Membership of the Society

The applicant must be aged 18 or over. Members who act as proposer and seconder must, from personal knowledge, vouch for the applicant. Should the applicant not be known to any member of the Society, the name and address of a responsible person who can give a similar assurance must be supplied. It is not necessary for a prospective member to be an advanced philatelist.

Associate Membership

Any full-time student of the age of 14 or over interested in philately, and in the furtherance of the Objects of the Society, is eligible to apply to become an Associate Member at much reduced rates. Associate membership has no upper age limit and can be applied for so long as the Associate Member is a full-time student. You can click here for more details.

How to Apply

For a Membership Application Form, click here for a Microsoft Word document or PDF version to print.

Benefits of Membership

The main benefits of membership are:

  1. Use of the premises at 15 Abchurch Lane and the opportunity of attending regular meetings, inspecting many of the finest collections of stamps in existence and meeting prominent collectors.
  2. Access to one of the most comprehensive libraries of philatelic literature in the world, as well as the latest catalogues and periodicals.
  3. The right to submit stamps to the Expert Committee of the Society at fees lower than those payable by non-members, including two opinions each year FREE (subject to £15 per item handling charge).
  4. The receipt of The London Philatelist ten times a year.
  5. By the terms of the Society's constitution the Council may, at its discretion, designate certain members as 'Fellows' of the Society, and such Fellows shall have the right to place the letters FRPSL after their names.
  6. Wider access to online information through the members' section of this website.

Click here for A Brief Outline of Member Benefits

Click here for Terms and Conditions


Entry/Joining Fee for New Members £30.

Subscriptions for the year 2022 (inclusive of VAT) are as follows:
UK Town* £208;
UK Country  £149;
Overseas £137.

A £20 surcharge applies to subscription renewals made after 1st April 2022.

* U.K. applicants can enter their postcode to calculate the Radius Distance (i.e. the straight line distance as the Crow Flies) from Charing Cross to their residence. Less than 40 miles means U.K. Town membership, greater than that means U.K. Country membership.

Enter the postcode in the box above, then click here to get the distance