lilac on a registered envelope from Ipswich to Philadelphia
Richard Wheatley Netherlands East Indies: Landmail Interim Period
Yvonne Wheatley Czechoslovakia: 1920 Printing Experiments
Anthony Whitehead Great Britain: National Savings Committee Coupons Types 9 and 10
Bart Willekens Belgian Congo: Commercial letter from Usumbura to Brussels in 1933
Danny Wong China: The Last Postal Warrant of China and Mongolia
Paul Woods New Zealand: 1867 First Duty Stamps - a Fascinating Story
  New Zealand: First Duty Stamps - Challenging Varieties
  New Zealand: 1867 First Duty Stamps - Postal Usage
  New Zealand: First Special Duty Stamps - Ongoing Research
Huadong Zhang Great Britain: Envelopes used by MPs before and after the Abolition of Free Franking in 1840
Jian Zhang China: 1968 Letter with withdrawn The Whole Country is Red Stamp
Lan Qing Zhang China: 1897 Imperial China Red Revenue Small One Dollar with Green Surcharge

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