A History of The Royal Philatelic Society London 1869 to 2019
Edited by Charles Oppenheim FRPSL

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The Royal Philatelic Society London is the oldest philatelic society in continuous existence in the world. Its combination of research library, museum, research monographs, The London Philatelist, renowned expertising service and amazing displays by its members, not to mention its association with the British Royal Family stretching back well over 100 years, also make it the most prestigious in the world.
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of its creation, the Society commissioned this book.

Charles Oppenheim FRPSL

There are thirteen chapters, each written by a Fellow of the Society, and each looking at one aspect of the Society’s past and current activities. The chapters cover: management and finances; meeting places; meetings held; membership; royal patrons; honours, medals and awards; the Expert Committee; the Library; the Museum; its Philatelic Collections; its use of information technology; its monograph publishing; and its journal, The London Philatelist. Many appendices and an index support the text. The chapter on premises introduces the reader to what is indeed a new chapter in the Society’s history – its new home in Abchurch Lane in the city of London.
There have been official histories of the Society before; one to celebrate its 50th birthday in 1919, one for its centenary in 1969 and another in 2006 for the celebration of the centenary of it being granted the title “Royal” This latest volume not only covers those early histories thanks to the input of new research findings, but also updates them with developments right up the present day. The book is an essential reference work for all who are interested in the past and present of the Society.

Professor Charles Oppenheim FRPSL was, until 2009, Professor of Information Science and Head of the Department of Information Science at Loughborough University before taking early retirement. Prior to Loughborough, he held posts in other academic institutions, and for twelve years worked as a senior manager in the scholarly electronic publishing industry.  He is now an independent consultant as well as being a Visiting Professor at two UK Universities. He lives in Aberdeen.

Charles, like so many philatelists, started collecting stamps around the age of 11, but stopped when he went to University. He resumed collecting after visiting the London 1980 International Stamp Exhibition, having been persuaded to attend this by a work colleague who was a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London. Charles’ primary philatelic focus is thematics.  He is Membership Secretary of the British Thematic Association, is active in his local Aberdeen Philatelic Society, and is a member of the Publications Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society London.

Chapter Author
Foreword Patrick Maselis RDP FRPSL
Editor’s Introduction Charles Oppenheim FRPSL
Chapter 1  
Management of the Society, its Finances and its Status Peter Cockburn FRPSL
Chapter 2  
Meeting Places of the Royal Philatelic Society London Chris King RDP Hon FRPSLRDP Hon FRPSLRDP Hon FRPSL
Appendix 2-A: Addresses relating to Society Meetings and Administration  
Appendix 2-B: Exhibitions held at the Society’s premises  
Appendix 2-C: Other meetings of a social nature, 1883–2018  
Chapter 3  
Meetings Richard Stock FRPSL
Chapter 4  
The History of RPSL Membership since 1869 Wilbert Davids FRPSL
Chapter 5  
Royal Patrons of the RPSL Michael Sefi LVO RDP FRPSL FRPSC
Chapter 6  
Honours, Medals and Awards Richard Stock FRPSL
Appendix 6-A: Recipients of Medals, Awards and Honours  
Chapter 7  
The Expert Committee – Its History and its Work Chris Harman RDP Hon FRPSL
Appendix 7-A: Members of the Expert Committee and Years of Active Service  
Appendix 7-B: Expert Committee Certificate Numbers  
Appendix 7-C: Editorial in November 1893 Issue of The London Philatelist  
Chapter 8  
The Library Ben Palmer FRPSL FRSPC APR
Chapter 9  
The Museum of Philatelic History Bill Hedley FRPSL
Appendix 9-A: Curators of the Museum, and Chairmen of the Museum Committee  
Chapter 10  
The Society’s Philatelic Collections Alan Huggins MBE RDP Hon FRPSL
Appendix 10-A: The Royal Philatelic Society’s Collection 1910  
Appendix 10-B: Report of RPSL Collections Committee 9 September 1913  
Appendix 10-C: RPSL Collection of Postcards, Envelopes, and Wrappers 1935  
Appendix 10-D: Summary of RPSL Collections In 1939  
Appendix 10-E: Summary of Philatelic Collections in 2018  
Appendix 10-F: RPSL Collections Curators 1914 – 2018  
Chapter 11  
The Use of Information Technology Mark Bailey FRPSL
Chapter 12  
Publications – A never-ending story Wolfgang Maassen RDP FRPSL
Chapter 13  
The London Philatelist Frank Walton RDP FRPSL
Appendix A: Presidents  
Appendix B: The Society’s Officers 1869–2019 (June)  

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