Corrections to Publications

From time to time, errors and omissions occur in some of our publications. We make the corrections available below.

The Returned Letter Offices of Great Britain to 1912 and Beyond by J. Kenneth Snelson & Robert B. Galland FRPSL

The original book was published in 2017. Now six years in retrospect, the author’s Errata and Addenda is compiled in one format (2-134 pages) and published in its digital format.

The purpose of the original book was to describe the history of RLOs and then list artifacts associated with them such as wrappers, envelopes, forms etc. The purpose of this addenda project is to describe returned letter envelopes from more or less when RLOGB ended. The titles of the two are therefore different.

In part 1 of this addenda project it seemed sensible to include an update and corrections, but only for envelopes, not the other artifacts. Part 1 is not only an update as it also includes, for the first time, a complete classification of all RL envelopes. Data included in part 2 are completely new and previously unpublished.

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Postal Routes to the Dutch Possessions in West Africa, West Indies and Suriname 1652 to 1919 - A Guide to Dutch Maritime Mail

The original book by Sven Påhlman was published in September 2021. Now two years in retrospect, the author’s Errata and Addenda is compiled in one format (32 pages) and published in its digital format.

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RPSL Members' Collections 2019

Unfortunately, the pages contributed by Eduardo and Luís Moreira Barreiros had spelling mistakes in their names.
Click here for a replacement PDF file for pages 18 and 412 to 422.

Also, unfortunately, pages contributed by Paul Woods were incorrectly attributed to Peter Woods.
Click here for a replacement PDF file for pages 21 and 571 to 574

We apologise for the errors.

British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840 to UPU by Jane Moubray and Michael Moubray

Unfortunately, page 307a was inadvertently omitted from this book.
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We apologise for the omission.

The Postal History of the Oxford Union Society by Vincent West FRPSL Published February 2012

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Swaziland Philately to 1968

Unfortunately, page 59 has some characters missing from the page.
Click here for a replacement PDF file for page 59.

We apologise for the error.

The King George VI Large Key Type Revenue and Postage High Value Stamps 1937–1953

Click here for Corrections And Amendments - March 2009 supplied by the author, Eric Yendall